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Flagship 4 Brussels Workshop: Beyond Policy by Working Group 6


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Presentation held by Working Group 6 at the Governance & Institutions Across Scales in Climate Resilient Food Systems Brussels Workshop 9-11 Sept 2014 for the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) Flagship 4.

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Flagship 4 Brussels Workshop: Beyond Policy by Working Group 6

  1. 1. Group 6
  2. 2. Beyond Policy • Private sector and governance –Business, civil society, consumer unions, etc. –Emerging role of diverse stakeholders –Potential impact pathways and modes of engagement?
  3. 3. Beyond Snapshot Case Studies • Longitudinal research on governance –Agricultural and food systems • Comparative case studies –Data harmonization
  4. 4. Beyond Technicality • Politics and power in adaptation processes (and “adaptation” processes) – Strategic use of material resources and scientific information – Discursive trajectories and strategies – Intersection with other political agendas – Cross scale: global-national, national-local
  5. 5. Global Donors Int’l policy Int’l research Int’l development National Local Sectors Ministries Customary institutions Civil society • Resources • Information • Discourses • Harmonization • Contestation • Feedbacks • Accountability
  6. 6. Beyond the “Beyonds” I • Trade-offs and/or perverse outcomes of polycentricity vs. harmonization? • Under what conditions do governance mechanisms succeed or fail to bridge across scales?
  7. 7. Beyond the “Beyonds” II • ICTs and governance –Public information accessibility –Inclusive governance in planning • Short term vs. long-term adaptation • Incremental vs. transformative adaptation