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Policy Approaches to Healthy Corner Stores- PowerPoint Presentation


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Licensing for Lettuce presented by Ian Mclaughlin

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Policy Approaches to Healthy Corner Stores- PowerPoint Presentation

  1. 1. Licensing for LettuceIan © Public Health Law & Policy 2011. This material cannot be copied or reproduced without permission.
  2. 2. business licensing: the basicsWHO can do businessWHERE can they locateWHAT other conditions must be met
  3. 3. healthy food licensing REQUIRE
  4. 4. healthy food licensingProvide incentives when stores stock freshproduce, post signage, etc. Cheaper license program Access to special grants, loans, TA Other incentives specific to your community INCENTIVIZE
  5. 5. lessons from tobacco retailer licensingNo licenses near schoolsand youth-populatedareasRestrict density ofretailersRevocation for violationof sales-to-minors laws RESTRICT
  6. 6. why adopt a license program? You create the law Significant, meaningful penalties • License suspension or revocation • Holds business accountable • Local enforcement Can apply to new and existing businesses Charge a fee for license to cover enforcement (state law varies)
  7. 7. who should be licensed? vs
  8. 8. implementation & enforcementWho will issue licensesand collect fees?Who will conductinspections?Who will enforcepenalties?
  9. 9. strategies for licensing Know your state and local laws Consider what business practices should be required Identify implementation and outreach partners Offer assistance to businesses in complying with new requirements
  10. 10. Ian