Plestravera 2.1.2


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Plestravera 2.1.2

  1. 1. Plestravera Second Chances
  2. 2. “ I saw you and Claudio in the hot tub the other day, Angela! I'd say I couldn't believe you'd cheat on Dustin but unfortunately that'd be a lie,” Lillith confronted Angela. “ That was none of your business, Lillith. And besides, didn't Mom ever tell you spying is bad?” Angela glared at Lillith. She was always trying to mess everything up for her!
  3. 3. “ I didn't spy! I just looked out the window because I heard noises coming from the hot tub.” “ You're such a pervert! You knew what was causing those noises and you wanted to watch a little live p-”
  4. 4. Lillith smacked Angela across the face.
  5. 5. Angela smacked her back. “ If you knew what was good for you you'd walk away right now,” Angela sneered.
  6. 6. Lillith punched Angela, and the two had their first real fight. Sure, they'd poked, slapped, and shoved each other, but they'd never kicked and punched.
  7. 7. “ I told you that you should have walked away,” Angela laughed. Lillith got up and groaned. How had she let Angela beat her? It was so humiliating!
  8. 8. Dirk walked in through the door. “What's going on here?”
  9. 9. The first thing he saw was Angela laughing. Angela couldn't help but laugh at Lillith. Everyone thought she was tough, but she'd been beaten up by Angela. And now Lillith would never attack her again or tell Dustin about her and Claudio. Her secret was safe.
  10. 10. Then Dirk saw Lillith in the corner, trying to wipe away her tears and hide her bruises at the same time.
  11. 11. Dirk rushed over to Lillith. “ Are you okay?” he said, wrapping his arms around Lillith's shoulder while using the other to gently move down her arms so he could take a look at her injuries.
  12. 12. Angela slipped out unnoticed. “ I can't believe it! She looks hideous with that black eye and those bruises, and yet she still gets Dirk's attention. Well two can play that game.”
  13. 13. “ I was just in the kitchen minding my own business when Lillith attacked me!” Angela said between sobs. “ That's the worst lie I've ever heard.” “ But it's true!”
  14. 14. “ Then why aren't you injured?” Angela wiped away her tears.
  15. 15. “ She did attack me, and if you won't believe me then... then... maybe we should break up!”
  16. 16. Dustin rolled his eyes. She did this all the time, and she'd never meant it so far. It was the only way Dustin ever got a break from her.
  17. 17. “ Hi Adriana.” “ Hi Claudio,” Adriana blushed. She looked over at Claudio. “Wait, are you playing chess? By yourself?” she asked skeptically. She blushed again. What if that had come off as rude or mean? “ Yeah. Wanna join me so I don't have to be playing chess by myself?”
  18. 18. Adriana took a seat. “I've never actually played chess. Will you teach me?” “ Sure,” Claudio smiled, and Adriana felt butterflies in her stomach.
  19. 19. “ So, how do I play?”
  20. 20. . . . “ Checkmate!” Claudio called out. Adriana looked over the board and sure enough, his bishop was in position to capture her king. Drat.
  21. 21. “ Don't be so hard on yourself,” Claudio said when he saw her expression. “This was your first time, while I've been playing chess for as long as I could remember. And you were good.” “ Not good enough,” Adriana replied.
  22. 22. “ Come on. I bet you'd win if we played again,” Claudio said, already setting up the pieces for the next game. “ And I bet I'll lose.”
  23. 23. “ Let's make this a real bet. After this we'll go out for dinner. If I win the bet, then you have to pay. If you win the bet, then I'll pay.” Adriana's nervousness was back. He'd just asked her out for dinner! It was a date, right? But maybe... “ Adriana, it's your turn.” “ Oh, right,” Adrian looked down at the board game.
  24. 24. . . . “ I win!” “ Again?!?”
  25. 25. “ Wait, that means I win the bet! Dinner's on you!”
  26. 26. “ Any preferences for restaurant?” “ I'm up for anything as long as its good.” “ Italian it is then.”
  27. 27. “ Hi, Hermia,” Tybalt said. He wanted more information on Hal and Bottom, and Hermia seemed like a good enough source, though maybe Miranda or Puck would've been better. “So I heard Hal has a girlfriend?” “ You're behind, though I guess that's why you came to me. That news is a couple years old; they're engaged now.”
