Achieving food security in the face of climate change


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The Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change Highlighting CGIAR Innovation. Presentation given by Torben Timmermann at the CGIAR Heads of Communications Meeting, Rome, 20 March 2012.

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Achieving food security in the face of climate change

  1. 1. Achieving foodsecurity in the faceof climate changeThe Commission onSustainable Agriculture andClimate ChangeHighlighting CGIAR Innovation CGIAR Heads of Communications Meeting, Rome, 20 March 2012
  2. 2. Photo: International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) How can the Commission help CGIAR communications?  High credibility and visibility  7 recommendations, each with 2-5 specific sub-actions – great “hooks” for CG messages  Stand-alone products to use freely, e.g. “safe space” concept and animation
  3. 3. Prof Molly Jahn Dr. Adrian Fernández Special Advisor to the Sir John Dr Marion Guillou Prof Lin Erda Dr Nguyen Van Bo Advisor on Sustainability, Chancellor and Provost for Beddington President, Institut Scientifique Director, Research Centre President, Academy of Metropolitan University, Sustainability Sciences, Commission Chair, de Recherche Agronomique of Agriculture and Climate Agricultural Science, Mexico University of Madison- United Kingdom (INRA), France Change, Chinese Academy Vietnam Wisconsin, USA of Agricultural Sciences The Commissioners Dr Carlos Nobre Prof Takalign Mamo Prof Judi Prof Bob Scholes Dr Rita Sharma Dr. Mohammed Dr Megan ClarkNational Secretary, Ministry State Minister and Wakhungu Fellow, Natural Resources Secretary, National Asaduzzaman CEO, Commonwealthof Science, Technology and Ministers Advisor, Ministry Executive Director, African and the Environment, Advisory Council Research Director, Scientific and Industrial Innovation, Brazil of Agriculture, Ethiopia Center for Technology Council for Scientific and (Prime Ministers Institute of Research Organisation Studies (ACTS), Kenya Industrial Research Office), India Development Studies, (CSIRO), Australia (CSIR), South Africa Bangladesh
  4. 4. Communication & Engagement  Focus on global policy processes (UNFCCC, RIO+20, G20)  Commissioners act as link to national/regional policy processesPhoto: International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)  In 2011 - 2012 Commissioners sharing messages via high- level presentations and bilateral interactionsIrrigation channel, Bangladesh.  Targeted media campaign around report launches (Nov ’11 and Mar ’12)  Ongoing outreach & engagement during 2012
  5. 5. Successes to date Media coveragePhoto: N. Palmer (CIAT) 3
  6. 6. Successes to date Dissemination • 2000 downloads from 90 countries. • Over 1000 hard copies of report distributed at key events • 16,000 unique pageviews of Commission websitePhoto: N. Palmer (CIAT) 3
  7. 7. Commission on SustainableAgriculture and Climate Change Photo: P. Casier (CCAFS)7 recommendations
  8. 8. Photo: N. Palmer (CIAT)Recommendation 1:Integrate food security andsustainable agriculture into globaland national policiesCIFOR: Enhancing the role of forests in mitigatingclimate change.• Contact: Louis VerchotICARDA: Social, Economic and Policy Research (SEPR)• Contact: Aden Aw-HassanIWMI: Water and Society• Contact: Mark Giordano
  9. 9. Photo: E.Phipps (CIMMYT)Recommendation 3: Sustainablyintensify agricultural productionwhile reducing greenhouse gasemissions and other negativeenvironmental impacts of agricultureAfricaRice: Sustainable ICRAF: On-farm productivityproductivity enhancement • Contact: Fergus Sinclair• Contact: Paul KiepeCIMMYT: ConservationAgriculture Program• Contact: Bruno Gerard
  10. 10. Photo: UNDPRecommendation 4: Targetpopulations and sectors that aremost vulnerable to climatechange and food insecurityCIP: Potatoes in specific areas ILRI: Reducing the vulnerability(tropical, subtropical high- of marginalized systems and/lowlands, sweet potato). peoples.• Contact: Andre Devaux • Project contact: TomICRISAT: Resilient Dryland RandolphSystems.• Contact: Peter Craufurd
  11. 11. Photo: IJ ClarkRecommendation 5: Reshape foodaccess and consumption patterns toensure basic nutritional needs aremet and to foster healthy andsustainable eating habits worldwideBioversity: Nutrition.• Contact: Bruce CogillIFPRI: Diet Quality and Health of thePoor.• Contact: Purnima MenonIITA: Agriculture & Health.• Contact: Dave Watson
  12. 12. Photo: L Cheung (USDA)Recommendation 6: Reduce loss andwaste in food systems, particularly frominfrastructure, farming practices,processing, distribution and householdhabitsCIAT: Linking farmers to markets.• Contact: Mark LundyIRRI: Adding value.• Contact: Martin GummertWorldfish: Improved value chains.• Contact: Patrick Dugan
  13. 13. Photo: N. Palmer (CIAT)Safe Operating Space animation