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Time management course day 1


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Time management course day 1

  2. 2. WHAT IS TIME MANAGEMENT? All of us have the same amount of time available: 60 seconds in a minute 60 minutes in an hour 24 hours a day And 168 hours a week.Time Management is the Act of Controlling Events. The heart of time management is self management. Essentially everything we do requires time. Some activities are externally controlled, other activities are internally controlled.
  3. 3. WHAT IS GOOD TIME MANAGEMENT?Good time management is: Setting smart goals that can be realistically accomplished. Establishing priorities. Assuming full responsibility for the use or abuse of that valuable resource called time.
  4. 4. Time management refers to a range First generation: MANAGEMENT CATEGORIZATION SCHEME FOR TIME reminders based on of skills, tools, and techniques used clocks and watches, but with computer to manage time when accomplishing implementation possible, can be used to specific tasks, projects and goals. alert of the time when a task is to be done. This set encompass a wide scope of Second generation: activities, and these include planning and planning, allocating, setting goals, preparation based on calendars and delegation, analysis of time spent, appointment books, includes setting goals. monitoring, organizing, scheduling, Third generation: and prioritizing. planning, prioritizing, controlling (using a Initially time management referred personal organizer or other computer to just business or work activities, resources). but eventually the term broadned to Fourth generation: include personal activities also. being efficient and proactive using any of the above tools places A time management system is a goals and roles as the designed combination of tools and controlling element of the system, and favors techiques to control activities. importance over urgency.