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SES Shanghai 2012 Brochure

  1. 1. Search.  电子商务:   Ecomerce. 营销整合, Social. 运筹帷幄 SES SHANGHAI Education for tomorrow’s Digital Marketing & Advertising Professionals Since 1999 16-18 April, 2012 创于1999年,面向未来的专业数字营销与广告培训机构www.sesshanghai.comSESeventguidev1.1.indd 1 14/03/2012 3:10 PM
  2. 2. About SES Conference 关于SES会议 SES has been developed to make your marketing life easier. Since 1999 we’ve recruited marketing leaders from the biggest brands known for testing and analyzing the most cutting edge marketing strategies. If you’re running any business activities online, our programs are designed for you. From how-to’s in creating engaging video campaigns to understanding buy side optimization tools, we help you understand what it all means and how it’s going to transform your business. SES会议的宗旨只有一个:使您的营销更轻松! 1999年至今,我们重金聘请多位来自顶级品牌的营销精英,带领我们测试及分析最前沿的营销策 略。如果您是网络营销的实践者,SES会议就是您不可错过的专属沙龙。我们当助您从了解如何策划 视频营销活动,到熟练掌握买方优化工具的使用,并使之融入您的日常业务之中。 Who will be there? 我们的目标群体 Marketers, business owners, and entrepreneurs from the small to medium businesses to the largest brands rely on SES every year to understand and employ effective online marketing campaigns. We also invite the industry’s most influential bloggers, practitioners, and experts because we know its that one on one time that at the end of the day means the most. 从小规模经营实体到知名品牌,每年众多的营销人士、企业主、经理人都会通过参加SES会议了解最 新、最实用的网络营销策划理念,并将之付诸实践。同时,我们每年都会邀请业界最具影响力的博 主、业者和权威人士参会。会议尾段的一对一互动交流与探讨,成就了SES会议的真正价值。 www.sesshanghai.comSESeventguidev1.1.indd 2 14/03/2012 3:10 PM
  3. 3. Avinash Kaushik David Liu Mark Vozzo Digital Marketing Sherman Chu 刘大卫 Evangelist, Google Senior Search Manager Founder and Chief APAC, 朱玺 数字营销布道师, 谷歌 Executive Officer, Jiepan Head of 亚太区搜索与分析业务高 Marketing,Sephora 创始人&首席执行官, 级经理, 街旁网 大中华区市场总监, 丝芙兰 Our Speaker Snap Shot 演讲嘉宾 View our full list at: 了解更多演讲嘉宾, 请访问: Cai Pengshen 蔡朋伸 Dominic Penaloza Business Analysis Donna Li Alvin Foo 卢汉森 Supervisor, Air China 李普庆 Lily Yu Head of Mobile, Co-founder and CEO, 业务分析主管, 中国国际航 GM, Strategic Marketing 于丽丽 Google China Ushi 空股份有限公司 & Media Planning, Director of Wireless 中国谷歌 联合创始人, 优士网 Applications 全国营销策划中心总经理, Department, Yihaodian 人人公司 无线事业部总监, 1号店 Willy Yang 杨炯纬 Herbert Chia Mark Downing Chief Executive Officer, Jacob Tang 车品觉 道马克 MediaV 唐寅 Brian Hu Head of Business Sr. Online Business Intelligence, Alipay 首席执行官, 聚胜万合 Digital Marketing 许长虹 Manager, Dell Manager, Volkswagen 首席商业智能官, 支付宝 VP, Head of Marketing, 网上商务高级经理, 戴尔全 数字营销经理, 大众汽车 Amazon China 球搜索引擎优化 股份公司 总裁、市场总监, 亚马逊中国 George Godula Tracy Ren 宫乔治 Chris Maier Brent Deverman 任兆欣 Co-Founder, Web2Asia Director, Digital and Media, Greater Head of Marketing, 董 事总经理, Web2Asia 戴百润 Standard Chartered Bank Ai Yong China, Milward Brown Web Development International (China) Limited Manager, CNNGo, Turner 艾勇 大中华区数字媒体总监, 价格与客户分析市场部主 网站开发经理, 特纳广播公 Director of Sales Strategy 管, 渣打银行 华通明略 司网站CNNGo Department, Sina 新浪销售策略总监, 新浪SESeventguidev1.1.indd 3 14/03/2012 3:10 PM
