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Learning Event No. 9: Highlights. ARDD2012 Rio.


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Key messages from Learning Event No. 9: "From field to fork to field: nutritious food and nutrient cycling to enhance health, wealth and resilience", at the 2012 Agriculture and Rural Development Day in Rio de Janiero.

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Learning Event No. 9: Highlights. ARDD2012 Rio.

  1. 1. From field to fork to fieldNutritious food and nutrient recycling to enhance health, wealth and resilience Matthew Fielding
  2. 2. Key messages1. Difficulties surrounding urine use preventing its use as a liquid fertilizer.2. When accepted it increases yields and enhances livelihood resilience.3. Cases show that Productive Sanitation (ProSan) improves hygiene and prevents disease spread.
  3. 3. Evidence of impact1. Yield using urine is 600 kg/ha compared to 425 kg/ha on irrigated crops (sample 1100 farmers in Niger).2. 580million Euro worth of fertilizer equivalents go down the drain every year in the Philippines
  4. 4. Going to scale• Establish a position of liquid fertilizer (urine) in the agriculture value chain• Increase acceptance of use of liquid fertilizer through participative teaching.• Take scaling up must be taken beyond the guidelines