Lynn Legacy 3.1.1


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Lynn Legacy 3.1.1

  1. 2. Otieno, Brooke, Poplar, Owl, and Hummingbird tracked me to a small dorm in a small college named Fin Academy next to a small town called Rivershore. Brooke was getting claustrophobic already. I would have been mad at them, but it seems it was engineered by Uncle Tynan and my mom, and I should have expected something like this to happen.
  2. 3. We were all been accepted immediately, as no one else, let alone A+, well-skilled students, ever wanted to go to Fin Academy.
  3. 4. Tosha Go, Otieno's high school sweet heart, even came out in response to an email Otieno sent her telling her where he was. She and Otieno picked up where they left off.
  4. 5. They met Natalie, but figure she's just one of the few locals around here, and Natalie thought it was funny, so we're seeing how long it takes till they find out she came with me. Yeah, I know she has a funny sense of humor. But she's still my friend.
  5. 6. Despite its size the dorm is well stocked, and robots and flowers have been keeping them busy.
  6. 7. Meanwhile, Brooke was already bored of their adventure. I think she expected a big city, with tons of interesting people to meet. Not a small town college with a couple of small town people.
  7. 8. Still, she's making the best of it. Brooke found a guy she liked, Drake Downie, and though they did go on a date and had become friends, she was still keeping her options open.
  8. 9. Of course, she loved the idea of learning how to make toys. She was fun-loving and loved learning, so what was not to love about the toy-making bench?
  9. 10. Hummingbird was adjusting well to college life, and loved it, of course. Her first taste of freedom.
  10. 11. She'd also met someone, Spencer Young.
  11. 12. They took it pretty far, pretty fast- just how Hummingbird liked it.
  12. 13. She wasn't as happy when Spencer proposed, but she took it pretty well, and even said yes.
  13. 14. Owl was settling in, too.
  14. 15. He'd met Erin Fleig.
  15. 16. And before he knew it...
  16. 17. They were happily engaged.
  17. 18. Then there was Poplar.
  18. 19. He and Lainey Ebadey hit it off pretty well.
  19. 20. And well, you know the story.
  20. 21. They're going to get married after college, too.
  21. 22. And finally, there's me.
  22. 23. I've become friends with Ocean Tan, but we're just friends. Sure, he's cute, but I'm not rushing into anything, unlike the others. Sure, Otieno and Tosha haven't rushed, and Natalie still hasn't met any eligible boys, but still.
  23. 24. At first I thought he was a bit of a jerk, but he's become nicer to me.
  24. 25. Right now I'm more focused on my studies. I've been using energizers a lot after class, and I've had lots of chances to learn.
  25. 26. I tend to eat breakfast by myself. I thought Nicole would eat with me, but it seems our different class schedules have really cut into our social time.
  26. 27. At least Ocean's always there to talk to. I talk to him after breakfast all the time.
  27. 28. I've got into painting. Grandma Ani loved painting, and she started in college, so I guess I'm continuing a tradition- I never painted or did anything remotely creative before.
  28. 29. Natalie gave me 9 flowers as gifts- she's gotten good at flower-arranging. They're pretty, and smell good, too.
  29. 30. The cow mascot and cheerleader fought the other day.
  30. 31. The cow won. Apparently the Clearview College Cows beat the Fin Academy Llamas at all the games, too.
  31. 32. Otieno gave me a gift, too; a robot, to initialize when I get home.
  32. 33. Brooke got good at making toys, too, and promised me some toys later.
  33. 34. Otieno and Tosha have joined the non-virgin club that everyone but Natalie, Brooke, and me belongs to.
  34. 35. And the engaged club, too. I don't know what I'll do if Natalie and Brooke get engaged before me.
  35. 36. Brooke abandoned me.
  36. 37. Now she's in a committed relationship, too, dreaming of wedding arches and cake.
  37. 38. Meanwhile, Otieno gained back the witch powers he apparently had, and is working on them some more.
  38. 39. Natalie gained some witch powers of her own, and is practicing them day and night.
  39. 40. When she's not leaving me as the only one to never have kissed someone.
  40. 41. And the only virgin.
  41. 42. Not to mention unengaged. I never realized she liked girls, but apparently she does- and if the girl's an evil witch, that's apparently a plus.
  42. 43. I decided I had to get a move on, so I called over Ocean.
  43. 44. We got engaged...
  44. 45. And, well, you know the rest.
  45. 46. That's all for now, I have finals- sophomore year, here I come!
  46. 47. Natalie. They still thought that was who I was. They didn't even as much as flinch when I became an evil witch. Emphasis on the word evil . Are they really so naive that that didn't bother them? Didn't make them wonder?
  47. 48. I've re-obtained my high skill in witchcraft, and can do all sorts of evil spells. But Otieno is level 10 as well, and any spell of mine that does any real damage he has a spell that could fix it or stop it. A minor obstacle that I'll easily overcome, I'm sure. But it worries me a bit. He could stop me. We're equally powerful, so he couldn't defeat me... But he could stop me.
  48. 49. I've done what Grandpa wanted, and am now engaged to Jaiden Seiff. This is why he wanted a boy. He's a bit old-fashioned. It won't be necessary, though, for us to have a kid. I'll bring down the legacy myself. You'll see, Grandpa. You'll all see.
  49. 50. The End! Sorry it was so short. And yeah, they did move fast in their relationships, but that's how sim relationships work, and yeah... - What will Gina do with her witch powers, and will she be able to be stopped? - Could there still be some romance drama, especially with either Chrysanthemum (as the heiress) or Hummingbird (as a romance sim)? - Will Chrysanthemum be able to afford the $150,000 dollar house I want for her?