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  1. 1. VOCABULARY– WEEK 1 – MODULE 1 once in a while  all at once Knowledge  Link Someday  click (on) Eager  Complete inquire (about)  along with File  grandchild (grandchildren) Incomplete  Granddaughter General  Grandson Specific  great-grandfather or Consequently grandmother
  2. 2. VOCABULARY – WEEK 1 – MODULE 1 alongside (of)  Divorce in addition  Attract Spouse  get along in Relationship  get along with Tolerance  end up Tolerant  put up with Tolerate  in-law culture  Male neglect (to)  Female While  Respond Certain  Search
  3. 3. VOCABULARY – WEEK 1 – MODULE 1 Rescue  according to Inspect Prevent Trim Fatal Method at least insist (on) Helmet Department Assist Assistance
  4. 4. VOCABULARY IN CONTEXT Analysing words and meanings in their contexts. Vocabulary Book 19: Page 3 “Our Family History” by Linda McKinney Page 6 From the Bakers to the McKinneys Page 10 The generation gap Page 29 Everyday heroes
  5. 5. GETTING READY FOR THE EXERCISES:(5) Once in A while, I dream of visiting the countries myrelatives came from.
  6. 6. KNOWLEDGE I want to collect and share knowledge about our family history with my children.
  7. 7. SOMEDAY I want to travel to Australia someday, but I have no idea when I’ll be able to go.
  8. 8. EAGER  I was eager to find our more about my family history.
  9. 9. INQUIRE (ABOUT) I first inquired about family histories at the local library.
  10. 10. FILE - INCOMPLETE I read some old documents from their historical files, but the information I found was incomplete.
  11. 11. GENERAL - SPECIFIC These paper files could only give me general information, however, I wanted to know many more details. I needed specific information.
  12. 12. CONSEQUENTLY Consequently, I decided to look online for more information.
  13. 13. ALL AT ONCE - LINK All at once, I could see hundreds of family history website links on the screen.
  14. 14. CLICK (ON) - COMPLETE I clicked on several links before I found a website that seemed complete.
  15. 15. ALONG WITH Along with the ability to look up relatives by name, I could look at immigration documents, military records, stories, and pictures fo families.
  16. 16. GREAT-GRANDFATHER I typed in my great-grandfather’s name in the first line of the questionnaire and clicked on SEARCH.
  17. 17. ALONGSIDE OF – IN ADDITION Alongside of each name were the dates of birth and death. In addition, some names included where the person was born.
  18. 18. SPOUSE My great-grandfather’s name was Peter Baker, and his spouse’s name was Catherine.
  19. 19. GRAND CHILDREN – GRANDDAUGHTER –GRANDSON - GRANDCHILD They only had one child, Adriana, but she gave them five grandchildren – three granddaughters and two grandsons. The youngest grandchild, Anna, is my mother.
  20. 20. RELATIONSHIP I hope to find as many of my relatives as possible and establis long-lasting relationships with them.
  21. 21. TOLERANCE – TOLERATE - TOLERANT We had to have tolerance for the many difficulties we experienced as we became used to the new culture. We had to tolerate all kinds of weather. I’m certainly not tolerant of getting upo early.
  22. 22. CULTURE We had to have tolerance for the many difficulties we experienced as we became used to the new culture.
  23. 23. NEGLECT After we returned form school, we worked at small jobs in the nieghborhood, but we never neglected our homework.
  24. 24. WHILE While we were poor, we were proud to be together.
  25. 25. CERTAIN Moving to a new country and successfully building a new life demanded a certain amount of toughness, luck, and patience.
  26. 26. DIVORCE Even though my parents argued once in a while and went through some rough times, divorce was out of the question. I don’t think it’s a big problem for couplets to divorce if they can’t get along with each other.
  27. 27. ATTRACT A life with some fun and relaxation is what attracts me instead.
  28. 28. GET ALONG IN And I definitely can’t get along in life without a TV and a computer.
  29. 29. GET ALONG WITH I don’t think it’s a big problem for couplets to divorce if they can’t get along with each other.
  30. 30. END UP I mean, they may end up hating each other.
  31. 31. PUT UP WITH - -IN-LAW Besides, no one has to put up with the mother-in- law anymore.
  32. 32. RESPOND Firefighters respond to automobile accidents, medical emergencies, and hazardous material spills.
  33. 33. SEARCH - RESCUE They help search for and rescue people from natural and man-made disasters.
  34. 34. INSPECT - PREVENT In addition, firefighters teach public fire safety education and inspect buildings to prevent fires.
  35. 35. TRIM Along with keeping their bodies fit, trim, and stron by exercising and lifting weights, firefighters are careful to eat healty diets.
  36. 36. FATAL To keep their abilities up-to-date and to prevent making fatal errors, they spend a lot of time training.
  37. 37. METHOD Some learn special methods for putting out fires on airplanes and ships.
  38. 38. AT LEAST It takes at least ten years of experience, a bachelor’s degree, and hundreds of trining hours for a firefighter to become a chief.
  39. 39. INSIST (ON) It’s the responsibility of the fire chief to insist on safe methods and discipline, and to make sure that firefighters who are under his command keep their equipment in excellent condition, ready for immediate use.
  40. 40. HELMET This equipment includes fire vehicles, special tools, fireproof coats and boots, and helmets for head protection.
  41. 41. DEPARTMENT – ASSIST - ASSISTANCE While city fire departments are risponsible for their local districts, all fire departments in the United States have agreements to assist other districts. Specially trained firefighting teams are often asked for their assitance by other cities, other states, and even other countries.
  42. 42. ACCORDING TO These drills allow officals to be sure that everyone knos how to do their jobs according to the emergency management chain of command and policies.