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2019 Inspire Challenge Q&A Webinar


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This year the CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture will award up to 1 million USD in grants to two categories of Inspire Challenge winners. We hosted a Q&A webinar to address potential applicants' questions.

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2019 Inspire Challenge Q&A Webinar

  1. 1. WEBINAR | ASK US ANYTHING May 30, 2019
  2. 2. 15 CGIAR Research centers Worldwide Learn more about CGIAR Centers at
  3. 3. Learn more about CGIAR Research Portfolio at
  4. 4. organize Open access, FAIR data, strengthening data science capacity convene Convene for shared learning, novel partnerships inspire Lead by examples and inspire for science and impacts
  5. 5. 2019 Inspire Challenge  Annual competition program awarding grants for pilot projects  Supporting CGIAR-led, innovative, and inspiring projects  Up to five pilots (100K) and one+ scaling-up (250K) grants  Deliverables: Proofs of concept, datasets, workflows, new tools/services  Four topics: Revealing Food System Flows Monitoring Pests & Diseases Empowering Data-Driven Farming Sensing and Renewing Ecosystems
  6. 6. Meaningful Partnership Leveraging partners’ capabilities to create something more than the sum of its parts 1. Highlight what the partnership brings to CGIAR 2. Seek partners with proven, verifiable track records of successes 3. Be open and creative to connect with unconventional partners
  7. 7. Innovativeness How new or groundbreaking the idea is to the topic 1. Identify opportunities not overlapping (or competing) with existing CRP portfolio and ongoing partnerships. 2. Check to see if similar ideas have been already piloted/used in the past. Judges will know! Justify how your approach will be different. 3. Strategize for testing hypotheses, assessing impacts, and building potential business cases.
  8. 8. Data, data, data Enhanced utility of underused data from multiple sources, especially CGIAR data 1. Be (big) data-driven. 2. Incorporate existing data and their value-additions. 3. Be sensitive on the “responsible data management” 4. Highlight a F.A.I.R dataset as an output and its usefulness to others at CGIAR and partners.
  9. 9. Process Get ready already! 1. Form submission by June 17 2. Pre-assessment 3. Shortlist to 10-15 proposals 4. The Convention! (Hyderabad, October 16-18)  Innovation Marketplace  Pitches  The Award Ceremony 5. Workplan 6. Budget disbursement (PPA)
  10. 10. Final Remarks 1. Might not for a typical research project. You’ll need to *make* something. Blend research and scientific approaches, but do not make it as a pure research project. 2. You pitch will be *questioned* by peer researchers, donors, public sector partners, private sector industry leaders, and farmers. May not be suitable for all researchers. 3. Be responsive to the requirements and expectations. Do not recycle research proposals! 4. You have a chance to defend, but do your homework and be ready. Judges will know if a similar approach has been piloted and worked/failed.
  11. 11. Learn more about the 2019 Inspire Challenge at