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Picking Up the Pieces


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The slides from my 2007 CCCC presentation. My talk provided a walkthrough of some of the features of the CCC Online Archive.

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Picking Up the Pieces

  1. 1. Picking up the Pieces: Is Comp/Rhet a Coherent Discipline? Collin Gifford Brooke Syracuse University March 24, 2007
  2. 2. -or- Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Journal
  3. 3. -or- Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Journal *Visibility/Access *Citation Networks *Tagging as Knowledge Production
  4. 4. The CCC Online Archive
  5. 5. Making CCC -able
  6. 6. RSS Feeds (Syndication)
  7. 7. Metadata -Abstract -Permalink -Categories -Tags/Keywords -Works Cited
  8. 8. Site-Internal Search Text Search By Area Cluster By Issue
  9. 9. Internal Searches
  10. 10. Works Cited
  11. 11. Works Citing
  12. 12. Citation Networks made visible
  13. 13. Writing (82) Production (80) Circulation (63) Value (46) Exchange (43) Marx (43) Students (34) Consumption (31) Keyword (Frequency) Products (30) in John Trimbur’s Distribution (29) “Composition and the Delivery (23) Circulation of Writing”
  14. 14. Keywords become tags for each individual entry
  15. 15. Aggregation: allows us to create a dynamic topic index of CCC
  16. 16. Building alternative maps and histories of the field
  17. 17. Collin Gifford Brooke The CCC Online Archive: CCCOA @ delicious: