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iPad: The Appventure Part One


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This workshop focuses productivity apps and functions on the iPad.

Part Two will address specific content areas apps for teacher educators and teachers

Published in: Technology, Design
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iPad: The Appventure Part One

  1. 1. iPad: The Appventure Cynthia Garrety
  2. 2. reviewSyncing your iPadOrganizing your Apps
  3. 3. your iPad CAN take screen shots cut/copy and paste search download apps
  4. 4. Taking a Push the on/off buttonScreenshot and the Home button Your image will be in the until you hear a camera sound. Photo Gallery
  5. 5. Hold your finger on the text until you get the select/select all optionCut/Copy/ Paste
  6. 6. Searching your iPad Swipe to the Right to get the Search Screen
  7. 7. App Download an App from your iPad Store icon Password AppSelections
  8. 8. Productivity
  9. 9. News, Notes, Mind Maps usually FREE to download then you pay per issue mindmeister FREE Free simplemind FREE
  10. 10. SketchPad HD Taking Notes$.99Sound Note$4.99Pentulamate$.99EvernoteFreeBamboo PaperFree
  11. 11. Presenting Prompter Pro $3.99 Keynote $9.99 Presentation Timer FREE Prezi Viewer FREESlideRocket (for ppt) FREE Presentation Pro FREE for creating presentations
  12. 12. Word Processing Pages $9.99Go Docs $4.99DocsToGo $9.00 FREE?Documents Free
  13. 13. and one more New onenewly released iAWriter $1.99
  14. 14. Where are the FREE apps? Go by customer reviews (Stars) free stuff is there.. you just have to search for the gems some suggestions dictionary calculator FHSU mobileCheck for sales on Hays New websites Blackboard Connect
  15. 15. how to find apps (blog, search apps) (online/FB) (online) (online and free app) Social networks
  16. 16. to be