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Presentation from the Nadowli platform


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Presentation on major activities, achievements and way forward from sub-national platforms at the CCAFS Ghana science-policy dialogue platform national stakeholders' workshop on 4 July 2019 in Tamale, Ghana.

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Presentation from the Nadowli platform

  1. 1. NADOWLI-KALEO DISTRICT ASSEMBLY Activities of District Climate Change Science Policy Platform (CCSPP) of Nadowli-Kaleo District. Presented By: BILATTEY, Bimi 04/07/19
  2. 2. Presentation Outline Introduction CCSPP Membership Activities • Achievements • Results • Challenges Way forward Conclusion
  3. 3. Introduction • The District core team of the Nadowli-Kaleo Climate Change Science- Policy Platform was formed with support from ALP of Care International in 2016 • Core to the platform is ensuring CC information sharing, policy, Planning and coordination of CC related issues in the district
  4. 4. . Inaugural ceremony of Nadowli-Kaleo District Core Team Members of CCSPP
  5. 5. Climate Issues (1/2)
  6. 6. Climate issue(2/2)
  7. 7. Activities Organize meetings for Nadowli and Kaleo traditional councils to discuss perennial bush Embark on bush fire prevention campaign in communities promotion of dry season gardening in the district Integration of CAAPs into District Medium Term Development Plan (DMTDP) Promote access to improved seeds Identify and engage with NGOs/CBOs with CC interest or related themes Engage with district authorities to revamp vogoni nursery Advocate for the observation/institution of District CC day. Advocate for the institutionalization of PSP
  8. 8. Achievements/ Results • The platform scored itself 66% for 2018/2019 implementation (6 out of 9 activities have been carried out successfully) Results  A Joint communique have been issued by Nadowli and Kaleo traditional councils against bush burning 15 communities have formulated bye-laws and submitted same on bush burning and indiscriminate tree feeling to the district. Collaborated with an NGOs-GEGE to educate/sensitise school children and teachers in 10 JHS in the district Currently collaborating with GEGE to district 1500 seedlings to schools for planting Followed up with district authorities to get Jang back on the AFP Awareness on CC is increasing (with efforts of all other stakeholders)
  9. 9. Challenges. Transfers and retirement- DCD, DDA, DBO, NADMO coordinator etc. Funding challenges Action plans and budget are formulated without any assured funding Inadequate political commitment Capacity limitations
  10. 10. Way forward First is to continue to leverage on the activities and budgets of other interventions and to carry out the activities of the platform Second, the platform needs to involve and engage more stakeholders to support its agenda The platform needs to build its capacity on cc by taking advantage of training opportunities available Lobby the Assembly through the General Assembly for proper adoption of the platform with some budgetary allocation.