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Once Upon and iPad: Children's Literature Presentation TLC


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Published in: Education
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Once Upon and iPad: Children's Literature Presentation TLC

  1. 1. Once upon an iPad The Learning Commons Dr. Cynthia Garrety
  2. 2. What an iPad isn’t.. memory storage ability to allow for multiple users heavy typing tasks
  3. 3. Shifting iCloud storage Dropbox Google Drive/Docs Synced apps
  4. 4. What an iPad can be.. reading presenting curating creating
  5. 5. Jackie Marsh University of Sheffield, UK
  6. 6. Jackie Marsh University of Sheffield, UK
  7. 7. Digital Literacy Evaluating digital games, books, and apps Motivation Context Path Access
  8. 8. Motivation Is it intrinsically fun and not limited to ‘teaching’ one particular skill Allow play for the sake of play operates at a level that is challenging to the child
  9. 9. Context Does it relate to daily life that the child can recognize? Can it be incorporated into imaginative play?
  10. 10. Path Discovery oriented? (open and non linear) Allows choices in selection and timing of activities Allows manipulation of symbols and images on the screen Allows child to engage collaboratively as well as single play? Allows for children to produce as well as consume
  11. 11. Access Provide spoken directions for a non reader Provide information and advice on demand when needed Employ an uncluttered screen design with a simple background, coloring and graphics
  12. 12. Jackie Marsh University of Sheffield, UK
  13. 13. Digitally mediated imaginative play Pivotal role of collaborative effort to support play
  14. 14. Access often shaped by parental decisions and beliefs !
  15. 15. Best Practice Strong theme of social interaction during time with the iPads Need for assistance at times from older siblings, peers, adults Child’s play as technical expert for at least a time Scaffolding
  16. 16. iPad Exploration Time Goodnight Safari WWF Together Meet Millie Numberlys Skippyjon ! ! Nighty Night Pocket Frogs Monster AR Flashcards Astrojammies Storyrobe Flat Stanley Sock Puppets Morris Bartleby Vol.2 Harold Timmy Tickle