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OPEN / DOL Talk: Round 2 kick-off, 2013


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DOL Round 2 kick-off conference:

Published in: Education, Technology
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OPEN / DOL Talk: Round 2 kick-off, 2013

  1. 1. The Opportunity
  2. 2. “as a condition of the receipt of a TAACCCTgrant, the grantee will be required to license tothe public (not including the FederalGovernment) all work created with the supportof the grant (Work) under a Creative CommonsAttribution 3.0 (CC BY) license. Work thatmust be licensed under the CCBY includesboth new content created with the grant fundsand modifications made to pre-existing,grantee-owned content using grant funds.”SGA, Round 2 (p. 8 / Section I.D.5 )
  3. 3. OPEN Supports ALL Round 1 & 2DOL TAACCCT Grantees
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Children Reading Pratham Books and Akshara By Ryan Lobo BY
  6. 6. “Nearly one-third of the world’spopulation (29.3%) is under15. Today there are 158 millionpeople enrolled in tertiaryeducation1. Projectionssuggest that that participationwill peak at 263 million2 in2025. Accommodating theadditional 105 million studentswould require more than fourmajor universities (30,000students) to open every weekfor the next fifteen years.1 ISCED levels 5 & 6 UNESCO Institute of Statistics figures2 British Council and IDP Australia projectionsBy: COL
  7. 7. Dreaming Girls Head By: Elfleda BY-NC-ND
  8. 8.
  9. 9. By: UNESCO:
  10. 10. Creative Beauty at Creative Commons By: KristinaAlexandersonCC BY-SA
  11. 11. A simple, standardizedway to grant copyrightpermissions to yourcreative work.
  12. 12. Cost of “Copy”For one 250 page book:• Copy by hand - $1,000• Copy by print on demand - $4.90• Copy by computer - $0.00084CC BY: David Wiley, BYU
  13. 13. Cost of “Distribute”For one 250 page book:• Distribute by mail - $5.20• $0 with print-on-demand (2000+ copies)• Distribute by internet - $0.00072CC BY: David Wiley, BYU
  14. 14. Copy and Distribute are “Free”This changes everythingCC BY: David Wiley, BYU
  15. 15. Movies, TV Shows, Songs, andTextbooksMovies and TV Shows:• Amazon Prime – $6.59/month($79/year) for access to 10,000 moviesand TV shows• Netflix – $7.99/month for access to20,000 movies and TV shows• Hulu Plus – $7.99/month for access to45,000 movies and TV showsCC BY: David Wiley:
  16. 16. Movies, TV Shows, Songs, andTextbooksMusic:• Spotify – $9.99/month for access to 15million songs• Rhapsody – $14.99/month for accessto 14 million songsCC BY: David Wiley:
  17. 17. CC BY ND / Delta Initiative /
  18. 18. When the Marginal Cost of Sharing is $0…- educators have an ethical obligation to share- governments need to get maximum ROI byrequiring publicly funded resources be openlylicensed resources- governments and educators need openlylicensed content: (a) so you can revise & remix(b) buying and maintaining is cheaper thanleasing (w/time bombs)
  19. 19. vs.Rivalrous vs. Non-RivalrousResourcesCC BY by: Jon S
  20. 20. OER areteaching, learning, andresearch materials in anymedium that reside in thepublic domain or have beenreleased under an openlicense that permits their freeuse and re-purposing by
  21. 21. Search & Discovery
  22. 22. Translations & Accessibility
  23. 23. Customization & Affordability
  24. 24. By: MIT OCW:
  25. 25. Higher Ed
  26. 26. K-12
  27. 27. Open Educational Resources (OER)
  28. 28. BY SA: By Harvey Barrison
  29. 29. CC-BY licensed textbooksfor 110 university courses
  30. 30. $500 million – Round 2($2 billion over four years)
  31. 31. White House issues directive supportingpublic access to publicly funded research
  32. 32. Publicly fundedresources should beopenly licensedresources.
  33. 33. The Opportunity
  34. 34. Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under:
  35. 35. Dr. Cable GreenDirector of Global @OPEN4Us
  36. 36. “Only work that is developed by the granteewith the grant funds is required to be licensedunder the CC BY license. Pre-existingcopyrighted materials licensed to, or purchasedby the grantee from third parties, includingmodifications of such materials, remain subjectto the intellectual property rights the granteereceives under the terms of the particularlicense or purchase. In addition, works createdby the grantee without grant funds do not fallunder the CC BY license requirement.”Copyrighted materials clarification (p. 9)