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Thinking Outside the Big Box: Strategies for Healthy Food Retail

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Thinking Outside the Big Box: Strategies for Healthy Food Retail

  1. 1. ThinkingOutside Policiesthe Big Box for Grocery Heather Wooten, MCP This material cannot be copied or reproduced without permission. ©2011
  2. 2. market forces + public policy =“food landscape”
  3. 3. 3 key ways policies work:  Require  Incentivize  Restrict
  4. 4. REQUIRECondition neighborhood markets(convenience stores) at the timeof development review toincorporate the sale of freshfruits and vegetables. Watsonville, CA
  5. 5. INCENTIVIZE Buildings containing fresh food markets are allowed one additional square foot of floor area for each square foot of fresh food market floor area included within the building PHILADELPHIA, PA (DRAFT)
  6. 6. INCENTIVIZE The first 10,000 sq. ft. of floor area in a fresh food market is exempt from minimum off-street parking requirements. PHILADELPHIA, PA (DRAFT)
  7. 7. RESTRICT …proposal will not adversely affect adjacent or nearby public parks or schools OAKLAND, CA
  8. 8. public resources community benefit
  9. 9. Public resources:FinancingTax incentivesPlanning & zoningSite/location assistance
  10. 10. Community benefit:Local hireLiving wageLabor lawsStocking/sourcingEBT/WIC
  11. 11. Tools & Resources
  12. 12. DisclaimerThe information provided in this seminar is forinformational purposes only, and does not constitute legaladvice. Public Health Law & Policy does not enter intoattorney-client relationships.The primary purpose of this training is to address legaland/or policy options to improve public health. There is nointent to reflect a view on specific legislation. PHLPincorporates objective non-partisan analysis, study, andresearch in all our work. ©2011
  13. 13. Heather Wooten,