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Genesis Overview


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Genesis Overview

  1. 1. New energy.™ Smart New Energy Solutions
  2. 2. Energy - Sustainability Consulting - Energy Audit Building Sustainability Consulting - Retrofit Corporate Social Responsibility Integration Tenant – Landlord “Green Building” Sustainability Practice Renewable Energy Implementation/Construction Solar - Photovoltaic Fuel Cell Wind Micro Turbine Solar Thermal-Geothermal Ground Source Heat Pump Bio / Natural Gas New Energy Finance-Funding PPA – Power Purchase Agreements Carbon Trading, Feed-in-Tariff, REC’s, Cap & Trade Large Scale Energy Projects – Grid/Non-Grid Farms Marketing & Brand Support After Installation Service & Support Energy System Monitoring Consulting New Energy Finance Support → → → → What we do.
  3. 3. Through smart financing, the net of these cash flow impacts are an initial cash flow improvement, and frequently a positive cumulative cash flow for the next 20+ years, often with no cash outlay. There are a variety of smart financing mechanisms that Genesis New Energy will find & demonstrate to you that can be used to fund your project. We will run smart finance models to provide the right choice, which depends on: Your business goals [short & long term] Your corporate structure Your current cash flows & credit rating Your current business profitability & tax appetite Your ownership structure Other factors. Genesis New Energy is well versed in these issues and can counsel you and your tax professionals to conduct your own assessment as to the best financing approach. Smart Financing
  4. 4. Often renewable energy is not only affordable, but frequently generates positive cash flow immediately, which can be used to fuel growth or drop to the bottom line. Renewable energy cash flows have 4 components: Savings on electricity no longer purchased (positive) State and Federal subsidies (positive) Financing costs (negative) Tax affects (positive and negative) In this example, doing nothing over the next 20 years [continuing to pay utility electric bills] would be a cash flow cost of nearly -$5,000,000… while funding a renewable energy system with a loan, generates a positive cash flow of over $1,500,000. Positive Cash Flow Immediately Doing Nothing vs. New Energy
  5. 5. Clifford Friedman New Energy Specialist 714-916-2711 Smart New Energy Solutions