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The Learning Commons: Help for FHSU Students


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We take the stress out of tech at FHSU
IDS 801 Students:
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The Learning Commons: Help for FHSU Students

  1. 1. The Learning Commons …. it’s all about… TECHNOLOGY
  2. 2. Video Planning and Production Workshops Resources Follow-up Support for Students Assessment Assistance
  3. 3. Writing for Public Relations (COMM349)
  4. 4. Presentations How to create presentations Application options Giving a great presentation Workshops Follow-up support Resources
  5. 5. VoiceThread Workshop Presentation Follow-up support Assessment Assistance
  6. 6. GLE 104
  7. 7. Using Web Design in the Classroom Presentation Workshop using free tools Resources Follow-up Support
  8. 8. ENG 102 KAMS
  9. 9. iPad Use General How To iPads in the Elementary Classroom Children’s literature iPad Set-up Students/Faculty
  10. 10. TEEL260
  11. 11. Atomic Learning Finding Atomic Learning Resources Using Atomic Learning
  12. 12. CRAAP Detection: Web resource evaluation Website Evaluation Presentation or Workshop Resources Follow-up Support
  13. 13. Social Media Social Media in the Classroom Presentation Workshop Resources Follow-up Support Digital Citizenship Ethics Evaluating your Digital Footprint
  14. 14. Tech Talks General Equipment How To Talks • Cameras • Camcorders • iPhones • iPads • iPhone Photography • Shooting Video How to use Tech in the Classroom Using Tech with Online Students
  15. 15. Forsyth Library Room 115 785-628-5494 Facebook: Twitter: @fhsutlc and @cgarrety Skype: cgarrety Google+