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  • Our current products reflect our history of innovationFor the past 15 years BB which is available in US, UK, European and Asian versions was the core product line, and it is used widely in many applications, from sales to financial analytics, from marketing to recruitment. A few years ago we saw a strong emerging use case in sales – 2/3 of our clients users were in salesSo we charged after sales enablement with US iSell , innovated an award winning product with very limited investment, added a version for Salesforce CRM and the UK. and now this is driving our growth. In just two years we are at a run rate of about $10M and very soon we’ll reach 1,000 customers mostly from new name customers.Our Data Solutions business is a natural concomitant of selling more sales enablement solutions. Its growing strongly because every CRM system is a minefield of bad data – in need of updating, standardizing, cleaning etc; every marketing department needs a targeted prospect list aligned with the focus of the sales team (at least that’s how its supposed to be – that is a marketing Vs sales joke) or a better understanding of their customer base demographics; and many customers want sophisticated feeds of data into customized portals, CRMs or sales workflow, such as account plans and increasingly want solutions delivered via alternative media such as tablets and mobile devicesAs well as adding depth and scope to our overall offerings outside of SaaS, Data Solutions, which are delivered by a small dedicated team, are another opportunity for OneSource to leverage LiveContent, at an attractive margin because most content is sold at low or zero incremental costFinally we see increased growth opportunities outside of our current market reach which is defined by English speaking users, to build country specific versions of our products in local language with deep local contentPer Phil – He will use the timeline to talk about corporate history and use this slide to really introduce the products (both today and tomorrow).
  • OneSource for Telco, Media, and Broadcast

    1. 1. OneSourceThe world leader in real-time intelligence and business information solutions LiveContent powering critical Business Information Systems and Processes © 2012 OneSource Information Systems Charles Barrow 1
    2. 2. Mission To be the leading Global Provider of Enterprise Solutions for Sales, Marketing, Support Research & Strategic Planning Delivering Comprehensive Business Information & Real-time Intelligence Resulting in The Highest Value: Incremental Revenue Impact & Improved Productivity © 2012 OneSource Information Systems 2
    3. 3. Leading Product & Services Suite iSell – Sales 2.0 and trigger-based sales enablement tools – & MS Dynamics CRM integration – Proven to drive revenue and productivity Business Browser – Powerful SaaS tools for company and industry research – Key company and executive contact information – In-depth data for critical business decisions Data Solutions – Customized data/content offerings – Rich company, contact and email campaign capabilities – Integrate into internal client applications and portals – Customized mobile applications for the fieldCONFIDENTIAL | WWW.ONESOURCE.COM 3
    4. 4. Industry Leaders Choose OneSource © 2012 OneSource Information Systems 4
    5. 5. Competitive AdvantageOnly solution integrating, enhancing and delivering:• More than 20 million global companies• Over 25 million contacts• Millions of email addresses• Real-time Sales Intelligence from thousand of news sources• Social Media data from premier social sites• Editorial Content• Deep Web Mining delivering key company & contact data• Company data Linkage to improve data quality & standardization Providing the Deepest and Broadest LiveContent for Real-time Intelligence © 2012 OneSource Information Systems 5
    6. 6. Best of Breed Global Data Suppliers 6
    7. 7. Who Uses OneSource Data Sales Marketing Research Support Planning ► Business Executive ► MDM ► Financial ► Proactive ► New & Industry Analysis Support Markets Intelligence ► Territory driven by real Planning ► Underwriting time triggers ► New ► Account Products Management ► Market ► Risk Analysis ► Current & Retention Segmentation Client ► New ► Credit Segments Intelligence ► Prospecting & ► Account Analysis ► Legal ► International Lead Generation ► Support & ► Sourcing Account ► Sales Operations/ ► Improve data ► Mkt Management Support Quality Research ► M&A Business & ► Risk Analysis ► ► Email ► Tier GTM Commercial Campaigns Analysis Banking 7
    8. 8. Industry Recognition• 2012 Best Lead Generation Service• 2012 Best Business or Competitive Intelligence Solution• 2011 Top Sales Productivity Solution• 2010 Top Sales 2.0 Solution• 2010 New Product or Service of the Year © 2012 OneSource Information Systems 8
    9. 9. The Power of OneSourceThe benefits of OneSource:• Proven to drive revenue and improve productivity• Increases capabilities around sales effectiveness, marketing efficiency and leveraging social media for relationship building and prospecting• Increase Target Marketing in your serviceable areas• Enhance the relationship between You and and Your customers by providing a new prospecting and client acquisition offering “The intelligence we get from OneSource helps our sales teams be more prepared for conversations with prospects, so they can make the most of sales opportunities and accelerate progression of deals through the pipeline.”- “OneSource has helped our sales and marketing teams improve our prospecting effectiveness 4X over other information solutions we have used.” -Cisco 9
    10. 10. OneSourceThe world leader in real-time intelligence and business information solutionsCharles Barrow:Office: 402.836.4387Cell: 512.300.9417E-mail at charles.barrow@onesource.comTwitter: @cgbarrow © 2012 OneSource Information Systems 10