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Si05 panorama des offres stg cloud - lite

  1. 1. SI05 - Panorama des offres STG Cloud Claude Riousset – Executive Architect – STG Cloud SEI © 2010 IBM Corporation Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012Agenda Evolution du marché Cloud Evolution de l’offre Cloud IBM De l’impact du Cloud modèle Du Cloud à la Plateforme De la Concurrence Comment engager (méthode, supports) ? Conclusion2 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012Agenda Evolution du marché Cloud Evolution de l’offre Cloud IBM De l’impact du Cloud modèle Du Cloud à la Plateforme De la Concurrence Comment engager (méthode, supports) ? Conclusion3 © 2012 IBM Corporation Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012 Technology will play the key role…. Faster Delivery 90% of CIOs view cloud as critical to their plans Improved Reach 10B Mobile connected devices in use by 20203 Factors impacting organizations: Responsive Operations 1. Technology factors 2. People skills 3. Market factors IBM Global 20B+ Intelligent business assets 4. Macro-economic factors CEO Study 5. Regulatory concerns 6. Globalization New Insights 7. Socio-economic factors 8. Environmental issues 9. Geopolitical factors 2.7ZB of digital content in 2012, a 50% increase from 20114 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012 But organizations must transform IT from cost centers driving on-going operations to strategic centers of business innovation Today’s business infrastructures are becoming inhibitors to business change. 5 © 2012 IBM Corporation Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012 Clients are taking different approaches to Cloud … Cloud computing is a service delivery model that enables the agile automation of shared computing & business resources. Private cloud IT capabilities are provided “as a service” over an Hybrid Internal, on-premise and external IT service delivery methods are Public cloud IT activities and functions are provided “as a service” over the Internet. 90% Are moving projects intranet, within the enterprise integrated. into the Cloud and behind the firewall. …the majority being hybrid clouds …which overtime, will converge *Source: Industry Analyst Concensus6 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  4. 4. Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012 Cloud enables our clients to realize business innovation, improved service delivery, reduced costs Capability From To Key client challenge Dramatically reduce time Test provisioning Weeks Minutes and cost to deploy new IT resources from months to Change management Months Days/hours minutes Release management Weeks Minutes Service access Administered Self-service Standardization Complex Reuse/share Metering/billing Fixed cost Variable cost Server/storage 10–20% 70–90% utilization Payback period Years Months Source: 2009 IBM CEO Survey7 © 2012 IBM Corporation Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012Client Cloud Roadmap as a tool to develop Business Reinvent Business IBM Smarter Commerce & BAO ERP on New Business Cloud GBS/SWG/GTS opportunities IBM GBS/GTS Industry IDTE Solutions GBS/SWG/GTS Business Application Services Gain immediate access Time to Market Rethink IT CloudBusiness agility Cost efficiency Management Platform Innovate Business Model SwG Cloud SmartCloud SmartCloud Private Hosting Enterprise Enterprise+ Cloud Provider GTS GTS STG/SWG/GTS STG/SWG/GTS8 © 2012 IBM Corporation IBM Cloud Computing Reference Architecture
  5. 5. Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012Agenda Evolution du marché Cloud Evolution de l’offre Cloud IBM De l’impact du Cloud modèle Du Cloud à la Plateforme De la Concurrence Comment engager (méthode, supports) ? Conclusion9 © 2012 IBM Corporation Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012 A continuous drumbeat of Beyond IBM’s SmartCloud Integrated, Capabilities Virtualization Expert Systems New SmartCloud Foundation capabilities “Built for Cloud” improving Cloud visibility, control, automation Built in Expertise Integration by Design New SmartCloud Extended Private Services addressing the Simplified Experience Cloud & Solution dynamic storage needs of Mobile Foundation Cloud Capabilities Entry Clouds & patterns New SmartCloudIntroducing IBM SmartCloud Solutions to help cities operate more intelligently &SmartCloud Foundation for private clouds efficiently Launched “Rethink IT. New SmartCloud Reinvent Business” Services & Solutions Delivered SmartCloud Open Stack managed services Partnership IBM’s strategic PoV10 April 2011 10 October 2011 March 2012 April 2012 IBM Corporation © 2012
