Cultural Diversity & Bias, Prejudice, & Discrimination


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Experiences of Bias, Prejudice, & Discrimination and their influences are presented in this short presentation.

Cultural Diversity & Bias, Prejudice, & Discrimination

  1. 1. Macomb Community College Lunch & Learn Series Cultural Diversity & Bias,Prejudice, & Discrimination Discussion Leader: Clarence E. Goodlein
  2. 2. What is Cultural Diversity?Cultural Diversity or multiculturalism is away to describe the presence of manydifferent cultures in our country and world. Itrecognizes the presence and value of thelearned behaviors, beliefs, and othercharacteristics of the many ethnic groupsaround the world and across our nation.
  3. 3. What is Bias?Bias is the human tendency to makesystematic errors in judgment or whenmaking decisions based upon certainthinking, thoughts, or preconceived notions.
  4. 4. What are Stereotypes?A stereotype is a popular belief aboutspecific social groups or types of individuals.Stereotypes are standardized and simplifiedconceptions of groups based on some priorassumptions.
  5. 5. What is Prejudice?A prejudice is a prejudgment, an assumption madeabout someone or something before having adequateknowledge to be able to do so with guaranteedaccuracy. The word prejudice is most commonly usedto refer to a preconceived judgment toward a people ora person because of race, social class, gender,ethnicity, homelessness, age, disability, politicalbeliefs, obesity, religion, sexual orientation or otherpersonal characteristics. It also means beliefs withoutknowledge of the facts and may include "anyunreasonable attitude that is unusually resistant torational influence."
  6. 6. What is Discrimination?Discrimination is the prejudicial treatmentof a person or persons based solely on theirmembership in a certain group or category.Discrimination is the actual behaviortowards members of another group. Itinvolves excluding or restricting members ofone group from opportunities that areavailable to other groups.
  7. 7. (Bias + Stereotypes) → Prejudice (sometimes)Prejudice + Societal Support or Lack of Prohibition→ Discrimination (sometimes)
  8. 8. What Influences the Development of Biases & Stereotypes?• Families• Churches & Religions• Peers• Neighbors• Rules, Regulations, & Laws
  9. 9. Who Has Biases, Stereotypes, and Prejudices? We All Do!
  10. 10. Let’s Test Our Biases, Stereotypes, & Prejudices What type of person is this woman?
  11. 11. Together with other membersof the Manson Family, SusanAtkins brutally murderedSharon Tate and others inwhat has become to beknown as the Tate-Labiancamurders.
  12. 12. How About this Man?
  13. 13. This Is New YorkState Senator BillPerkins Of HarlemAttending FarmDays NearSyracuse, NY AndMilking A Cow ForThe First Time.
  14. 14. What Do You Think About This Man?
  15. 15. Undercover London,England Police OfficerMark Kennedy
  16. 16. How About This Lady?
  17. 17. This is Amanda Logue – Porn Star, Prostitute, &Lingerie Shop Owner Who Is Awaiting Trial AndCharged With First Degree Murder In Florida.
  18. 18. What Can You Say About This Man?
  19. 19. This is a Model forRaja Attire Who isModeling ThatClothing Company’sNew Line of T-Shirts.
  20. 20. Can We Eliminate Our Biases, Stereotypes, & Prejudices?We Can Lessen The Influence of Biases & Prejudices By:• Learning About Persons of Other Cultures• Identifying How This Culture Contributes To Our Community Or The World• Educating Others About Other Cultures• Practicing Tolerance
  21. 21. Value Of Cultural Diversity• For Our Community & Nation → Unity Against Our Nation’s Enemies• For Our World → Less Conflict & Increased Cooperation.• For Ourselves → Identification of the Value of Others Who Are Different Than Ourselves And Benefits That Can Be Derived From Knowing Their Culture.