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CCAFS Gender and Social Inclusion Unit in East Africa


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Overview and framework for gender and social inclusion activities, including youth engagement, in West African projects.

Published in: Environment
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CCAFS Gender and Social Inclusion Unit in East Africa

  1. 1. Gender and Social Inclusion 2018-2019
  2. 2. GSI Activities • Gender mainstreaming support to FLs and RPLs • Strategic research and projects • Capacity development to gender and climate researchers • Support gender publications • Collaborate with global and regional organizations
  3. 3.  Gender and CIS post-doc (F4) at IRI  Gender and CSA Country Profiles in West Africa  3 articles from SA in the Climatic Change special issue Gender and youth mainstreaming support to FLs and RPLs F1 Gender content for NDC training workshops; Internship on youth decision making in CSA in East Africa F2 Gender and CSA regional studies (2017-2018) in Ghana, LAM region, Cauca, gender 5Q F3 Gender and livestock post-doc; gender in the Kenya dairy NAMA F4 Gender and CIS post-doc at IRI EA AGN / AWGGCC WA Gender and CSA Country Profiles; gender impact assessment, CIS (Ghana) LAM Regional studies; IDRC project on Gender-sensitive CSA SA Support to three articles in the Gender and CSA special issue SEA Strengthening the Role of Youth for promoting Mitigation in Rice Production
  4. 4. GSI Projects - current • Generating evidence on gender sensitive CSA to inform policy in Central America
  5. 5. LP6 on Gender, Agriculture and Climate Change • One of 6 Learning Platforms run by CCAFS • Purpose is to support and coordinate research on gender and youth in climate change and agriculture across CRPs • Provide a platform for sharing and highlighting research • Support capacity development of gender and climate researchers  Support to Gender Research and Integrated Training (GRIT) at Penn State  Tools and guidelines on the CCAFS GSI website - • Bring relevant CG research to gender/climate forums at national and global levels • The Gender, Agriculture and Climate Change page on the CGIAR Gender Platform website is the online vehicle for the LP
  6. 6. GSI Publications • Publication of articles in Climatic Change from the Galway gender writeshop to date:  Ampaire et al, Gender in climate change, agriculture and natural resource policies: insights from East Africa – in revision  Partey, S.T., Dakorah, A.D., Zougmoré, R.B., Ouédraogo, M., Nyasimi, M., Nikoi, G.K. and Huyer, S. Gender and climate risk management: evidence of climate information use in Ghana.  Gutierrez-Montes, I., Arguedas, M., Ramirez-Aguero, F. et al. Contributing to the construction of a framework for improved indicators  Hariharan et al. Does climate smart village approach influence gender equity in farming households? A case of two contrasting ecologies in India. Just accepted for publication  Chanana-Nag, N. and Aggarwal, P.K., 2018. Woman in agriculture, and climate risks: hotspots for development.  Khatri-Chhetri, A. et al. Does Climate Smart Agriculture Reduce Women's Drudgery in High Climate Risk Areas? Just accepted for publication
  7. 7. In process of submission • Huyer, S., T. Gumucio, H. Greatrex, B. Campbell, L. Cramer and M. Nyasimi, Gender Transformation in Climate-Smart Agriculture: A Framework for Action • Una Murray and Charles Spillane. Gender-responsive intermediaries for improved climate smart agriculture scaling, impact and outcomes • Stirling, C et al. Household Methodologies to Reduce Gender Inequality and Increase Household Resilience to Climate and Other Shocks: A Case Study from Malawi • Gender and Climate Smart Agriculture Value Chain Development: The Case of Legume Value Chain Development in Zimbabwe, R. Chimedza
  8. 8. GSI Publications - postdocs • Tavenner, Katie, Fraval, Simon, Omondi, Immaculate A., Crane, Todd A., 2018. Gendered reporting of household dynamics in the Kenyan dairy sector: Trends and implications for low emissions dairy development, Gender, Technology and Development • Tavenner, Katie, Crane, Todd A.. 2018. Gender power in Kenyan dairy: Cows, commodities, and commercialization, Agriculture and Human Values • Gumucio, T., Hansen, J., Huyer, S. and Van Heusen, T. Gender- responsive rural climate services: a review of the literature, in submission to Climate and Development.
  9. 9. Collaboration with global organizations
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