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Fay Comaco methods oct 2011


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Presentation for CCAFS - FAO workshop
Smallholder Mitigation: Whole Farm and Landscape Accounting

27 - 28 October 2011

Published in: Science
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Fay Comaco methods oct 2011

  1. 1. Community Markets for Conservation: Addressing Climate Change with Landscape Based Approaches CCAFS & FAO Smallholder Mitigation: Whole Farm and Landscape Accounting Presenter: John Fay 27 October 2011
  2. 2. COMACO Ltd. Products that conserve: turning poachers into farmers and poor farmers into better farmers Supported by: Community Markets for Conservation Presentation Acknowledgement and sincere thanks to Dr. Dale Lewis and the entire COMACO Team
  3. 3. Farm practices Crop divers. Soil improv. Increased yields Small-scale farmer Trade benefits Dividend Commodity price Conservation incentives Storage Product manufact. Marketing Sales Business Transaction  Trading centers   Sales centers  at local depots COMACO Model: A Dynamic Value-chain Process
  4. 4. Chinsali Serenje Chama Lundazi Mfuwe Chipata Nyimba Lusaka
  5. 5. COMACO CARBON APPOACH  COMACO is linking to the carbon markets to increase sustainability through two distinct streams Household products that reduce environmental degradation  Launching COMACO high efficiency cookstove project in 2012 in partnership with Shared Value Africa  100% commercial approach Agriculture, Forestry, Other Land Use (AFOLU) Approach  Using a landscape based approach  Requires additional donor support
  6. 6. COMACO CARBON APPOACH  Agriculture, Forestry, Other Land Use (AFOLU) Approach  Land use practice interventions driven by COMACO:  Agroforestry including Gliricidia & Faidherbia Albida: CDM Standard AR-AMS0004 version 2  Minimum / no till conservation agriculture  Modeling approach based on annual survey  Decrease in fertiliser usage: suppressed demand?  89 kg Avg. SSF vs. 400 kg minimum service level  Modeling approach based on annual survey  Exploring REDD through Community Conservation Areas, currently under development
  7. 7. COMACO CARBON APPOACH  MRV based on annual COMACO farmer survey  Approach fully integrated into overall COMACO model: participation & aggregation, CMS, geo-coordinates, integrity  2010: 17,999 COMACO farmers surveyed  2011: target of 45,300 COMACO farmers surveyed  Farmer Card  Annual Group Compliance Assessment  Subset sample verified by independent auditor  Emission reductions based on conservative default benchmarks (modeling approach) regarding conservation farming adoption, fertiliser reduction and agroforestry
  8. 8. Discussion Project Coordinators: COMACO