  6. 6. Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012 SmartCloud is our competitive “offering” for the Cloud category and we are focused on capturing the market across 3 primary segments Business Process as a Service Software as a Service STG Platform as a Service “sweet spot” Infrastructure as a Service Design Deploy Consume Foundation Services Solutions Private & Hybrid Clouds Managed Cloud Services Cloud Business Solutions Cloud Enablement Technologies Infrastructure and Platform as a Service Software and Business Process as a Service Commitment to open standards and a broad ecosystem 11 © 2012 IBM Corporation Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012IBMSmartCloud Foundation Cloud’s Infrastructure Component Custom programming models Secure, optimized workload systems Shared database Enterprise application management & integration as a service STG “sweet spot” Enhanced cloud environment visibility & performance analytics Virtualized, resilient hardwareSystems management & pooling Integrated cloud management Image management (library, patching, analytics) optimized for IBM Systems Rapid high-scale heterogeneous provisioning 12 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  7. 7. Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012 Cloud solutions: What are clients asking IBM? Line of Business Teams Infrastructure Teams How can I improve How can I my resource accelerate my utilization, simplify application release administration and Infrastructure as a Service Technologies cycle in an reduce cost ? optimized, quality fashion? Infrastructure Management & Availability & Security & Usage & Administration Performance Compliance Accounting Platform Operations Teams How can I improve responsiveness and drive productivity and efficiency while maintaining stringent qualities of service? 13 © 2012 IBM Corporation Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012Clients are not sure where to start on the journey Infrastructure as a Service Technologies This is not always a Infrastructure Management Availability and Security and Usage and Platform and Administration Performance Compliance Accounting linear progression. Some clients begin by Orchestrate optimizing their virtualization Service foundation for a Orchestration workload, then gradually move to Automate and Integration cloud. Basic cloud Basic cloud Others require cloud Integrate (Self-service, (Self-service, capabilities from the admin, VM admin, VM beginning and may provisioning) provisioning) start with advanced cloud or entry cloud Virtualization Virtualization Virtualization solutions. & platform & platform & platform management management management A client may be in all of these stages w/ Virtualized Virtualized Virtualized different workloads Servers, Storage, Servers, Storage, Servers, Storage, across their data Networking Networking Networking center. 14 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  8. 8. Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012Journey to Cloud .. and want to end up here within the next 12 months Many clients are here Orchestrate Deliver IT without boundaries through the Automate use of advanced technologies such as Integrate Improve speed orchestration and dexterity with Build a simpler, more increased use of scalable and more cost- automation efficient IT infrastructure (systems, network, and storage) to align with emerging business goals16 © 2012 IBM Corporation Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012 Foundation Services Solutions Cloud Enablement Managed Cloud Services Cloud Business Solutions Technologies A foundation for enabling A secure, scalable cloud Accelerate businesses and managing Cloud platform for deploying impact by leveraging services. apps rapidly & efficiently Cloud business applications Commitment to open standards and a broad ecosystem17 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  9. 9. Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012Building a foundation To build private clouds successfully customers must implement a Cloud Foundation that consists of the following components… • IT Monitoring, Visibility, • Common components 1. 2. and processes Self Service Service Management Server, Storage, & • Seamless integration of • IT Control Network Resources virtualized infrastructure • Workflow• Elastic Scaling • Manage cloud across IT 3. Cloud 5. service lifecycle• Advanced security and Virtualization & IT Business Practices resiliency Foundation • Develop virtualized cost Systems Management allocation• Enterprise systems management • Security, Multi-tenancy • Ability to account, budget, • Standardization and 4. 