The Rhetorical Canons as an Ecology of (New Media) Practice


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The slideshow from my 2006 MLA presentation which outlines the second chapter of my book manuscript. Argues that the canons of classical rhetoric provide a framework for understanding new media practices (as opposed to objects)

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The Rhetorical Canons as an Ecology of (New Media) Practice

  1. 1. The Rhetorical Canons as an Ecology of (New Media) Practice Collin Gifford Brooke Syracuse University Modern Language Association December 27, 2006
  2. 2. A quick overview ¢ Rhetoric & New Media '3 The trivium & the canons as an ecological framework *3 Tagclouds (an application)
  3. 3. A Rhetoric of New Media? it One for all/ All for one s From criticism to production «I? From objects to interfaces/ activities
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  7. 7. The Classical Trivium (redefined) Grammar Ecologies of Code Rhetoric | :> Ecologies of Practice Logic Ecologies of Culture
  8. 8. Culture Practice Code The Trivium as layered scales; each implies a different kind of knowledge
  9. 9. Fallacy of Scale The shepherd, qua shepherd, acts for the good of the sheep, to protect them from discomfiture and harm. But he may be ‘identified’ with a project that is raising the sheep for market. Kenneth Burke, A Rhetoric of Motives
  10. 10. Classical Canons = Ecology of Practice
  11. 11. Different media enable certain practices, constrain others, and leave yet others untouched The Classic Canons New Media Practices Invention Proairesis Arrangement Pattern Style C> Perspective Memory Persistence Delivery Performance
  12. 12. Example: Tagclouds . *Zoom ou s Better Tag clouds lo’ you’ site. about your 5 le. or about iriytn ng you want‘ Mydouds| |1hladou¢: D2agn | Edn | F1ltes|5tats| Dui_a2 Sample Cloud: A tagdoud based on the past 3 months of my blog ThisisrowtlleAbgdotrdbaaedont9iepaat3utonuiaotuiybloptagcmdwiIbokie basedonthexzdslgn. ABLE anyhow apparently adnil appication arkanaaa best blog DOOR blogglng bookmarks bloglines bloggara basically cuba cluster colleague couple clink coc curriculum CCCC cloud conversations commercials discourse dorrida definitely dissertations dorek essay email episiorriic ioirr first folksonomies games game guess good iowa inlormation itunes lho irioari inagirla jenny loyalty lot nnody metadala network Other phy procedural ping program playlists playlist post people presentation philosophical rhetoric rneioricai reading sociology sports scout state smart social suppose song search mi. soott stone salary syracuse taxonomy time think tagging tenure technorati tigers taxonomies tagged tags Dcla iiriiiraiiiiry irser variables write Writing working work well ‘
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  14. 14. US Presidential Speech: -5 Tag Cloud Top 100 Tags fill‘: V ('UllllTll[i'll(‘l1I ll" 'i~“I. '<. 'f(Jlll ‘uni’- i. .1raq 'l -"4 l Chirag Mehta’s Presidential Tag Clouds (Memory) Persistence: Slider allows users to compare clouds from multiple speeches “Stickiness” keeps terms active in the cloud, demonstrates trends
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  16. 16. Some conclusions The canons each describe multiple practices Any given platform is likely to involve multiple canons Any rhetoric of new media must account for both the productive capacity of rhetoric, and its intrinsically technological dimension
  17. 17. Shameless Plug Lingua Fracta: Towards a Rhetoric of New Media (Hampton Press: Forthcoming 2007)