Larimer Living City Design


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Larimer Neighborhood rehabilitation plan using the Living City Design framework. Can an inner city neighborhood become sustainable in an equitable way? We think so! Prepared with the assistance of EvolveEA, Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation and Terrashift. Developed for Larimer residents a minority neighborhood.

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Larimer Living City Design

  1. 1. beauty + spirit GOAL inspiration + education building a community & renewing a landscapeBEAUTYSPIRIT & INSPIRATION It’s about people Youth Middle Senior learn work health play provide friendship love learn worship friendship build community security community security grow grow grow thrive thrive thrive home> home> home> block> neighborhood> block> neighborhood> city> neighborhood> district region physical programs + physical environment + networks environment + institutions institutionsResidents’ portraits by Larry Ripple
  2. 2. A toothless grin. The smile on a wrinkled changes, such as how a single tree can improve (including rain and rain barrel initiatives) does aface. Youthful display of laughter at a bike the air quality of an entire block as well as >Understanding a comprehensive sustainableexchange. Look of enjoyment at the fall improve the aesthetic quality of the street. future (e.g. solar street lighting project toharvest. Rarely do we speak about the presence of the improve safety)Our residents come from a variety of strong religious and spiritual communities post industrial >Co-design and collaborative learningexperiences that shape our collective in Larimer. All of the religious institutions opportunities to grow comprehensivefuture. Effective educational institutions, of Larimer will be important to our growth. sustainable projectsaffordable and sustainable housing Religious organizations in our communityoptions, and employment opportunities offer a variety of programs and services for >Cooperative business and skill development neighborhoodlay the foundation for a bright future. community members of all ages. For youth for our unemployed or underemployed youngCommunity members from every walk of and teenagers, an early childhood development adultslife, from infants to senior citizens, will be center, after school program, and a mentoring >To us, beauty is beyond our explicitinstrumental in transforming Larimer from program are available. For adults, rental appearances. It also encompasses the internal transform itselfits nebulous image to one of clarity and true assistance programs, community service manifestation of beauty. We are beautiful.prosperity. opportunities, and ministerial courses are While our current outer visual projectionThe transformation will go nowhere offered. Special programs target our senior may not represent that, this plan will give uswithout the inclusion and education of population. the opportunity for our inner beauty to reflect into a livingall the Larimer residents. To educate our To achieve our goals, we also seek to offer a our outward on sustainability Kingsley myriad of workshops on the following topics:Association developed The Virtual >Financial literacy and supporting a localGreen Neighborhood software. With this economy community?innovative tool, we have the opportunity tochallenge community members of all ages >Sustainability education for households ( develop a sustainable neighborhood, weatherization workshops)through discussion and visioning. With >Storm water management trainingthis tool, individuals can assess small >Landscape training for unemployed workers PIVOT 1940 population 13,350 1975 population 6,000 1995 population 3,000 2011 population 2,000 2011 population 2,000 2015 population 2,000 2020 population 3,000 2030 population 5,000 2035 population 6,500250 residents joinedtogether to help planthe community
  3. 3. Equity fuels freedom. There are social, community youth are working on teams human scale + humane places environmental, and economic equity. to complete this analysis and help make We believe that to develop a sustainable Larimer safer. democracy + social Justice neighborhood our investments need to Larimer welcomes the opportunity to GOAL rights to nature benefit all. It must provide for each one of us to have an opportunity to be self- provide housing to Pittsburgh Job Corps graduates. Opening up our community sufficient and healthy. provide equitable access to housing and jobs To move closer to self-sufficiency, we have would facilitate an effortless transition to affordable and accessible housing options for a diversity of lifestyles established community action teams: One Voice; Redd Up; Green Up; Celebrate; for graduates seeking to develop their work experience and increase their sustainability EQUITY community action teams: One Voice; Redd Up; Green Up; Celebrate; and Work and Work and Wellness. These