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Ponte pa’ tu pais :: Claudia Chez Abreu


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Published in: News & Politics
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Ponte pa’ tu pais :: Claudia Chez Abreu

  1. 1. #pontepatupais #caribgrowth
  2. 2. Late 2011: political context... • Danilo Medina’s campaign had started. Had a 3-axis claim: “Correct what’s wrong”, “Continue what’s right” and “Do what’s never been done”. • Polls indicated a closed difference between Danilo Medina and Hipólito Mejía (his main opponent)1. • Out of a universe of 6.5 million voters, the 18-29 years old segment weighed 27%2. • Social media channels have been used up to that day as a way of citizen pressure. 1 2 La guerra de encuestas Jóvenes estudiantes decidirán elecciones
  3. 3. the challenges ung people into the important 1. Turn yo lders of the campaign, providing an stakeho they could express their vission scenario where inican Republic they dream of. of the Dom 2. Raise the level of th e political debate among dominicans. romote a culture 3. P izen participation of cit political affiliation. regardless of r consensus about what the 4. Seek fo lation thinks needs to be popu corrected & continued. done,
  4. 4. engagement regardless of political A virtual plataform for citizen it proposals, vote & comment affiliation, where people could subm t would become part of the governmen on them. The most valued ideas ilo Medina & Margarita Cedeño. program of Dan
  5. 5. the process... Post your proposal Votet n & comme on proposals See ideas in action
  6. 6. key dates... 01.31.2012 Started proposals' submissions +15 offline seminars +1000 trained on how to use the platform 03.22.2012 Ended proposals' submittions 04.05.2012 Ended proposals' evaluation 04.12.2012 “Government Plan” National Presentation
  7. 7. results • • • Most used hashtag on the 2012 presidential campaign Twitter: 31% growth of followers (from 22.8K to 33K) in 3 months Facebook: 44% growth of fans (from 130.5K to 233.5K) in 3 months Lanzamiento “Ponte pa’ tu país”
  8. 8. results... 3027 proposals submitted 524 proposals published 4425 votes 1409 comments 364 y evaluated b the technical comittee 32 incorporated in government plan
  9. 9. results... Top 15 subjects: Education Public Administration Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Transportation Environment Infraestructure Art & Culture Public Safety Social Assistance Energy Innovation, Science & Technology Turismo Health Employment Tax Reform 67 proposals 38 proposals 10 proposals 25 proposals 17 proposals 23 proposals 15 proposals 18 proposals 16 proposals 16 proposals 12 proposals 19 proposals 15 proposals 10 proposals 11 proposals 609 votes 403 votes 284 votes 209 votes 186 votes 184 votes 131 votes 124 votes 123 votes 122 votes 120 votes 111 votes 110 votes 106 votes 96 votes
  10. 10. key takeaways... Understand Change: Citizens are politically organizing themselves through social channels, without parties, without traditional media. Innovation = New way of doing politics is possible: First iniciative, in América Latina y the Caribbean to allow citizens to submit proposals to be included in a government program.
  11. 11. Thanks! Claudia Chez Abreu Digital Communications Director Danilo Medina 2012 Presidential Campaign @cchez