  4. 4. Monday, 16 April 2012 4月16日 Workshops 培训研修会 ClickZ Academy workshops provide the practices, applications, and hands-on exposure you need to become (and remain!) a top performer in your field. This in-depth training in a small class setting ensures that your instructor is accessible for informal one- on-one or small group discussions. 本次研修会活动为您准备了营销常规、实际应用及实用展示技巧方面的讲解,目的是为了使您成为行业的领军人物,更可使您保持 领先地位。本次培训活动内容深入,形式精致,从而确保了讲师可以与您开展一对一或小团体形式的正式讨论。 Onsite Training Workshops 8:30 - 9:00 Registration & Coffee 签到, 茶点招待 9:00 - 13:00 SEO tools and techniques Understanding the sphere of integrated marketing 搜索引擎工具与技术 了解营销整合 13:00 - 14:00 Lunch Break 午餐 14:00 - 18:00 Web analytics essentials Social media marketing for your business 网页分析精要讲解 利用社交媒体拓展业务 SEO tools and techniques Understanding the sphere of integrated marketing 搜索引擎工具与技术 了解营销整合 This course is targeting marketing and technical staff alike and offers This course is designed for marketers who are considering strategy and tactics necessary in today’s fast changing search world consumers’ growing preference to be influenced by the web and 本课程针对营销业者和技术人员开设,旨在讲授当今快速发展的搜 social media. 索时代必不可少的策略与技巧。 本课程旨在为营销业者探讨网络和社会媒体对消费者行为带来的 影响。 Instructor: 讲师: Instructor: 讲师: Bill Hunt President, Back Azimuth Consulting Eddie Choi 蔡子强 总裁, Back Azimuth 咨询公司 Founding Partner, Frontiers Digital 执行董事, 名唐展览 (中国) Web analytics essentials Social media marketing for your business 网页分析精要讲解 利用社交媒体拓展业务 After the workshop, you will be able to: Objectives 目标: 通过参与本次研修会,您将可以: Aims to develop a social media ‘blue print’ that defines... • Understand the scope & capability of web analytics (mainly 讲解描绘社交媒体蓝图时的三要素: Google analytics) • Where - The key social media platforms to be ‘conquered’ 了解网站分析的范畴与功用(主要针对谷歌分析) 方向:必须攻占的社交媒体平台 • Verify if your Google analytics setup is customized for the • What - The ‘best’ timing for the appropriate contents Chinese market 内容:恰当内容,适时推送 验证您的谷歌分析设置是否符合中国市场的特点 • How - To amplify the buzz and maximize message delivery • Connect Google analytics reports to your 要领:描述详细,全力推送 KPI metrics (regarding SEM & SEO) 将谷歌分析报告与您的关键绩效指标参数相结合(针对搜索引 Instructor: 讲师: 擎优化与搜索引擎营销领域) Instructor: 讲师: Louise Au 区尚滢 Managing Director, Hoola Gordon Choi 创始人和执行董事, Hoola Head of Web Products and Analytics, 网站产品与分析业务总监, 携程网 Participants may register for training in addition to the SES conference or independently, as workshops take place on the Monday before the event. 与会嘉宾须在注册SES会议之外额外注册或单独注册此培训活动。 本研修会举办时间为周一,与SES会议活动并无冲突。SESeventguidev1.1.indd 4 14/03/2012 3:10 PM
  5. 5. SES Shanghai 2012 Agenda Overview 会议日程 Day 1 Agenda - Tuesday, 17 April 4月17日 08:15 Morning registration 签到 09:00 Welcome remarks 欢迎致辞 09:10 Opening keynote address: Business optimization in a digital age 开场主旨演讲: 数字时代,何为优化? Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist, Google Avinash Kasuhik,数字媒体营销布道师,谷歌 10:20 Networking break 茶歇 10:50 Client marketer panel: Creating a commercial digital strategy 终端营销人士小组讨论: 如何构建数字商务战略 Track 1 分会场 1 Track 2 分会场 2 11:40 The changing face of display advertising in China Social analytics 展示式广告在中国市场中的不断进化 社交营销分析 12:30 Integrated SEO & SEM PPC reputation Customer engagement - Making use of your data management for a luxury brand in China 顾客契合 – 将你的数据实用化 奢侈品牌在中国市场投放整合搜索引擎优化与营销 的点击付费广告时的声誉管理 13:20 Networking lunch 午餐 14:20 Executive address: Localization issues for international companies in China 行政演讲: 如何在中国市场实施数字营销方案 15:00 Optimizing the social, location and mobile Social media toolbox for marketers (SoLoMo) experience 营销人士的社交媒体工具箱 优化SoLoMo模式的体验效果 15:50 Networking break 茶歇 16:20 How social affects SEO 看社交媒体如何影响搜索引擎优化 17:00 Meet the experts roundtables 专家圆桌会议 17:50 Cocktail reception 鸡尾酒招待会SESeventguidev1.1.indd 5 14/03/2012 3:10 PM
