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How a CGC Donor File Analysis can help camps improve their fund raising performance.

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Camp Donor File Analysis Slideshare Document

  1. 1. Brief Overview: When it comes to fundraising, large camps are similar in many ways to educational institutions and other non-profit organizations. Lots of “alumni,” barriers to giving (“we already gave to you....”), and a need to raise unrestricted giving for operations along with capital projects. But many camps are not using some of the tools that are central to the success of their peers in other markets. In particular, sophisticated data analysis and mining--along with reliable camp- specific comparative metrics--are tools that can have a dramatic impact on fundraising strategy and success. We’re out to change that. Because we have extensive experience with donor file analysis in other markets and also know camps, we can effectively and efficiently generate both the reports and the recommendations that will provide new insight into how your camp can improve its fundraising program. Our Donor File Checkup provides you with the tools that drive major campaigns in higher education, missions, and other non-profits.
  2. 2. Improving Camp Fundraising Success through Donor File Analysis What will a Donor File Checkup Do? We create a comprehensive analysis of the “health” of your donor file. The following are the general reports you will receive: 1) Segmentation Analysis Report – This report breaks your donor file into various groups (segments) based on donors’ giving habits. Segments can include newly acquired donors, 2nd year donors, multi-year donors and lapsed donors. In addition, donors can be grouped based on their implied giving preferences such as seasonal (“fall only” donors) or by interest (building campaigns, scholarships, etc.) if the data supports doing this. Finally, donors can be placed into “special giving groups” based on their relative importance to the ministry (i.e., infrequent major donors, frequent monthly donors, etc.) 2) Donation Summary Report – This report shows the essential statistical indicators for fundraising success for the past 3 to 5 years. Breaking your donors down into the various life-cycle giving stages (see segmentation analysis report above) the report will show trends in such critical performance variables such as number of gifts per year, average gift size, and annual giving totals per donor. 3) Donor Attrition Report – This report provides tremendous insight into how donors upgrade, downgrade or remain the same over time. Using donor life-cycle stages, trends are shown in the growth (or decrease) in the size of these segments going
  3. 3. Improving Camp Fundraising Success through Donor File Analysis back for as many years as there is data available. In What kinds of recommendations come out of these reports? addition, critical performance statistics (such as new donor 2nd gift conversion, lapse rates, and re-activation percentages) are also compared for the past 3 to 5 years • Special giving groups and in order to determine trends. segment-specific messaging 4) Donor Mapping Report (optional) – If we can receive names and addresses of your donors, we will map them • Timing and frequency of geographically based on their life-cycle stages. This cultivation efforts information can be extremely helpful in determining • Develop an acquisition potential locations for special events, staff recruitment, plan that meets ministry and directing various marketing efforts. objectives What Data in Needed? • Identify best sources for In order to perform our analysis, we need to receive as much acquisition (rank original historical giving data as you have available and are willing to send sources) us. By “historical giving,” we mean the actual gift transactions • Package and offer contained in your database (i.e., donor id. gift date, amount, and construction any coding you might have available that can tell us what • Best segmenting strategy “motivated” the donor to give or where their gift was designated). for cultivation In addition, to create an accurate segmentation analysis, we need • Identify major donor some data about the individual donors you have on your file (i.e. strategies mailing or other exclusion flags, existing special giving group flags). Finally, if you want us to map your donors we need to • Improvements in know their names and addresses. Our data analytics specialists receipting practices will be glad to help you in extracting this data from your database. • Overall communication We will also sign a non-disclosure agreement if necessary. and messaging Then What? recommendations • Special event planning The insights gleaned from this rigorous analysis will be useful in • Additional integrated both major gift cultivation and in creating or initiating successful direct mail, telephone, or other promotional efforts. If you’d like, marketing opportunities C. Grant & Company can go the next step with you and create • New program print or electronic direct mail campaigns, collateral materials, introductions scripts and messaging platforms, and anything else you need to effectively tell your story.
  4. 4. Improving Camp Fundraising Success through Donor File Analysis Principal Team Christopher Grant is founder of C. Grant & Company, a full-service research, marketing, and communications firm located in Wheaton, IL. He is a graduate of Wheaton College and earned a Masters Degree from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. He served for more than 20 years in the corporate world as Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications and corporate officer at The ServiceMaster Company, Vice President of Marketing at Harper Why Collins/ Zondervan, and Vice President at CTi. During his career, us? he has directed more than 100 formal consumer and trade Our team has surveys and hundreds of promotional, media, and electronic analyzed the donor files of literally hundreds of non- campaigns. He has received numerous professional awards profits. during his career, including American Marketing Association (W. Michigan) “Trailblazer Award” for Marketing Organization Yes, hundreds with an “s.” of the Year and American Marketing Association (Chicago) Weʼve done research, reporting, Gold Award for Market Research. recommendations, and executed campaigns for Jonathan Van Oss has more than 23 years working for non- many of these known profit organizations, bringing a wealth of experience in organizations in the non-profit world. fundraising database analytics. He has analyzed hundreds of non-profits across all of the market sectors. Jonathan began his career in the marketing department of World Vision where he managed their massive telemarketing services and became the Director of the Market Research Department. He also worked for the American Medical Association for eight years, where he was Director of Database Marketing and for Douglas Shaw & Associates, a fundraising and communication consulting agency, for six years. Jonathan has presented at numerous conferences and seminars such as National Religious Broadcasters, Christian Stewardship Association, and the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions. Jonathan has a B.A. in Computer Science and Business Administration from Hope College in Holland, MI. Contact