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Makhoka NAMA priorities in Kenya july 2012


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Presentation at CCAFS - FAO Workshop on NAMAs: national mitigation planning and implementation in agriculture

16 - 17 July 2012

Published in: Science
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Makhoka NAMA priorities in Kenya july 2012

  1. 1. EXPERT WORKSHOP ON NAMAs, FAO-ROME Kenya's Policies with a bearing on national planning for mitigation By: Michael Makokha Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources 16-17/07/2012
  2. 2. v v 1. Processes/Mechanisms to Address CC The Ministry Launched NCCRS in December 2009. The Strategy Provides: A framework for addressing threats of climate change as well as taking advantage of any opportunities that may arise. The means to actively engage in innovative processes necessary to address climate change. Is the key government climate change agenda guide. Is expected to inform nationwide Climate Change programme development and activities, including efforts towards the attainment of MDGs, Vision 2030 and the 16/07/ 2012 2 CCS © 2012
  3. 3. v v 2. Policy Processes with a bearing on NAMAs 16/07/ 2012 CCS © 2012 3 Draft National Environment Policy- Component of Climate Change Address Mitigation Issues Bill to fast-track establishment of Climate Change Authority to coordinate all climate change issues in the country National Food and Nutrition Security Policy
  4. 4. v v Policy Processes…….. Climate Change Action Plan that address mitigation issues in four out of the 9 subcomponents:  (i) LEDS and Mainstreaming of CC issues in Flagship Projects of Vision 2030 (ii) NAMAs (iii) MRVs and (iv) Climate Financing Proposed Climate Change Policy – Sub-component on Policy and Regulatory issues to give background paper to inform development the 16/07/2012 CCS © 2012 4
  5. 5. v v Policy Processes……… Green Economy Scoping Study (GESS): Identified priority sectors for Green Development  Agriculture, Industry, Transport and Energy Kenya Carbon Accounting Systems (KENCAS)-AFOLU Mainstreaming of Climate Change issues in flagship projects of Vision 2030 MTP 2013-2017. 16/07/ 2012 CCS © 2012 5
  6. 6. v v Policy Processes………. Cascading climate change compliant planning in all sectors of the government Livestock Policy with little on NAMAs Draft ASALs Policy with little on NAMA’s ASALs 70% of the livestock Feeding regimes and contribution to emissions 16/07/2012 CCS © 2012 6
  7. 7. v v 2.1 NCCRS Action Plan Eight main subcomponents: 1.Long-term National Low Carbon Development Pathway; 2.Enabling Policy and Regulatory Framework; 3.National Adaptation Plan (NAP); 4.Nationally Appropriate Mitigations Actions (NAMAs); 5.National Technology Action Plan; 6.National Performance and Benefit Measurement (MRV); 7.Knowledge Management and Capacity Development; 8.Financial Mechanism; 9.Coordination. 03 Feb 2012 7 CCS © 2012
  8. 8. v v Subc 2: Enabling Policy & Regulatory F/work Review umbrella and sectoral policies, legislation and strategies in Kenya, or elsewhere, highlighting strengths and weaknesses in the context of climate change, and identify gaps. Review the current institutional and technical capacity to enhance coordination and implementation of climate change actions. Develop a National Climate Change Policy. Formulate a regulatory framework to enhance implementation and coordination of climate change actions. 16/07/ 2012 8 CCS © 2012
  9. 9. v v Subc 4: NAMAs Identify priority NAMAs that require international support, along with estimated costs and emission reductions and anticipated timeframes for implementation. Identify priority domestically supported NAMAs being or to be implemented. Identify priority REDD+ readiness activities building on the ongoing work on the National REDD Strategy. Develop reference and baseline scenarios that will inform the development of national MRV framework. Identify sustainability mechanisms for NAMAs. 16/07/ 2012 9 CCS © 2012
  10. 10. 26/07/ 2012 CCS © 2012 10 Thank you!