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ICRISAT Communication Initiatives


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The Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security Regional Program for Southeast Asia (CCAFS-SEA) recently concluded a collective engagement and communication program workshop at the Agricultural Genetics Institute in Hanoi, Vietnam on 29-30 May.

The workshop participants drew insights from best practices of CGIAR member-centers, developed a roadmap to actively engage partners, and draw an overall communication plan to support the implementation of CCAFS research agenda and priorities.

Presented by Christina Bejosano

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ICRISAT Communication Initiatives

  1. 1. ICRISAT Communications Initiatives
  2. 2. ICRISAT Locations in the Semi-arid Tropics 55 countries 6.5 million sq km 2 billion people Headquarters ESA Regional Office WCA Regional Office
  3. 3. Vision A prosperous, food-secure and resilient dryland tropics Mission To reduce poverty, hunger, malnutrition and environmental degradation in the dryland tropics
  4. 4. ICRISAT key messages  Holistic approach to agricultural research for development (R4D)  World leader in dryland agricultural research  Committed to solutions to overcome poverty, malnutrition and environmental degradation.  Innovative  Doing science with a human face - caring for the poor
  5. 5. Climate change and dryland stresses  One-third of the world’s population live in the drylands  Repetitive droughts  Poor soil fertility  Climate change will further worsen the situation  Need to provide adapted and climate smart solutions  Food security  Resilience to dryland stresses
  6. 6. Climate change and dryland stresses  Building resilience of dryland farming communities (VLS, AgMIP)  Growing adapted crops (nutri-resilient cereals)  Building resilience – a systems perspective (seed systems, bioreclamation, microdosing, watershed management, diversification)  Better farmer adaptation  Climate info  Mapping drought risks  Testing soil defficiencies
  7. 7. CGIAR Research Programs  Dryland systems  Policies, institutions, and markets  Agriculture for nutrition and health  Water, Land and Ecosystems  Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS)  Grain Legumes  Dryland Cereals
  8. 8. Communicating CGIAR Research Programs  ICRISAT products undertaken as part of a CGIAR Research Program ⁻ Publications ⁻ PowerPoint presentations ⁻ Displays ⁻ Videos ⁻ Media releases ⁻ Web/social media postings ⁻ Other products
  9. 9. Communicating CGIAR Research Programs  Recognizing partners
  10. 10. Approach: Campaign & Scientific backing Goals Target audience Key messages Campaign approach - Sorghum and Millet - Nutri-cereals - Smart Foods good for you - good for the planet Actions to date Communication campaign Building a case for sorghum and millet
  11. 11.  Broad – for a wider reach and awareness  Internal comms – for better partner engagement  Targeted – for adoption 3 Roles for communications in projects
  12. 12. Partner in communications Capacity build in communications  Integrate communications into projects Participatory communications  Empower NARS to communicate 3 Roles for communications in projects
  13. 13. EXPLOREit @ICRISAT /893/349
  14. 14. Media Coverage
  15. 15. Strategic marketing materials ⁻ Donor flyers, partner flyers (big ideas), special publications, poster presentations, exhibits
  16. 16. Happenings (weekly newsletter)
  17. 17. Inclusive approach
  18. 18. Inclusive Market-Oriented Development (IMOD) IMOD
  19. 19. Thank you for your attention!