teams are knowledge. Our experiential learning and Wellness. At the outset of the Vision Plan process, it became apparent that driven. Another collaboration is resident models include providing LEED Green the Green Up action team was especially active and involved. During the Vision University of Pittsburgh, Mascaro with the Associate certification to community process, the Strada team provided opportunities for the Larimer Consensus GroupSustainable Innovation, who Center for residents. Taught in collaboration with the to invigorate and repopulate the other action teams. are assisting with an analysis of a solar- Green Building Alliance and the Greater OPPORTUNITY, JOBS & HOUSING based lighting solution for a poorly lit Pittsburgh Literacy Council. By integrating Larimer Action Teams: and dangerous underpass at the entryway recently trained and employed individuals to Larimer. University students and into the Larimer landscape it will help the + Redd-Up – clean up & fix up INTERIM SCALAR STRATEGIES CURRENT KNOWLEDGE & ACTION + Green-Up – greening & beautification + Work and Wellness – healthy prosperous residents, families & community Fig. 7 & 8 INCREASE REGIONAL BUSINESS DIVERSITY AND February 4th Meeting, + One Voice – unity, partnerships, clarity, awareness & communication COMPLIMENT EXISTING BUSINESSES WITHOUT the children present + Celebrate – pride in Larimer, community building events DUPLICATION. their ideas and drawings for the Connect to regional and local education and training neighborhood’s future. Interviews with Stakeholders and Experts institutions to build workforce capacity. Images courtesy of Recognizing that considerable planning work had been undertaken prior to Larry Rippel Community driven housing development that is non-speculative and matches the launching of the Vision Plan, the Strada team reviewed existing planning income with cost, not to exceed 25% of income. Photography East Liberty Masterplan East Liberty Developmentdocuments to ensure that prior and Work with elders to transfer equity from one generation to another and keep on-going planning issues and initiatives property in residents’ control. would inform current thinking. TheA Mobile Strategy Housing strategies like: limited equity housing cooperatvies & cohousing units; Larimer Strada team also reviewed the results of diversity of housing types for aging-in-place; subsidized home ownership for low income residents, tax relief. the interviews with neighborhood and Community driven strategies such as an equity fund to support residents’ other stakeholders conducted during entrepreneurialism - funded by market development, philanthropy, and winnings the 2007-2008 community planning of the competition! process. This analysis was presented to Larimer Plan Nov 2010 CULTURAL PROGRAMMING AND ENGAGEMENT TO INTEGRATE Kingsley, Strada the Consensus Group for review and Shipping Containers SUSTAINABILITY IDEAS IN THE DNA OF THEce Space Offi NEIGHBORHOOD. Market Entrance Canopy discussion. The Strada team rounded Open Air Market Shelter Recycled shipping containers USE VACANT LAND TO ATTRACT TEMPORARY USE BUSINESSES SUCH AS create fast occupiable space that can be relocated later. Leasable Startup Office Spaces out the information by interviewing Mobile Food Vendors LANDSCAPE BUSINESSES OR SEASONAL MARKETS. Classroom Space additional key stakeholders, including Provide business assistance and affordable space for minority owned businesses. public agency representatives, realtors, Current homeowners can participate in “house-for-a-house” to remain in the developers, institutions, and business neighborhood. owners. Create an eco-industrial park for blue, white and green collar jobs. Experiment Station Kingsley, Studio for Spatial Practice Demountable Roof Structures AND EXPERT RESOURCES FOR PHYSICAL PROVIDE MONETARY Workshop Greenhouse Commercial Lightweight Community Meetings The Larimer Experiment Station Greenhouse Structures proposed a forum for civic Two community-wide meetings Shared Outdoor Work Space IMPROVEMENTS TO EXISTING PROPERTIES AND TRAIN FOR Roof canopy system allows for a Leasable Project Spaces POTENTIAL JOBS.variety of sheltered outdoor spaces. engagement in the development of a locally-based, green were convened during the planning Tool Storage Shared Indoor Shop Shared Tool Storage Support working families by easy availability of services such as economy. The plan transformed vacant land into temporary process. Larimer residents, business uses daycare, nutrition, health care and transporation. that serves the community’s changing needs. owners, institutional representatives, and other stakeholders were invited to Weatherization & Training these facilitated discussions. The first community meeting was convened on Mobile Vendor Trucks The Experiment Station is designed to recycle October 22, 2009. Participants heard a
