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Idea: Establish a smallholder-centred global organic research platform


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Ideas Marketplace presentation from IFOAM - the International Federation for Organic Agriculture Movements. Presented at Agriculture, Landscapes and Livelihoods Day 5 in Doha Qatar, 3 December 2012.

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Idea: Establish a smallholder-centred global organic research platform

  1. 1. IDEA: ‘Establish a Smallholder-Centred Global Organic Research Platform’ The Problem There is a major gap in the provision and global coordination of smallholder driven agricultural science, knowledge and technology. Method IFOAM, the global umbrella organization for Organic Agriculture with over 700 organizations in 120 countries is establishing a platform that will facilitate participation and collaboration amongst farmer organizations, civil society, NGOs, UN and aid agencies, and governments to scale-up organic agriculture solutions to global challenges. The platform will put the needs of smallholders and their livelihoods at the center of the research agenda. The Solution Establish an end- user driven global platform for linking and strengthening smallholder farmers around the world by building capacity and mobilizing partnerships for research. It will assists small-scale producers in developing countries alleviate poverty, establish food sovereignty, and meet food security and nutritional needs, and address climate and land degradation challenges through ecologically sound and socially just farming systems.INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING? CONTACT R.JORDAN@IFOAM.ORG