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Standarding the Secure Deployment of Medical Devices


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Talk on the OWASP Secure Medical Device Deployment Standard given in the 2017 Defcon Biohacking Village

Published in: Devices & Hardware
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Standarding the Secure Deployment of Medical Devices

  2. 2. Free PowerPoint Templates
  3. 3. Free PowerPoint Templates
  4. 4. WANNACRY Ransomware Attack of Pandemic Proportions
  5. 5. WannaDie??? A whole new and wholly unacceptable meaning of denial of service
  7. 7. FDA GUIDANCE • FDA released pre and post market guidance on cybersecurity recommendations for medical devices • Guidance is a huge step in the right direction, but is currently non-binding • Even if all manufacturers comply tomorrow it will take years before all in place medical devices are replaced with more secure models
  8. 8. SECURING THE NOW??? • How do healthcare institutions ensure that their current device deployments are done securely? • Even a device with all the security features in the world will be insecure if it is not deployed in a secure manner. What constitutes a secure medical device deployment?
  9. 9. OWASP STANDARD • OWASP makes available a Secure Medical Device Deployment Standard •
  10. 10. PURCHASING CONTROLS • The best way to prevent risks from impacting your environment is to prevent them from being introduced in the first place • Security Audit • Privacy Audit • Support • List of software components
  11. 11. PERIMETER DEFENSES • Medical devices should be denied access to the outside world wherever feasible • Firewalls • Network Intrusion Detection • Proxy/Web Filter
  12. 12. NETWORK SECURITY CONTROLS • Do these devices really need to communicate with every other device on your network? The answer is NO!!! • Network Segmentation • Internal Firewalls • Internal NIDS • Syslog Server • Log Monitoring • Vulnerability Scanning • DNS Sinkholes
  13. 13. DEVICE SECURITY CONTROLS • Change default credentials • Account Lockout • Enable Secure Transport • Spare copy of firmware • Backup of device configs • Baseline configurations • Encrypt Storage • Different User Accounts • Restrict Access to Management Interface • Update Mechanisms • Compliance Monitoring • Physical Security • Asset Management What are the security controls that should be configured on the devices themselves?
  14. 14. INTERFACES AND CENTRAL STATIONS • Computers and servers are often used to collect data and transmit data to other systems in the environment. These need to be secures as well. • OS Hardening • Encrypted Transport • Message Security • Updates
  15. 15. SECURITY TESTING AND INCIDENT RESPONSE • Prove your deployments are secure and that you can really respond to an issue if it arises • Pen Tests • Incident Response Plan • Mock Incidents
  16. 16. GROWING ADOPTION • Standard Covered in publications such as CSO Magazine, IAPP Privacy Perspectives, HelpNet Security, Health System CIO • Turkish Language translation recently donated by Erdal Yildiz
  17. 17. OWASP ANTI-RANSOMWARE GUIDE • A defense in depth based guide consisting of 45 suggested controls in the following categories • Perimeter Defenses • Network Defenses • Endpoint Defenses • Server Side Defenses • SIEM and Log Management • Backup and Recovery • Awareness Training • Incident Response • IoT
  18. 18. QUESTIONS • Thanks to Liz Belousov, Tony Alas, Bev Corwin, Erdal Yildez