  4. 4. areas’ unemployment rate while defending will spend no more than 25% of their The community equity fund aims to canagainst gentrification, which is one of the income on housing costs. This will allow preserve our vision for a sustainablegreatest fears of our residents. This will our community to invest today, plan for the neighborhood. It is a tool to facilitatestrengthen Larimer’s connection with the future and not live day-to-day lives. intergenerational transfer of wealth,beneficial Job Corps Center, which is less In terms of ownership, the median home encourage job creation, allow for minority current & futurethan a mile away. sale value in 2009 was $5,400. Homes owned business development and facilitatesUnfortunately, housing costs continue to selling at this price are at an extreme investments in domestic energy a financial challenge for many Larimer disadvantage to our older homeowners The equity fund leverages philanthropicresidents, especially our older members. who confidently invested in the American funds, social investors, government residents have30% of our residents are 60 years of age Dream only to experience a substantial loss funds and market rate capital to facilitateor older. Many of our homeowners are of financial security to what is typically initiatives that contribute to a sustainableseniors; unfortunately their fixed income is considered a safe, beneficial investment. neighborhood. The innovation processnot sufficient to maintain homeownership. Loss of minority homeownership means necessary to achieve an equitable and equitable accessIn addition, the average household spends there will be not intergenerational sustainable neighborhood could lead to amore than 60% of their monthly income transfer of wealth and could lead to a strong and local economy, an economy thaton rent and utilities. We hope through our super-disenfranchised African American can withstand the shifting sands of globalinnovative housing designs and models generation. capital and contribute towards a healthy city to jobs andand effective social programs, residents and livable planet. housing? PEOPLE POWERED LARIMER’S STRENGTH IS IN ITS PEOPLE It is an early start for Aneesa, as she walks to Larimer Square to drop her kids off at daycare and catch the bus. Today is an exciting day, as she begins her new job as a physical therapist at Children’s Hospital after completing training at Chatham University and a residency at the Sports Center Clinic. Finding education and jobs in the neighborhood made it easier for her to raise her two young kids and go to school. It is a big step to leave the neighborhood for bigger opportunities, but she is joined by many others who are also waiting for their bus to arrive. Marcus hooks the flat cart up to his bike and heads off to the greenhouses. Last spring he helped with the goats at Larimer Fields, the community supported agriculture nonprofit. This year, he is in charge of organizing the younger kids to help raise starter plants. Today they will be transfering the seedlings to bigger pots so they can grow in time for the Market Garden sale in a month. He is confident because he figures that organizing kids can’t be that much harder than herding goats and certainly less smelly.35 percent of Larimer’s residents Dorothy waits until the sun hits the pocket park outside her building before she goes downstairs to meet her friends. Since selling her home and moving to the Larimer Green apartments, she has more time to chat. She has become known as theare unemployed and looking for jobs cooking maven of the building and most morning begin with a walk to the CSA farmstand and bakery. As a long time resident, she has a lifetime farm share that keeps prices low. This is especially useful so she can cook extra for her grandkids who stay with her in the afternoon.
  5. 5. limits to growth urban agriculture NUTRIENT RECYCLING HUMAN SEWAGE habitat exchange Local sewage district Primary treatment center - GOAL car free living powered by PVS Secondary and tertiary in working landscape close the loops of food and waste Effluent (clean) to gardens - URBAN FOREST ORGANIC MATERIALS M Maintained for acors, maple with a highly productive landscape Small distributed composting at nutrient gardens sap, others Invasives cleared if replated SITE No fill strategy at caloric Restoration and meintenance gardens through goat husbandry Household yard and business organics composted or periodically processed N GARDEN TYPE 1 Community Gardens - nutrient Individual Gardens - nutrient NUTRITION & HABITAT + GARDEN TYPE 2 Framework 3 High production farming M INTERIM SCALAR STRATEGIES CURRENT KNOWLEDGE & ACTION C Rotation of heavy, light, and fallow (animal) uses P Building renewables City + Farm REHABILITATE THE REGIONAL SEWAGE TREATMENT SYSTEM TO SEPARATE SEWAGE EFFLUENT FROM STORM FLOW. x EDIBLE PARK LOOP Restore regional ecology, especially valleys and hillsides, with M High yield per square foot, fruit and nut trees, berry native harvestable