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Setyanto Indonesia emisision reduction in agriculture july 2012


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Presentation at CCAFS - FAO Workshop on NAMAs: national mitigation planning and implementation in agriculture

16 - 17 July 2012

Published in: Science
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Setyanto Indonesia emisision reduction in agriculture july 2012

  1. 1. Indonesian Center for Agricultural Land Resources Research and Development (ICALRD) Indonesian Agency for Agriculture Research and Development (IAARD) Prihasto Setyanto
  2. 2. Finance Green Climate Funds for developing countries Enhance actions on adaptation Transfer of Technology THE EARTH CONVENTION ON CLIMATE CHANGE (Rio de Janeiro,1992) Annex 1 countries will provide USD 100 billion/yr until 2020 Annex 1 countries will provide USD 30 billion/yr until 2012 Shared vision : average increase < 2oC Fast Start Finance for Least develop countries & VC Capacity Building Enhance actions on mitigation REDD+ NAMAs RAN GRK Presd Reg 61, 2011 National GHG Inventory Presd Reg 71, 2011 NAMACs Carbon markets MRV (measureable, reportable, verifiable) Indonesia commits to reduce 26% unilateral by 2020, 5 sectors involved on GHG reduction 1.Forestry & peatlands 2.Energy & Transportation 3.Agriculture 4.Waste 5.Industry COP 5, Kyoto Protocol (1997) Development of Adaptation Committee S A E P C P T R O O R C A H L E S COP 16, Cancun Agreements (2010) COP 13, Bali Roadmap (2007) COP 17, Durban Platform (2011) Legal Option
  3. 3. Sector Target 26%, (Gt CO2-e) Target 41% (Gt CO2-e) Agriculture 0.008 0.011 Forestry and peatland 0.672 1.039 Energy and transportation 0.038 0.056 Industry 0.001 0.005 Waste management 0.048 0.078 Total 0.767 1.189
  4. 4. NATIONAL ACTION PLAN ON AGRICULTURE SECTOR TO REDUCE GHG’S UP TO 26% by 2020 ON MINERAL SOIL NO ACTIVITY VOLUME TARGET (mill ton CO2 e) 1 No burning practices for land preparation and optimation of land 300,500 ha 4.808 2 Application of technology for good farming pratices (integrate crop management, SRI) 2,026,500 ha 32.424 3 Utilization of organic fertilizer and bio- pesticides 250,000 ha 10.000 4 Optimation of agricultural land in non forest areas, abandon land and degraded land Palm oil 860,000 ha Rubber tree 42,000 ha Kakao 365,000 ha 74.530 2.380 5.421 5 Utilization of animal manure and urine for bio energy and organic fertilizer 1500 farmer ‘s group 1.012 6 R & D of low emission technology, MRV method in agricultural sector 4 activities for food crops, 12 activities for livestock, 4 activities for estate crops and 3 activities for MRV TOTAL 130.574 Source: Presidential Regulation no 61, 2011
  5. 5. NATIONAL ACTION PLAN UNDER MoA TO REDUCE UP TO 26% GHG’S EMISSION BY 2020 ON PEAT SOIL (Forestry and Peatland Sector) NO ACTIVITY VOLUME TARGET (mill ton CO2 e) 1 Peat land management for sustainable agriculture 325,000 ha 103.432 2 Rehabilitation, reclamation and revitalization of abandoned and degraded peat land in agricultural land 8 activities 100.750 TOTAL 204.182 Source: Presidential Regulation no 61, 2011
  6. 6. 1.How to measure and evaluate the GHG mitigation action program? 2.What is the mechanism for transfering the actitivity data? 3.Is there any special institution in MoA which will be appointed to measure the reduction of GHG emission? 4.How about the internal verification mechanism? Next Slide
  7. 7. Draft of Internal Institutional Arrangement under the MoA to Support Indonesian RAN GRK and GHG inventory for agriculture Climate change technical team (IAARD of MoA) SC of Climate Change team under MoA (Secretary General of MoA) National GHG Inventory (Ministry of Environment) Climate Change Consortium (ICALRD 0f IAARD) 1.Preparation of draft report of GHG inventory for agricultural sector 2.Verification of activity data, providing emission factor 3.Methodology development to support MRV monitoring system 1.Internal coordination under MoA to support the Presidential Regulation 61 and 71 , 2011 2. Finalize GHG draft report of agriculture sector 1.Final report of GHG inventory for agriculture 2.Provide further instruction to IAARD
  8. 8. Spesific Task of Climate Change Consortium under Indonesian Center for Agricultural Land Resources Research and Development (ICALRD) of IAARD, MoA Climate Change Consortium of ICALRD Institution involve Activity Data Emission Factors CO2 CH4 N2O C-Stock DG under the MoA, Research Institutes under IAARD of MoA, Agricultural Universities, Local Government Ricefield, Plantation, Horticulture, Livestock, Landuse changes, C-Stock changes in peatlands and landuse change 1.Peatlands 2.Agricultural biomass burning 1.Rice field 2.Livestock 3.Anaerobic decomposition of agricultural waste 4.Submerged peatlands 5.Agricultural biomass burning 6.Biogas digester 1.Rice field 2.Livestock 3.Anaerobic decomposition of agricultural waste 4.Agricultural biomass burning 5.Plantation 6.Horticulture 1.Peatlands 2.Landuse changes (food crops to plantation crops, plantation crops to food crops, shrubs to plantation crops, shrubs to food crops)
  9. 9. Terima Kasih