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  • Interlibrary Loan is made up of both a borrowing and lending side. This department borrows research materials (that are not part of Forsyth Library’s holdings) primarily for faculty and also graduate students, often working on dissertations, during the summer months. In turn, Interlibrary Loan lends a variety of research materials (e-journal and print journal articles, books, dissertations, government documents, reference materials, microfilm, microfiche, and audio-visual materials) to not only the other Kansas Regents’ libraries, but to academic libraries across the U. S., Canada, and overseas.
  • 15000 books in 2011
  • Time spent on these issues varied widely from as little as five minutes to request definition of a URL in our EZProxy configuration file (provides secured, authenticated access to licensed content), up to one hour changing URLs on FHSU web pages for database platform changes (e.g. Wilson databases acquired by Ebsco; ProQuest platform change); from 15 minutes visiting with a sales rep about a product, to the equivalent of 5-10 days of work to participate in a resource demonstration, set up trial of the product, negotiate terms/licensing, activation of the product, and training in its use (e.g. BBAS/RCL). Resolution of platform specific access problems varied in the amount of time spent, dependent upon the nature of the problem – e.g. vendor software vs. FHSU account profile. As part of regular, year-long duties, during Summer 2011 the ER/S librarian oversaw the processing of 161 numbered monographic series publications, and 193 serial publications. Other ongoing operational library support included the supervision and direction of the mending of 145 damaged library materials; development of video tutorials for mending practices; and processing of 300 periodicals for binding.
  • Clean up and remediation of items, reclassification from Dewey to LOC, listing of bib records with no holdings, list of holdings with no items, wrong or missing barcodes, reinstatement of holdings, relinking of items to holdings, location of missing resources
  • Summer report 2011 2012

    1. 1. Summer Report 2011-2012Forsyth Library Forsyth Library Fort Hays State UniversityFort Hays State University
    2. 2. “Academic libraries have the responsibility foradvancing and sustaining their role as partners ineducating students, achieving their institution’smissions, and positioning libraries as leaders inassessment on their campuses.”“…demonstrate their value and document theircontributions to overall institutional effectiveness…”
    3. 3. Summer Library Activity• Public Service • Direct contact with students and faculty (includes virtual students and online communications)• Technical Service • Support, maintain and initiate work processes, workflows and products vital to the Library’s existance• Large Scale Projects • Support the efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability of the Library
    4. 4. Public Service• Circulation and Reserve• Reference• Inter-library Loan• Periodicals• Special Collections and Archives• Government Documents• Library Administration• Learning Commons (closed in the summer) Proctoring exams, virtual student support, authoring of LibGuides, supporting student and faculty research, student employment
    5. 5. The Numbers (Public Service)• Interaction with students has more than doubled in the past three summers• Virtual student reference questions has gone from 172 to 476• Inter-Library loans• 2000 transactions, 10,180 lending and borrowing transactions during the entire year• LibGuides were viewed 1387 times (Summer 2011)• 900 federal, state and foreign documents and U.N. documents were processed by Government Documents• Gov. Docs bulk imported and processed more than 3000 online and paper federal document publications
    6. 6. Technical ServicesBusiness functions such as• Payment of vendor invoices• on-going budget analysis• adherence to State of Kansas and FHSU policy guidelines for budget control and auditing• preparation of data for IPEDS and accreditation reports,Processing and cataloging of print and online resourcesManagement of online resources (databases)System administrationDigital Collections Management
    7. 7. Technical Services• Acquisitions • (processing invoices, budget, fiscal year end and new year processes)• Cataloger • (adding books to the collection, weed and repair damaged books, processing items)• Digital Collections Staff • (Optimal character recognition to yearbooks, digitization of yearbooks and theses)• Electronic Resources and Serials Librarian • (processing of numbered print monographic series publications, and serial publications• Systems Administration
    8. 8. Electronic Resources/Serials Forsyth Library subscribes to over 110 databases, providing electronic access via the internet to more than 50,000 journal titles and 7,000+ e-books. The ER/S librarian works to ensure unhindered access to these resources for the university’s authorized users. Forsyth Library has made a commitment to move its purchase of monographic materials to electronic platforms as available. This new focus expands the range of materials the ER/S Librarian will manage (trial, licensing, access management). The following is sample usage of seven of the library’s major database packages between May and August 2011, with approximate yearly costs*: *(Total database expenditures for FY11 totaled more than $255,000.00)Database Total Searches Full Text Articles Requests Subscription FeeEbscoHost Databases 13,942 2,254 27,123.00ProQuest Databases 21,737 4,321 29,419.00Wilson Omnifile 11,975 3,755 10,647.00Lexis Nexis Academic 12,709 3,547 18,033.00Universe/Statistical UniverseSage Premier 969 4239 28,905.00JStor 13,050 3113 7,600.00Science Direct 13,951 1,360 12,211.00
    9. 9. For FHSU to realize optimum usage of electronic resources, theaccess must be managed consistently and regularly.From May to August 2011 (and as a part of year-long support of library operations) theER/S Librarian mediated issues regarding access of electronic resources forapproximately 25 databases.Access Issues Ref. Desk Inquiries Product ActivationBroken URL’s; turnaways, Patron access inquiries BBASunresponsive databases, requiring technical RCLauthentication assistance27 13 2
    10. 10. Summer 2011 ProjectsInventory of 213,000 itemsShelf reading and inventory control process(all staff andstudent employees)Corrected information errors in the ILSCollection Development policy• Review of electronic resources/applications to assist in collection analysis and resource selectionMigration began to the new discovery and integratedlibrary system (all staff)
    11. 11. Inventory Project NumbersNumber of Volumes 213,000Number of Missing Volumes 40,000Number of Located Volumes 32,000Number of items lost during migration 8,000from NOTIS ILS to Voyager ILS
    12. 12. Summer 2012Implement migration from Aquabrowser to PrimoIntegrate authority control into standard processesInstitute new workflowsEstablish and implement processes for migration fromVoyager to AlmaTrain library staff about Primo and Alma funtionality
    13. 13. Forsyth Library: at FHSU: http://fhsuguides.fhsu.eduFacebook:!/forsythlibrary Questions?