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How C. Grant & Company supports camps through camper and constituent research.

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Camp Research Slideshare Document

  1. 1. CAMP What would happen to the ministry and effectiveness of your camp if there was a RESEARCH PROPOSAL consistent program for gaining actionable operational and constituent insights? OVERVIEW C.Grant and Company has been conducting research on behalf of leading camps for a few years now. We have studied and made actionable recommendations on issues as diverse as camper online activity, male counselor recruitment, the camp decision-making process, ministry outcomes, camper satisfaction, and values. Our experience with large Christian camps and our affinity with the world-changing ministry of Christian camps has made our work with camps both personally and professionally rewarding. It’s bigger than “another job” to us: Our kids are campers and counselors. We’re donors. In short, we’re believers. As leading camps already know, real research done by real researchers represents a real commitment in terms of time and financial resources. They also know the dramatic impact insights can have and the benefits that come from Research is a key an outside look at the issues that face their leadership teams. area where leading Following are some ideas on how a formalized research program can camps gain new insights generate game-changing insights for your camp. Thanks for your to better program and consideration. market their ministry Camp Activity MSN Camp My Space Xanga Facebook Spaces Groups Members Blogrings Members Groups Members Spaces Eagle Lake 10 177 1 26 4 91 0 Kanakuk 21 845 26 705 74 5774 14 Muskoka Woods 3 130 0 0 11 596 5 Pine Cove 8 371 9 222 29 1416 0 Sky Ranch 10 382 11 246 11 577 0 SpringHill 5 67 7 388 22 1468 7 1]
  2. 2. Who makes the camp buying decision: Parents or BETTER kids? Does Dad play a role? What does the process look like? RESULTS How can you recruit male counselors? How does the task Wouldn’t you change as they get further into like to know? FROM NEW college? How are campers using social INSIGHTS networking sites? Is text messaging on the rise? What’s more important to reaching kids today: Facebook or MySpace? What new programs are campers interested in? Would they like circus-related activities or lacrosse? A spa or video production? What camp attributes are most important to campers and their parents? Which are they most satisfied with? Where are the biggest gaps between importance and satisfaction? What is the relative importance of pricing, ability to register with friends, and camp week preferences? What do donors value about the camp experience? Why do they contribute? What would cause them to prioritize camp giving? What’s a reasonable marketing cost per camper? What’s a best practice for personnel costs as a percent of revenue? What’s a good target for revenue per camper when including retail and other sales? How has the camp experience changed campers and staff over time? What are the outcomes socially, physically, mentally, and Research Best Practices spiritually? CGC does lots of How do you attract male teens as research outside the camping industry, campers? What’s a reasonable allowing us to apply male/female ratio for teen camp? best practices and When do parents want to register? customer insights from other areas to our camp Are they interested in payment work. Recent projects plans? Pre-registration? include higher What is the role of grandparents in education, primary schools, publishers, funding camp? How do you reach them? and Christian ministries. 2]
  3. 3. 25 Questions RESEARCH PROCESS Most surveys contain approximately 25 questions customized to the needs of each camp and the Determine topic under consideration. Topic Sample Size Because this will be an internet-based survey program, we can go to large sample sizes without Create Base increasing costs. The list strategy can be different Survey for each camp. Some want to survey entire lists for each survey; some want to split the list in half or quarters. Create Each survey can sample up to three different Custom audiences (campers, parents and staff, for Questions Pull Lists example) and will break results down by appropriate age categories. Conduct Insight Presentations Survey For each study, a customized written report with recommendations will be sent with a follow up review phone call from CGC. These presentations may also be made on-site. Analyze Results Produce Suggested Report Core Topics (though others Base Plus Custom Questions may be chosen) STRATEGIC PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT MARKETING A gap analysis of the key An analysis of A values study of the Analysis of best attributes of each camp new program and donor base to determine messages and (importance vs. satisfaction) activity the areas that would tactics to reach as well as areas for concepts. By most likely increase key segments operational improvement. This pooling new ideas support. The key: what (males, is based on the surprising across camps and will move camps up in grandparents, business-world insight that evaluating group the giving priority minority, home satisfaction and loyalty are and individual list? This will be done school, etc). not related. The result is data results camps in conjunction with our Electronic pinpointing where you and your maximize future partners at the activity; media constituents are not aligned. program and Institute for the Study use. Comparison Donors love this stuff. facility of Religion at Baylor of cost ratios investments. University. across camps. 3]
  4. 4. STEPS NEXT EVALUATE FUNDING donors--a good way to range of camp studies to engage key givers and help you develop a survey REQUIREMENTS provide benefit to the that will effectively Typical camp research camp. address the problems and projects can cost up to opportunities your team $20,000 per survey, faces. DETERMINE RESEARCH TOPICS including all expenses The best projects have from concept through final buy-in from the leadership CALL US. WE CAN HELP. written report. Travel team and are actionable at expenses if required are many levels of camp not included and billed at operations. We use our cost. Many camps have experience doing a wide research underwritten by About: C. Grant and Company is a full-service marketing firm with experience in managing complex branding, research, and communication programs for Fortune 500 companies along with creating and executing strategic marketing programs for small to mid-sized organizations. We serve a select number of church, business, and non-profit leaders through qualitative and quantitative research programs, marketing and communication programs, content development, and editorial and design services. [4]