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Scaling up climate smart agriculture – a farmer-led approach


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Ideas Marketplace presentation from SACAU - The Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions. Presented at Agriculture, Landscapes and Livelihoods Day 5 in Doha Qatar, 3 December 2012.

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Scaling up climate smart agriculture – a farmer-led approach

  1. 1. GOING TO SCALE SACAU’ Climate Change Program by Manyewu MutambaObjective•Take promising Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) practicesdirectly to farmers•Use this as a platform for broader transformation ofagriculture in Southern Africa•Mobilise and coordinate technical, institutional, and financialsupport
  2. 2. The approach• Farmer - led  Lead farmers as hub for learning, research, motivation, aggregation of services, inputs/outputs• Partnership driven  Strong linkages with agribusiness, research, Govt• Innovative financing  Development finance as leverage for private sector  Link with national/global funding
  3. 3. Phase 1: Programme Phase 2: Design of Programme Phase 3: ImplementationFormulation/Concept Assessment of Programme formulation Assessment of Design Package
  4. 4. Results• Large numbers of farmer practicing profitable CSA• Refined CSA practices, adapted to specific contexts• Strong Farmers Organisations• Strong and Sustainable linkages between farmers and research, agribusiness, Govt/Policy• Growing private sector funding support, insurance, input/off-take arrangements, particularly for smallholder farmers
  5. 5. Our Partners• Farmers Organisations in the region• Agribusiness• RECs, Govt• Donors• Research, other technical practitioners
  6. 6. Thank You