  28. 28. “ Really?” “I didn't see a ring on Bottom's hand though...” “ Yeah. They're really happy together.”
  29. 29. “ Happily engaged? Then they probably won't break up, and I couldn't break them up myself. Bottom would be miserable...” “ It's good that they're engaged, because now even though Mercutio broke up with Miranda and Juliette broke up with Romeo there are still Capp-Monty relationships.”
  30. 30. “ Capp-Monty?” “Wait, who's he engaged to?” “ Beatrice. Wow, you really are out of the loop. From now on I'll try and keep you better informed.” Tybalt played back what he'd heard of Bottom and Hal's phone conversation. Before he'd imagined Hal had been asking her out on a date, but that could've been jumping to conclusions. He hadn't heard anything that suggested it was a date...
  31. 31. “ Okay, you can do all that later, I have to run,” Tybalt said before rushing out the front door. Hermia rolled her eyed. She'd given up trying to understand her brother.
  32. 32. “ Hi Bottom,” Tybalt nearly ran into her. “ Hi Tybalt.”
  33. 33. “ Anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date?” “ Sure, when?”
  34. 34. “ She said yes!” “Uh, anytime works for me...” “ How about now?”
  35. 35. “ Sure, where do you want to go?” “ I know this great place around the corner...”
  36. 36. The two headed off in the direction Bottom had gestured to. Tybalt allowed himself to daydream a day in the future where he'd tell Bottom how back then he'd been so out of the loop that he'd thought she was dating Hal, and they'd laugh. “ What are you laughing about?” Tybalt turned to see a slightly annoyed-looking Bottom. “I'll tell you later,” he promised.
  37. 37. Mercutio glanced over at Juliette. It was a wonder she had any tears left, she'd been crying so much since her break-up with Romeo.
  38. 38. Mercutio instinctively rached his arm around to comfort her.
  39. 39. He pulled back, embarassed. That was the sort of thing Romeo could've done back when he was still going out with Juliette, not the sort of thing Mercutio could do. He and Juliette were just friends.
  40. 40. Juliette broke the akward silence first. “I used to dream of Prince Charming and that fairytale ending, and when Romeo brought those flowers I thought he was my Prince Charming... And even though he flirted with everyone and I said I was going to break up with him, I guess I still held on to some hope things would work out between us till I saw him...” a tear escaped from Juliette's eye.
  41. 41. Mercutio bit his lip. Now was as good a time as any for his confession. “ Those flowers weren't supposed to be from him,” he said. “They were supposed to be from me. Romeo was always better with girls so I thought you'd be more likely to go out with me if he asked for me.”
  42. 42. “ You liked me?” “ Here comes confession #2...” “I still do like you.”
  43. 43. Juliette kissed Mercutio. Something in him reminded him that she was still on the rebound and now wasn't the best time to start a relationship with her, but he'd been waiting years for this moment, and he wasn't going to stop it now that it was happening.
  44. 44. Things went fast. They'd only been dating a couple weeks when in the middle of making out Juliette started taking off Mercutio's shirt.
  45. 45. Once again that voice told Mercutio that it was too early and she was on the rebound, but he still didn't listen.
  46. 46. “ I love you, Mercutio,” she told him after they were back in their clothes. “ I love you too, Juliette.”
  47. 47. Meanwhile Puck and Tybalt were back from their date.
  48. 48. Tybalt kissed Bottom goodnight.
  49. 49. The date had been a success, and Tybalt smiled as he went to bed.
  50. 50. From that day on Tybalt and Bottom were very much an item.
  51. 51. Everyone was surprised. Tybalt and Bottom were so different from each other. But opposites attract, and Tybalt and Bottom were together.
  52. 52. Beau and Ariel were also now an official couple.
  53. 53. Ariel still had no idea about Beau and Desdemona, and he planned on keeping it that way.
  54. 54. After all, Desdemona was great but Ariel was still his favorite girl.
  55. 55. Plus, Ariel didn't mind when Beau started helping her out of her clothes one night.
  56. 56. If Beau ever had to get married, he hoped it'd be with Ariel.
  57. 57. Meanwhile Beatrice and Hal were upstairs relaxing and talking.
  58. 58. “ This bed is giving me some ideas,” Beatrice said as she scooched closer to Hal.