  6. 6. Day 2 Agenda - Wednesday, 18 April 4月18日 08:15 Morning registration 签到 09:00 Keynote address How customer relationship management (CRM) data can be used to maximize paid search 主旨演讲: 如何利用客户关系管理数据才能将付费搜索效果最大化? 09:40 Winning strategies for mobile marketing 移动营销的必胜策略 10:30 Networking break 茶歇 Track 1 分会场 1 Track 2 分会场 2 11:00 Unlock the potential of big data- smart email Web analytics marketing 页面分析 释放海量数据的潜力--智能邮件营销 11:40 Content marketing and content management B2C e-commerce: Turning a cart into a buying systems (CMS) solutions experience 内容营销与内容管理系统(CMS)方案 B2C电子商务: 将购物车融入购买体验之中 12:30 Networking lunch 午餐 13:30 Executive address: Search engine marketing: The essential best practice guide - 2012 行政演讲: 2012年搜索引擎营销最佳实务精要指引 14:10 Riding on the opportunities of the E-commerce revolution 把握电子商务革命时代的机遇 15:00 Case study: Next corporate communication Cross-border digital marketing 案例研究: 新一代的企业沟通 跨岸网络营销 15:50 Networking break 茶歇 16:20 Keynote panel Navigating the social media landscape - what it brings and means to marketers? 主旨讨论: 社交媒体对营销人士影响及意义 17:00 Ad agency CEO roundtable Where is digital marketing in China heading next? 广告业CEO圆桌会议: 中国的数字营销未来趋势探讨 17:50 End of conference 会议结束SESeventguidev1.1.indd 6 14/03/2012 3:10 PM
  7. 7. Platium Sponsor 白金赞助商 For Sponsorship Opportunities Please contact: or call: +852 3411 4820 参展或赞助查询 请联络: 或电 +852 3411 4820。 Gold Sponsors 金牌赞助商 Sponsors & Exhibitors 既定赞助商与展示商 深色背景 PC Media Partners 媒体合作伙伴 Association Partner 联合赞助商 白色背景 PC 质感logo PC 传媒 Market Builder Strategic Media Partner 战略媒体伙伴 云计算第一门户 Supporting Organization 支持机构 Golden Online Partner 金牌网络媒体 Official Digital Design Partner www.sesshanghai.comSESeventguidev1.1.indd 7 14/03/2012 3:10 PM
  8. 8. Registration information 注册 Conference Passes 席位类别 Dates 日期 Delegate Rate 标准收费 All access pass 16-18 April - Conference + Workshop US$ 745 三天通 含16日之工作坊及17-18日2天会议 人民币4,695元 6 8 Platinum Pass 17&18 April- Conference US$ 495 白金票 含17-18日2天会议 人民币3,095元 Full Day Training 16 April - Workshop US$ 495 1天工作坊 4月16日 人民币3,195元 Half Day Training 16 April - Workshop US$ 250 半天工作坊 4月16日 人民币1,595元 3 Ways to Register 三种登记方式 Online Phone Email 网上登记 电话 电邮 +852 3411 4844 Note: You will not be registered for the conference until payment is received. 注: 注册必须于款项收讫方算成功 Venue 地点 InterContinental Shanghai Puxi Cancellations and Substitutions: If you must cancel for any reason, notify our registration department by 20 March. 上海浦西洲际酒店 Your registration will be refunded less a USD100 processing fee. Cancellations after 20 March are non-refundable. If you 500 Heng Feng Road, Zhabei District cannot attend the event due to unforeseen circumstances, you may transfer your registration to another person. You m Shanghai, 200070 - China ay not transfer your registration once your badge has been picked up. 中国上海市恒丰路500号, 200070 取消与替换条款: 如您因故取消会议行程,请书面知会我们的会务注 Tel: + 86-21-52539999 册部,接收申请的传真号码及电子邮件地址:+852-3411-4811或。此外,2012年3月20日以后提出的申 Fax: + 86-21-52539998 请,我们将不予退还费用,此条款与您的注册时间无关。如您因不 可预知的问题无法到会,您可将参会资格转与他人。参会证件发出 E-mail: 后,您的参会资格将无法替换。 Website: 8 14/03/2012 3:10 PM