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New Opportunities for Cooperative Extension Professionals


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Slides from today's eXtension Webinar: Over the past 16 months, the eXtension Foundation has undergone a series of changes as it evolves from primarily an online learning platform for Extension professionals to a more blended model of engagement with the introduction of the i-Three Issue Corps. And there is more change to come as emphasis grows on connecting groups with intersecting interests to expand the leveraging of knowledge and relationships to achieve greatest impact.

Please join us on this webinar moderated by eXtension Foundation CEO Christine Geith. Panelists will include eXtension leaders Jerry Thomas, Anne Adrian, Ashley Griffin, Terry Meisenbach, Larry Lippke, Beth Raney and Mark Locklear who will review recent changes in their areas of responsibility that create new professional growth opportunities for Extension professionals at eXtension Foundation member institutions. All will be prepared to answer questions and provide examples of new tools, services and initiatives that have been developed or are in development for future use by Cooperative Extension Service teams and professionals.

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New Opportunities for Cooperative Extension Professionals

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Dennis Calvin, Pennsylvania State University, Chair (Northeast) Christine Geith, eXtension Foundation Jason Henderson, Purdue University (North Central) Vernon Jones, Langston University, Vice Chair/Treasurer (1890) Jane Clary Loveless, ex-officio, non-voting, USDA-NIFA Fred Schlutt, University of Alaska, Secretary (Western) Jane Schuchardt, ex-officio, non-voting, ECOP Doug Steele, Texas A&M University (Southern) YOUR BOARD OF DIRECTORS
  3. 3. ARE YOU A MEMBER? institutions-for-2016/
  5. 5. i-THREE ISSUE CORPS 126 people, 33 institutions, 72 projects
  7. 7. Use the Impact Statement Writing course: members free/$80 non-members on
  8. 8. Apply for the i-Three Innovation Lab Sign up for announcements on
  9. 9. Fellows 5/4/2016 21 • Makers P. Hill, Utah State University • Citizen Science K. Stofer, University of Florida • Internet of Things J. Hino, Oregon State Univesity
  10. 10. Innovation Projects 5/4/2016 22 • Spark Lab M. Light, Ohio State University • Forest Farming Citizen Science J. Munsell, Virginia Tech • Virtual Reality J. Peutz, B. Cleveley, L. Wahl, U. Idaho • Mobile App H. Rader, University of Alaska • Augmented Reality H. Wallace, E. Tipton, U. Tennessee
  11. 11. Innovation Projects 5/4/2016 23 • Mapping S.Bradt, University of New Hampshire • Personalized Learning G. Shelle, Michigan State University • Micro Learning H. Whittaker, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension • Virtual Communication B. Koch, B. Bertsch, North Dakota State University
  12. 12. Increase your local impact with an Innovation Team (premium members) i-three-initiatives/
  13. 13. Use our new competency-based capacity and marketplace • Pesticide Safety Education Programs • 4-H Common Measures Training • Working Out Loud • Climate Learning Network Sign up for announcements on
  14. 14. Be included in the 1st Horizon Report Sign up for announcements on
  15. 15. Christine Geith, CEO Anne Adrian Ashley Griffin Larry Lippke Mark Locklear Terry Meisenbach Beth Raney Jerry Thomas