resources such as nut trees. production Use sheep to keep lawn FARMER’S MARKETS CONNECT NEIGHBORHOOD WITH Fresh Food Hard To Find Close To Home! below REGIONAL FOOD GROWERS AND TO DISTRIBUTE NEIGHBORHOOD PRODUCE. Clean Water Act Consent Decree Taryn Humphrey Business clusters with codependent businesses like cooking and nutrition schools, urban ag nonprofits, bakeries, restaurants, and Come To Fresh Food Delivery! Healthy Fresh Located: 6435 Frankstown Ave Pittsburgh Pa 15206 Phone: (412) 661­1257 Ask for Carlos Gasca Alcosan, EPA ag training centers.Phase 1 Food Delivery Kingsley Neighborhood scale sewage processing for low density areas. Edible landscaping trails and green streets. URBAN AGRICULTURAL COMPLEX M BARN ENABLE RESIDENTS TO GROWN HIGH Urban design Farmer’s Market Animal husbandry NUTRITION FOODS NEAR TO THEIR proposal that K-6 Food school Community garden HOMES IN COMMUNITY GARDENS AND studied ways Tractor mechanic center COOPERATIVE AG ORGANIZATIONS. to aggregate Urban agriculture job training Tools, maintenance disparate parcels of Food Store Block scale sewage processing for high vacant land density residential and commercial. to create a significant area Collect biological waste (plant and of open space human) at each household and recycle for high yield City + Farm Framework x EDIBLE STREETSCAPE & nutrients to support high yield farming. Kingsley, Carnegie Mellon University farming. + BUILDING RENEWABLES GARDEN / FARM TYPES BIKE LOOP Straw bale construction N NUTRIENT Vacant Land vegetables, low calorie, Fruit and nut trees (Re)build soil nutrients with on site Stewardship / Planting of Typical street trees Remediation tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini recycling and intensive animal methods. Hardwoods Using Natural Restorative - FOREST C CALORIC PLANTING AND PROCESSING OF CROPS ON VACANT LAND Methods Hardwoods with edibles (Oaks, high calorie, grains, potatoes TO IMPROVE ECOLOGY AND FOR ECONOMIC BENEFIT. Maples, etc.) Edible landscapes and gardens integrated into architecture x FRUIT & NUT TREES P PROTEINS beans and domestic landscapes. High yield Building scale collection and processing of biological waste. M MEAT chicken - 50% caloric rate, eggs sheep - lawn maintenance cows - milk goats - hillside browsers, eats invasives rabbits - high protein
  6. 6. “Nothing is more beautiful than the loveliness of Our plan is to separate sewage effluent and methods to remediate soil conditions. Community can foodthe woods before sunrise. storm flow. The sewage will be treated on residents will have the opportunity to train in- George Washington Carver site and support the Consent Decree. This conservation and land restoration and naturalist will reduce the need for new infrastructure training. We will use the restoration process toTo understand our community landscape, it is while saving taxpayers money by not building provide new careers opportunities and jobs to our & waste be seenimportant for us to intimately know our land. larger treatment facilities. Sewage can be used community residents.We need to clearly articulate acceptable areas to our advantage to capture nutrients andof development how to adequately restore and We believe there is a demand in Pittsburgh for reinvest them into our agriculture production. rentable garden plots, which currently someprotect current development, and to encourage Agriculture and garden plots are integral to our community gardens have a 15-year waiting list. as part of thepedestrian and nature-centered realities. plan. Our early success with the already existingWith our smaller population our plan looks Many of the plot users are elderly Italian-Americans Larimer community garden will help as we who grew up in Larimer. We would appreciate givingto increase the density of our residential areas, introduce twenty acres of concentrated urbanwhich will open up space for agriculture, energy them the opportunity to return to Larimer and agriculture. sharing their talents with our youth.production, and ecological restoration. same cycle? Our farms will focus on providing nutrients, To allow our residents to share in GeorgeUnfortunately, automobiles have become an calories, and protein to our residents by utilizingintegral part of our lives and communities Washington Carver’s beauty our plan encompasses a diverse crop selection. We will bring animals the planting of over 1,400 trees, fruit trees aroundwithout much regard for green spaces or back into the urban landscape, goats on thepeople. With our plan, we seek to restore our parks, native oaks in our valleys and shade trees hillsides, sheep mowing our lawns, chickens along our pedestrian corridors. These trees willour neighborhood, in terms of habitat and and rabbits in our back yards, and milking cowsdevelopment, to its natural beauty while sequester 480 tons of CO2. We decided to share the used in field rotation. thoughts of George Washington Carver not onlysimultaneously creating a pedestrian, walkingand bicycling, centered community with an Like many places in Pittsburgh Larimer needs because he was a great African-America, but becauseabundance of green space. to remediate soil and address pollutants on our he was a great agriculturist; something that we all land. We intend to utilize natural vegetation strive to be. 1.05 FAR 15 percent per LCC requirement 14ac YIELDS 1400 tons/yearonly 44 percent of county residentshave access to affordable whole food 215acres 18ac 2/lbs/sf
