Social technology synthesis


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Social technology synthesis

  1. 1. Social Technology SynthesisBy Christopher Heins
  2. 2. Learning Preference At the beginning of the semester I learned that my learning preference and I learned that I am fairly balanced in active (1), visual (1), global (1), and then for intuitive I had a more favorable learning preference with a score of 5. When I started college i think that i might have been more of a sequential learner but as time went on I think that I might have adapted into a more intuitive learner. I like to think of things in theories and try to think of different ways of doing things. Since it is the end of class I have looked back at how differently I see these learning preferences and I have come to see that it really works better if you have a moderate balance of these because it helps you gain a better grasp on everything and gives you a different look into everything else and how things can be done. I do think that learning about your learning preferences can help you because for me I never really thought about how I learned easier and what things I had an easier time learning. Christopher Heins
  3. 3. Learning Pathway The learning pathway I chose at the beginning of the semester for Social technologies was to be a sage learner. Before this class I had never thought about using social technology as a means to learn and just thought about it as a means to socialize with people and meet new people. I never thought about games being able to really be used that much as a learning tool, and I was interested in learning more about this since I am huge gamer, and if games could help me learn I would be all for it. By the end of the class I had not changed my learning pathway because I feel there is never too much to learn and I would always want to learn more about something that interests me. Christopher Heins
  4. 4. Activities The activities that gave me a deeper knowledge of using social technology to learn were the games and social networking ones. With games I used to just play games and not think very much of them besides just something to do because I enjoyed it, and with social networking sites I never used to think of them as something to learn from because most people just use them to post status updates and what is going on in their lives. These helped me because I like to play games and finding out that they could actually help you learn, such as if you are performing a task in a game as a group that can be applied to outside in your school life by giving you the skills needed to be able to function in a group together nicely. And for social networking sites it helps you communicate with other better and easier so you can ask them for help or help other people. Christopher Heins
  5. 5. Exploration The games and mmorpg’s quest I explored by trying different games and seeing how I could use them as a learning tool. Of the many games that I have played I never really thought too deeply about if they were being educational or not and I just played them for enjoyment. I have played games like World of Warcraft and I have had to work in parties which if I think about it now it is kind of like working in groups for school. In the games I had to learn how to be patient with people in my parties and I think that helped carry it over to being patient in groups for school because not everybody is going to do everything the way that you think is right. I also am attracted to games that let me do things the way I want and I don’t have to follow a sequential path, which is like my learning preference of being intuitive. Christopher Heins
  6. 6. Exploration Cont. The social networks quest I had tried to use social networks to try and enhance my learning. I used social networks before to just look at other peoples pages and status updates instead of using them for learning. After taking this class I started using them more and more for my class work and to use it to enhance my learning abilities in class. I found these useful to my learning style of being intuitive because I am able to discuss topics and things openly with no right or wrong answer. I like to be able to talk to a lot of people at one time to get different perspectives on topics so that I can broaden my knowledge on things and see everybodys point of views. Christopher Heins
  7. 7. Exploration Cont. I had a hard time with the social bookmarking quests because I didn’t really find it useful for how I learn the best. Even though i can see how it does help other people to organize and save references for certain topics together so that it will be easier for other people to find, but for me it is just easier for me to save them in my own computers bookmark. I also had just found it easier for me to search for things on my own then use a social bookmarking site to help me look for things. Christopher Heins
  8. 8. Synthesize The social technology quest that interested me the most was the games quest because I really like playing video games and before this class I had never thought about using games for learning. Even though I played some games that could be considered for learning I didn’t realize that I was learning certain things just by playing. The quest that surprised me the most was the social networking sites being used for learning. I never thought of using these sites as a tool for learning because I just saw them as a way for people to socialize and meet new people, and not really starting discussions about class topics and discussing them among each other. The quest that I don’t see being useful is the social bookmarking quest because for me it was hard to understand it and I didn’t really see how it was useful to bookmark things on these sites so it would be easier for people to search for certain topics. I just found it easier for me to search for things on my own computer and searches. Christopher Heins
  9. 9. Synthesize Cont. The learning quest that best helps me is the one on gaming. I usually play a lot of games and I like to play ones that either let me run around on my own and do what I want and ones that I usually have to work in groups. I find it useful doing what I like in my spare time and it helps me learn. I found that since in some games I have to work in parties that it helped me learn how to deal with groups for group projects because not everybody functions the same. The social networking site was also helpful in being able to communicate with other members from my class and discuss things outside of class and share ideas and theories. Christopher Heins
  10. 10. Future Uses After this class I will most likely continue to use the things I learned from the gaming quest in my future jobs. This could be helpful because if I end up working for a corporation there are projects that I will have to do with other coworkers. I will also continue to use social networking sites to help me in future jobs because I think it is important to communicate with coworkers and bosses to have a good work relationship and keep the business going smoothly, and with social networks you can keep in contact with those people and since most people are using them now it’s easy and convenient. Christopher Heins
  11. 11. Future Uses Cont. I will continue to use gaming and social networks after this class for learning. With gaming I am always playing new games and I will continue to find ways that these could be beneficial to my learning. As for social networks I don’t see them going away anytime soon so I will keep using those to communicate with people and try to have education discussions about topics we covered in class and try to expand on those ideas and educate each other and help each other. Christopher Heins