  59. 59. Hal kissed her in reply.
  60. 60. He lowered her on to the bed as the kisses became more passionate.
  61. 61. . . .
  62. 62. Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep. Riiiiing.
  63. 63. “ Hello?” “ Hi, it's Conrad.” “ Hi Conrad!”
  64. 64. “ I was wondering if you wanted to go out on a date?” “ Sure. When?” “ How about six?” “ Sounds great. Bye!” “ Bye.”
  65. 65. Conrad hung up the phone.
  66. 66. Kaylynn had said yes!
  67. 67. Kaylynn rung the doorbell. Briiing.
  68. 68. “ Hi, Kaylynn!” Conrad came out and hugged her. Since they'd met they'd talked, and had become friends.
  69. 69. “ Ready to go?”
  70. 70. When they got back it was pitch dark out.
  71. 71. When inside Conrad kissed her goodnight.
  72. 72. Desdemona leaned forward in whispered in Benedick's ear, “I know you want to take things slow, but-” “ But nothing,” interrupted Benedick.
  73. 73. “ If that's what you want...” Desdemona said before kissing Benedick.
  74. 74. Benedick groaned. “You're making it really hard to stick to my decisions.” “ You're allowed to change your mind, you know.”
  75. 75. Desdemona had been doing this for the past few days, and finally she'd wore him down.
  76. 76. “ He ought to know by now I always get what I want.”
  77. 77. “ Jill, will you marry me?”
  78. 78. Jill put the ring on her finger and looked at it. It was so... unexpected.
  79. 79. “ Yes!” she said, hugging Buck tight.
  80. 80. They went upstairs to celebrate.
  81. 81. ...
  82. 82. “ Hey Gundrum,” Ripp said as he hopped into the hot tub. “ Hi Ripp,” Gundrum replied with a sigh. She'd been soaking in the hot tub to try and forget about Tank and the mixed messages he was sending her, and having his brother around was not helping.
  83. 83. “ So, how's it going? Heard you were helping Tank with some politic-y stuff.” “ Yeah, though until the elections start there's not much to help with.”
  84. 84. “ Well I have some projects of my own I could use some help with...” Ripp put his arm around Gundrum. “ That's the cheesiest pick-up line ever.” “ No it's not. And it's working, right?”
  85. 85. Ripp kissed Gundrum before she could answer.
  86. 86. “ It's a good thing Venus was tired and went to bed early today...”
  87. 87. “ I saw you cheating on Venus with Gundrum,” Tank confronted a now fully-clothed Ripp. “ So what?”
  88. 88. “ You shouldn't do that! What if Gundrum found out about Venus?” “ If you care about Gundrum so much then why didn't you ask her out?”
  89. 89. “ I don't like Gundrum!” “ Then why do you care what I do with her?”
  90. 90. “ Because I'm not a selfish jerk who only thinks about himself!” “ You know what, I'm going to bed. Maybe by the morning you'll be able to think clearly.”
  91. 91. Tank clenched his teeth. He wasn't giving up that easily.
  92. 92. The next morning he found Gundrum. “ Gundrum, about you and Ripp...” “ Oh, he told you?”
  93. 93. “ You could say that. But you don't know what you're getting into. He's a big player, and he's dating Venus. You're just another girl to him.” “ I see what's going on here.”
  94. 94. “ What are you talking about?” “ You're jealous. I was beginning to suspect you liked me, and now you're jealous because Ripp made his move first.”
  95. 95. “ Gundrum, I don't like you that way. I'm trying to warn you, you're going to get your heart broke with Ripp.” “ Ripp would never do that. Besides, if he's dating Venus how come I've never heard of it till now? And she's smart, she'd have recognized it if he was a player.”
  96. 96. “ You're smart too and you won't believe he's a player. And maybe he told her not to tell anyone!” “ Yeah right. Now if you'll excuse me...”
  97. 97. Ripp could've heard the whole conversation if he hadn't been so busy with Venus. Gundrum and Tank hadn't been that far from the hot tub. And if he'd been paying attention, maybe he'd have heard Gundrum's footsteps.
  98. 98. Gundrum stood there in shock. Venus and Ripp, naked and oblivious to her presence, in the hot tub.
  99. 99. Gundrum started crying. She couldn't believe this was happening to her...
  100. 100. “ Tank was right.”