Global Center for Food System Innovation core platform symposia presentation


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Introduction to the core platform of the USAID HESN Global Center for Food System Innovation, being developed by MSUglobal at Michigan State University

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  • By incorporating food system-focused activities into learning, discovery, and engagement, the Center will engage students, faculty and the broader development community in problem-focused, multidisciplinary approaches to critical global challenges. We will develop an sharing platform to collect translate and democratize information.Practitioners, academics, students, and others in the development community will have a platform to access and share information. Our team will capture the research process and report key outcomes of the research and ultimately, translate research concepts and results to project stakeholders. This will result ineffective mechanisms and pathways to facilitate exchange among key stakeholders and provide reliable information to make informed decisions.
  • If you will forgive the water metaphor---This is our data model in most of academia. Information is impounded behind barriers and allowed to trickle out through channels creating power for us
  • This is the data model that we need to pursue.The Nile delta has thousands of connections and channels and the outcome is the cradle of civilization
  • RemarksThis how Michigan State University is approaching to complex problems and resilient communities. MSU is building a global network of partners (universities, government agencies, corporations, small & medium enterprises, foundations, non-governmental organizations) & we are connecting with our partners’ networks. We are building a network of networks. Across programs, across campuses and across communitiesBackgroundCross college, cross institutional, cross continental research & development work to bend the trends
  • Global Center for Food System Innovation core platform symposia presentation

    1. 1. Infrastructure Supporting the Mission: Core Platform Christine Geith, Ph.D. Assistant Provost & Executive Director, MSUglobal Global Food System Symposia East Lansing, MI August 23, 2013
    2. 2. MSUglobal is a Michigan State University innovation and strategy hub that assists faculty in creating, facilitating and implementing impactful projects that lead to new research and funding opportunities and enhance the reputation of the university community. MSUglobal is an entrepreneurial unit in the Office of the Provost reporting to the Graduate School.
    3. 3. Upcoming Events Sept. 9 – Fanning the Flames – A discussion of MOOCs at Michigan State University with faculty who have piloted them Sept. 19 – Reception for artist Toby A. Ten Eyck, “Inspired By Color” Sept. 25 – Igniting Innovation – 8:30 a.m. to noon, Kellogg Center, Lincoln Room
    4. 4. GCFSI Core Platform: Opportunity New web-based technologies and increasing information about how people learn, connect and share offer an opportunity to rethink community website and knowledge sharing. Communities where people want to be a part of growing knowledge based community contributing to and learning from each other using tools which are engaging and help people relate to each other and to the tasks they need to accomplish.
    5. 5. GCFSI Core Platform: Goal We want to build relationships that in turn make it easy to find and use resources and people and help move a community ahead in its thinking while uniting and connecting its members with a united purpose.
    6. 6. GCFSI Core Platform: Functions enable a "home" base environment build people relationships - find them, contact them, etc. build resource relationships - find them, use them, add more enable ways to relate resources and people enable members to create stuff for other people to use guiding principles of openness open source software open file formats open educational content open communities
    7. 7. Building on the shoulders of success Food Safety Knowledge Network (USAID, Hewlett Foundation, WB, WTO) AgShare (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)
    8. 8. GCFSI Core Platform: Goals 1. Knowledge sharing will create robust connections between our identified audiences and foster idea exchange as a means of building the GCFSI network strength 2. MSU will lead the HESN in this arena
    9. 9. NETWORKS OF NETWORKS Strategic Partnerships Community Engagement