  7. 7. net zero water GOAL ecological water flow net zero water Parks & Greenspace New + improved on the Edge BLUE NECKLACE ecological water flows BELOW GRADE STORAGE Transform vacant edges to WATER a promenade park USE & ECOLOGY BELOW GRADE CONVEYANCE GREENWAY LINEAR INTERIM SCALAR STRATEGIES CURRENT KNOWLEDGE & ACTION BIOSWALE WITH SIDEWALKS STORMSHED REDISTRICTING AND REESTABLISHMENT OF VALLEY FLOWS WATER STREETS Rehabilitate the regional sewage treatment system to separate sewage effluent from storm flow and infiltrate rainwater on site. 1. Expand and Connect to Highland Park. 9. Stormwater collection and treatment is both a 14. Checkerboard Green—Activities within the Separate stormwater from potable water and take sewage Highland Park Create a complex with rectangular fields and a green sustainability strategy and a park amenity residential core should focus on the clearance treatment plants offline field house for an active, year round destination. utilizing natural terrains and drainage systems of dilapidated structures, the rehabilitation of Rectangular fields are in short supply in the and reducing sewer demand. sound structures, the disposition of vacant lots INTEGRATE EXPERIENCE OF WATER INTO OPEN SPACE region and will draw people to Larimer. and side yards to adjoining homeowners and AND STREETSCAPE SYSTEM TO MAKE EVIDENT NATURAL the reclamation of open spaces for community SYSTEMS. 2. East Liberty Boulevard as green boulevard— gardens, green infrastructure and FIG 18 19 Design concepts for vacant farming. land in headwaters areas connecting the new Larimer Park and Mellon Aggregate functions for infrastructure to serve more than Park with green infrastructure, bike and one purpose (water management, habitat, trails, etc.,) to Stormwater Master pedestrian amenities. Plan offset first cost investment. ABOVE GRADE STORAGE East Liberty Designate a community development position to advocate 1 Transform vacant spaces AND INFILTRATION for stormwater grants and funding sources for neighborhood 10. Field house: a year round regional Blvd . projects. ue ven The Promenade to pocket parks is to have alternative to a single field destination. An house several smaller facilities Image courtesy of Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative & Neighborhood Progress, Inc. Ru n er A m Carnegie Mellon U.gley La i Create coops to allow smaller rproperty owners to pool dispersed through out the park. A feasibility BUILDING RESERVOIRS 3. East Liberty Boulevard and Negley Run nvestments for neighborhood based collection and study for the park and available financing RE-IMAGINING A More Sustainable Cleveland 19 Boulevard will be a key gateway to Larimer treatment. opportunities will drive the preferred alternative. 15. The Forbes Health Facility at the corner of 18 Park and the new Larimer. Wa 10 Frankstown Avenue and Washington Boulevard sh Keep water on-site for use and reuse with closed loop presents a long range opportunity. ing storage and infiltration and waste processing. 4. The new Environment and Energy ton 5 Community Outreach Center on East Liberty 11 Blv Create districting strategies and find funding for block and Boulevard is a new development likely to be a d. M building based funding and improvements. destination in Larimer and should be highlighted ea as a key gateway. This will also be gateway to do w LESSEN DEMAND WITH BUIDING SYSTEM IMPROVEMENTS the new Larimer Park. STRUCTURED STORAGE St re SUCH AS RAIN BARRELS AND OTHER STORAGE, Community et education 4 INFILTRATION GARDENS, IRRIGATION, ETC., AND CHANGE 12 Calvin College and training SOCIAL NORMS WITH EDUCATION. 13 Au center with bu e stormwater BMP rn Create intuitiveenu 14 v ways of engaging the community in visioning demonstrations. Farm: provides opportunities for urban 11. Urban St E. L agriculture, associated with new green space. 16. The area bounded by Frankstown, Lincoln, and modelingAchanges to their community. Give metrics for re n et o Mayflower and Paulson is a mix of retail, ibe quality ofPauls life. light industrial and residential. Opportunity rty Environment & Energy for neighborhood scale retail such as ALDI or Blv ue Outreach Community Center ven 5. Create Park Edge with new housing fronting the others, focused on Frankstown. d. 6 oln A URA Linc newly created Park. Fukui Architects Environment and Energy Community Outreach Center Exterior Perspective 1 19 January 2010 7