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Anthropologie's Brand Position
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Anthropologie: Full Digital Strategy

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Anthropologie: Full Digital Strategy

  1. 1. ANTHROPOLOGIE: Full Digital Strategy Claire Gazoul ADV 420, Sec. 702
  2. 2. Big Idea for AnthropologieAnthropologie is an international women’s retail store that offers amix of clothing, accessories, gifts and home decor.While most are unaware, Anthropologie has a “House & HomeTrade Program” which is dedicated to architects, builders,designers and interior decorator professionals.Through this program, they are given access to a broad range ofproducts and styles through Anthropologie at exclusive prices. Thishelps the designers individual businesses by appealing to differentclients needs, tastes, and budgets.
  3. 3. Anthropologie: House & Home Trade ProgramProspective designers of all fields from younger standpoints maynot have heard of this opportunityThe purpose of this digital strategy is to promote the programthrough social media sites away from the original Anthropologiewebsites.Attract a more design-based audience with focus on the designstructure of architects, interior designers and decorators.Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr are the three sites that will focussolely on designers prospects and ideas for their own clientsthrough Anthropologie’s products available to them.
  4. 4. Target AudienceAges 18 to 45.This range holds an existing professional market as wellas up-and-coming designers/decorators looking to gaincontacts and experience while accumulating cliental.This wide range of an audience also helps balance theestablished base of designers with the youngergenerations, whose use of social media and personalonline marketing and branding can connect together.
  5. 5. Key Performance IndicatorsSince Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr all focus aroundfollowers, we need to make sure that’s not all we aregetting out of the sites.On Pinterest, you not only need followers, but repins andlikes for each post; Tumblr thrives off reblogs and likes aswell; Twitter uses retweets, hashtags and favoriting toincrease social media attention and performance.The overall goal is to increase the followers for eachplatform, hold their attention and bring them into theinformation.
  6. 6. Tools & TacticsTwitter Faster, information-based content rather than just visual stimulation. News such as architectural articles, design/gallery opening locations, new decorating innovations. Use of hashtags (#h&h, #anthroh&h) spreads the word and promotes H&H through trending topics, retweets and favorites.
  7. 7. Tools & TacticsPinterest Pinterest contests with promotional discounts, giveaways and trips are all extras that help involve the current follower base as well as promoting the program on a larger scale.Tumblr A more professional and organized setup as compared to Pinterest. Tumblr page dedicated to capturing professionally decorated spaces and buildings. Ways for current architects/designers to recreate these show rooms for their clients by using affordable pieces (from Anthropologie).
  8. 8. BudgetHiring, training and paying the workers involved withkeeping these sites updated, professional andresourceful.An estimated $300/hr with at least 8 hours per day, 7days a week. With three websites, that averages $51,000 for a week.Cost of running competitions, store merchandise salesand giveaways.Totaling all supervision, upkeep and gifts, a monthly$250,000 minimum.
  9. 9. SummaryThis digital strategy of creating an Anthropologie “sister-site” House & Home Trade Program social mediacampaign.Targets both the old and new industry professionals intothe program.Engages both groups into social media sites that tie intotheir work, along with incentives of personal branding andpromotions.All this increases the uniqueness that Anthropologiealready holds.
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  • RobertaMathias

    Oct. 26, 2016


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