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Establish a smallholder-centered global organic research platform


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Ideas Marketplace presentation from International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements. Presented at Agriculture, Landscapes and Livelihoods Day 5 in Doha Qatar, 3 December 2012.

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Establish a smallholder-centered global organic research platform

  1. 1. @IFOAMorganic #AllForestIDEA: Establish a Smallholder-Centered Global Organic Research Platform Organic system of ‘planting with space’ (an innovation of SRI) for Teff and Wheat in Ethiopia Develop and transfer affordable solutions based primarily on local biodiversity to alleviate poverty, meet food security and nutritional needs, build resilience to climate challenges and reverse land degradation.
  2. 2. @IFOAMorganic #AllForest THE PROBLEM: A platform is needed to linksmallholders and put their needs and livelihoods at the center of the global research agenda. Organic Farmer Field School in UgandaLeverage the knowledge, science and technology partners of IFOAM’s global network of 700 member organizations in over 120 countries
  3. 3. @IFOAMorganic #AllForest THE SOLUTION: Establish a global platform for mobilizing partnerships for research that empowers small-scale producers Inter-cropping pineapple with Organic farmers market in India velvet bean cover crop andOrganic matooke bananas tropical fruit trees Organic system of rice Organic cotton field inter-planted with Organic raised long-horned cattle intensification (SRI) sunflower, hemp, okra & sorghum in Uganda
  4. 4. @IFOAMorganic #AllForestTHE METHOD: Facilitate broad participation andcollaboration amongst farmer organizations, civil society, NGOs, private-sector, UN agencies, aidorganizations, governments & research providers Organic demonstration plot at the Ministry of Science and Technology in Tanzania
  5. 5. @IFOAMorganic #AllForestTHE BENEFITS: Low-cost, Low-Risk, Resilient & High Performance Systems Developed With Farmers Resilience to droughts, floods and erosion through high rainwater capture in root zone due to high organic matter / carbon content of soils & opportunity to benefit from ecosystem service payments (e.g. for mitigation) High yields using robust local varieties, crop and livestock diversity, compost, intercropping, crop rotation and innovative systems such as ‘push & pull’ and ‘planting with space (e.g. SRI)’ Local biodiversity-based inputs and practices that empowers farmers and communities Low to zero input costs, greater resilience and diversity of crops, nutrition and income Contribute to global initiatives such as the Zero Hunger Challenge, Climate Smart Agriculture, Zero Net Land Degradation and to the Rio+20 & CFS priorities.
  6. 6. @IFOAMorganic #AllForest GET INVOLVEDContact: Precision use of compost in organic system of ‘planting with space’ (an innovation of SRI) in Ethiopia