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Infographic: How index insurance can help smallholder farmers


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A new report shows how index insurance could help millions of smallholder farmers fight back against climate change. This new infographic shares some of the findings. Find out how it's making a difference in to farmers and livestock-herders countries like Kenya, Mongolia, and India! Read more about index insurance:

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Infographic: How index insurance can help smallholder farmers

  1. 1. Scaling up index insurance $3? : ,:: ;:; :;“g: :;‘, :"; ; 6 for smallholder fa rmers cm é‘. ?:i: “s'; ‘35fify"‘ cam What is index in$UI'anCe? Vegetation levels (0 "satellite-based" index) Average regional gield losses (an "area gield" Growing season rainfall "'lde><) (a “weather*based" index) index insurance is coverage based on an "index" correlated with farmers’ losses. ’ ___ ' e e §‘2lJ"i? tfi. %.e. ‘nc§’§; d m n _ ' falls above or below : 11 _ _ tlnprensptydecmgtaj *Ensure farmers know they may ‘ ' res 0 so I s _ . | "‘ ‘ Accuratelg capture farmers t t t n tn . t ttn ttn no ge a pagou even w en eg it 'Sr: r$e°r: ,]: ; G e realitg on the ground. Sutte, O toss I, ‘flI‘ / //r u/ ,, Index insurance is less expensive and more accessible to smallholder farmers in the developing world than traditional insurance. Protecting their assets What are the benefits of index A insurance? '””e“5'“9 farmers ff d. t producnwtg O ering‘ isas er relief Evidence OOVERNMENTS The number of farmers covered by weather indexebased insurance has more than doubled over the past few gears. NSURAN<‘. E oirimiiss l out of 4 of India's farmers are covered bg index insurance linked to agricultural credit. < .1 gas‘ Ethiopia’ Senegal Over 15,000 pastoralists Over l&5.000 farmers have bought insurance through their mobile phones, or attached to loan offers or purchases of specific bags of seed. were insured against harsh Kenya winters, either by the government against disaster or the insurance companies E _( against a bad winter. i ‘ Mongolia 0° ‘is Creativeinsurance o 5 Over 20,000 farmers ° Q ° Schemes we °‘? e”'”, gf'7eW exchanged labour for markets. like A rica s irst insurance based on rainfall. '5'Gm'C’C°mpl‘°m insurance product. Kenya, Rwanda tntegmting investing in better deliverg ’ . tnsumnce channels for insurance. Insights f0!‘ To 5C°'9 UP» We in broader must focus on: Qgricutturgl development _, strategies. For example, Nigeria is working with CCAFS to help G’ t the government understand I‘/ mg Ormers 0 choice in Solid science how index insurance can help prOdUCt5_ and to QCCurQte| g it reach its goal of covering l5 g D‘ O Votce In capture the million farmers with agricultural u, t;.1~_I product destgm tmportgnt insurance bg 20l7. risks’ http: //ccafs. cgiar. org/ weather-index-based-insurance