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A nia with music


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A nia with music

  1. 1. Baking cookies (mosty gingerbread) Going to Church (every day in December-special meetings) Decorating houses firstly with candles during the Advent –later Christmas tree
  2. 2. In most houses people in Poland bake cookies. Gingerbread and shortbread ones are very popular. We decorate them in a nice way
  3. 3. We go to church almost every day in December. These are special meetings especially for kids. We take lanterns to the church.
  4. 4. Every house and every place is decorated with Christmas tree. In our school each class has a tree to decorate.
  5. 5. Christmas Eve During the Advent we prepare for this special period. Christmas Eve starts our Christmas celebrations. On this day we : Share the wafer Eat the special supper Exchange presents after the supper Sing carols
  6. 6. Traditional Christmas Eve dishes (usually 12 dishes)
  7. 7. Sharing the wafer
  8. 8. The supper usually starts with sharing the wafer. Then we eat soup: beetroot soup with ravioli or mushroom soup or fish soup
  9. 9. The main dish usually consists of potatoes, cabbage with mushrooms and pierogi with cabbage and mushrooms. The main thing is fish-mostly carp
  10. 10. Later comes the dessert: gngerbread cookies, moczka (tradition typically from Silesia- it’s made of gingerbread and lots of dried fruit and chocolate and nuts) and makówki (dessert also typical in our region made of poppy, bread rolls, nuts, almonds and rasins and milk)
  11. 11. Great presents We have Santa here too, but it comes on the 6th of December and brings us presents. On Christmas Eve we got presents from Baby Jesus  We exchange the presents after the Christmas Eve supper.
  12. 12. Singing carols We love singing carols. We sing them not only in churches. We sing them all Christmas time.
  13. 13. On the 25th and 26th we just spend time with our families. We visit our relatives. We eat special dinners and just rest and eat reeeaaaallllly a loooot!