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Brigida garcia ppt english


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Brigida garcia ppt english

  1. 1. Target population » » » » » Age 16-29 years. High-school drop-out. Not in formal education. Willing to be trained and to work. Unemployed, underemployed or inactive. » In the 4 poorest deciles. » Possessing a Dominican identity card.
  2. 2. Program structure: COS/Firm/Ministry Ministry publishes RFP COS and firms prepare training proposals COS selects 35 eligible INFOTEP supervises all stages COS presents proposals to Ministry Ministry selects trainees randomly Courses (COS) Ministry and INFOTEP evaluate Internships (Firms)
  3. 3. Results What firms value from interns  Willingness to take on new concepts, positive attitude toward learning.  Openness to teamwork and ability to relate to others.  Early adoption to the culture of the company.  Ability to manage conflict.  Understanding and compliance with health and safety standards.  Technical skills.
  4. 4. Impact Labor market Willingness to get a job, women more than men. Higher employment rate after a year of graduation, but result tapers off. Higher job satisfaction. Active search of employment in the short term, women more than men. Greater number of hours spent looking for work at the end of program (men).  More likely to seek a better job (women).  Increased duration of employment (DCB).  Formal employment     
  5. 5. Impact: Behavior and socio-emotional skills  Significant reduction of pregnancies, 20% over the control group.  Higher rate of support and information demand, and higher communication skills (DCB)  Less likely to engage in fights in the 12 months before the survey.  Lower consumption of alcohol
  6. 6. TTP vs. DCB  DCB + internship + stipend.      Greater flexibility to adapt to any type of work. Increased likelihood of short-term employment Active job search. Reduced risky behavior (Alcohol consumption, pregnancy). Construction of life project.  TTP + internship + stipend.     Looking for a better quality jobs (Men). More formal jobs. Search for a job in there area of training. Increased job satisfaction.
  7. 7. Challenges  The biggest challenge is the long-term labor insertion  The internships are conducted in small businesses, which do not require special skills  The number of interns hired by the company is low.  Many companies have no vacancies in when they plan with the COS about internships  Achieving greater articulation between training provision and business needs
  8. 8.