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Breeding foresight workshop: Presentation by IRRI


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Presentation at a workshop convened by CCAFS Learning Platform 1 in Rome, Italy, on 19-20 February 2019.

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Breeding foresight workshop: Presentation by IRRI

  1. 1. Foresighting for Policy Making Jean Balié Policy research for a food secure present and future
  2. 2. IRRI’s work on breeding foresight • Limited work so far • Inform future product profile development and breeding investment priorities (AGGRi alliance project) • Combination of quantitative and qualitative analyses • Challenges/Opportunities: – Product profiling with preferences elicited based on current or historic information. – Rapid transformations in rice-based farming/agri-food systems at the macro and micro levels – Foresight activity to anticipate future preferences for producers, processors, traders, and consumers – Difference preferences that are difficult to reconcile – Time dimension : even a modern rapid-cycle breeding program can take up to 10-12 years. – Attempt participatory foresight exercises involving a diverse range of actors in key geographies and market segments – link global transformation and challenges to site-specific agriculture problems • Decision-making processes and dialogue ?
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