6. and charge effectively for automation cut across all virtualized workloads Financial Management Standardization & dimensions, but critical to Automation effective cloud deployment and management ** Capabilities assed in STG Lab Services Cloud Infrastructure Workshop : Business Value Assessment** STG Technology influence factor © 2012 IBM Corporation Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012 Flexible deployment options to enable enterprise cloud platforms Deploy Cloud platforms into your existing infrastructure Accelerate Existing Infrastructure deployments with expert integrated systems An integrated pool of abstracted application services to build & run Cloud services Immediate access to managed services A policy-based, scalable environment for managing the delivery of computing resources and Cloud services “on demand”19 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  10. 10. Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012Agenda Evolution du marché Cloud Evolution de l’offre Cloud IBM De l’impact du Cloud modèle Du Cloud à la Plateforme De la Concurrence Comment engager (méthode, supports) ? Conclusion 20 © 2012 IBM Corporation Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012How is selling Cloud different than STG hardware offerings? YESTERDAY TODAY vs. Standardized function Customized value statement What the box does What the client needs Spec sheet White board business issues 21 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  11. 11. Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012 Use the strength of IBM together to win Cloud Management Tivoli Service IBM IBM Service Tivoli Automation Manager Tivoli Management Usage and Infrastructure Monitoring Tivoli Provisioning Manager Accounting (manage from System x, Power, System z) Manager IBM Systems Director / VMControl x86 Power System z Virtualized Infrastructure LPAR LPAR VM VM VM VM VM VMware, KVM, PowerVM zVM (manage to System x, … BladeCenter, iDataplex, Power, System z) SVC, XIV … Cloud Endpoints • The IBM cloud infrastructure does not create an ‘island of computing’ • Customers may start with x86, but the extensibility of the infrastructure can swing the deal to IBM • Choose wisely between total integration and flexibility 22 © 2012 IBM Corporation Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012 IBM SmartCloud Foundation infrastructure solutions Capabilities to support varying customer needs Integrated service management platform with automated IT service deployment, lifecycle management, metering and chargeback Rich capabilities allowing middleware deploymentDeliver IT without Boundaries Automated provisioning TSAM/ISDM designed for cloud; Parallel scalability with integrated fault tolerance. Basic cloud functions including IBM Workload Deployer Industrial-strength intuitive self service interface, virtualization administration, and coupled with infrastructure management automated designed for cloud resource balancing IBM SmartCloud Provisioning IaaS - existing and virtual image management IaaS - new Virtualization and Management IBM SmartCloud Entry (IBM Platforms + Systems Software) PaaS - existing Service Assurance, Service Defense, Hybrid Cloud IBM Platforms STANDARDIZATION Cloud Capabilities © 2012 IBM Corporation 23
  12. 12. Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012Cloud based IT is a design point – IBM has the most complete end to endcloud capability BSS – Business Support Services Business-level functionality for management of Cloud Services Why does this matter? OSS Service Delivery Catalog 1. Complete vision and Operational Support clarity on what the Service Templates Service Automation Management Services Change & Configuration client can expect. Service Request Management Image Lifecycle Management Management Provisioning Incident & Problem IT Service Level Management Management Monitoring & IT Asset & License Management Capacity & 2. All IBM Cloud offerings Event Management Performance Management are built to this spec Virtualization Mgmt Our public service offerings Virtualized Infrastructure Our Private Cloud Server, Storage, Network integrated appliances The individual Designed for interoperability and integration. products Modularity allows it to be flexible for clients. Reference: 24 © 2012 IBM Corporation Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012Evolution of the Cloud Computing Reference Architecture Early 2012 • Release CCRA 2.5 • Cloud Application Patterns April 2011 • Reach milestone of ~1000 Public Cloud RA IBMers formally educated whitepaper on the CCRA available on February 2011 Submitted CCRA to The Open Group October 2010 Used in Cloud July 2011 Mid-2012 Launch and various Released • Release CCRA 3.0 customer/analyst “CCRA for March 2011 • Platform Services and sessions Business Published DevOps CCRA 2.0 Partners” • Cloud-Enabled Data March 2010 Centers Published CC & • Cloud Service CCMP Reference Providers March 2009 Architecture 1.0 • Software as a Service Initiated CCAB • Commercialization SC CCMP Reference Architecture 25 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  13. 13. Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012CCRA Exemple: NFR Context Relationship with other TWP and Domains Architectural Domains and Technical Work Product Inputs* Cloud Delivery Models SaaS Metering/ Rating / Accounting Virtualization Management Performance& Scalability Managed Service Desk Multi-tenancy Hybrid Cloud Resiliency PaaS NFRs Virtuoso IaaS Public: Compute Cloud Private: Shared Private Production Cloud * Domain NFRs available for harvest26 © 2012 IBM Corporation Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012 Movement From Traditional Environments to Cloud One Step or an Evolution Leverage each step as a selling opportunity and a client call-to- action to prepare for cloud CLOUD Dynamic provisioning for workloads SHARED RESOURCES Common workload profiles AUTOMATE Flexible delivery & Self Service STANDARDIZE Operational Efficiency VIRTUALIZE Increase Utilization CONSOLIDATE Physical Infrastructure Traditional IT27 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  14. 14. Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012Agenda Evolution du marché Cloud Evolution de l’offre Cloud IBM De l’impact du Cloud modèle Du Cloud à la Plateforme De la Concurrence Comment engager (méthode, supports) ? Conclusion28 © 2012 IBM Corporation Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012 At IBM we understand the cloud and we also understand that “One Size Does not Fit All” 29 Tips ☺ All your best practises … still relevant in the cloud © 2012 IBM Corporation
  15. 15. Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012Workloads Matter: Understand what your customer wants to move to cloud Ready for cloud… New workloads Collaborative Care made possible by Analytics Medical Imaging cloud … Infrastructure Storage Financial Risk Information Industry Applications intensive Energy Management Isolated Collaboration workloads Sensitive Data Workplace, Desktop & Mature Highly Devices workloads customized Business Processes Not yet virtualized Pre- 3rd party SW production Disaster Recovery Complex systems Development & Test May not yet be ready processes & Batch transactions Infrastructure for migration… processing Regulation Compute sensitive 30 © 2012 IBM Corporation Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012Getting Started: Deploying Virtualization/Cloud in the Enterprise IBM provides options to Customers on how a virtualized infrastructure can be delivered. Which option is right for you? Virtualization & Systems Start-up Services • Flexibility Management SW • Time to Results Virtualized Servers & Storage Virtualization & Systems Management SW • Install Base Virtualized Servers • Workload Networking & Storage • Skill set Networking Integrated Cloud Infrastructure Solution Custom Cloud Solution • Pre-integrated Configurations • Unlimited Configurations • Pre-Built at Factory • Custom Build • Integrated Support • Product Level Support • Quick installation • Longer installation • Self contained, expandable • Supports multiple platforms infrastructure with minimal and custom components customization • Enterprise Pricing • Solution Pricing 31 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  16. 16. Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012What can be part of a Cloud Solution? Systems – System x, BladeCenter, POWER systems, System z IBM integrated cloud building blocks – PureFlex, PureApplication System – BladeCenter Foundation for Cloud with IBM cloud software Storage – SONAS, V7000, other IBM storage along with SVC Networking components Examples of system software – IBM Systems Director – BladeCenter Open Fabric Manager Examples of IBM Cloud software components – IBM SmartCloud Entry – IBM SmartCloud Provisioning – IBM Service Delivery Manager – Tivoli Provisioning Manager (TPM) – Tivoli Usage and Accounting (TUAM) – Tivoli Monitoring (ITM) – Tivoli Service Automation Manager (TSAM) 32 © 2012 IBM Corporation Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012IBM systems overview PureFlex System provides unified management with enterprise zEnterprise™ storage and choice of compute nodes (Power and x86). PureApplication System provides a pre-integrated, pre-optimized Power HE hardware and software stack with a single point of management . It should be the first choice to compete with Oracle Exalogic offering. System z remains the enterprise consolidation system with best Power 770 economics for clients, delivering the best availability, security, scale and management required for enterprise critical work. zEnterprise PureApplication with zBX is a proof point for hybrid universal management Power 4S System capabilities of IBM. Power 2S WebSphere and DB2 Enterprise Power (High End and 770) continues to be the leading Power system for UNIX consolidation with 60% unit share; delivers PureFlex System Blades leadership virtualization, performance, security and resiliency Power 4s and 2s needed by most enterprise clients to support AIX, Linux and IBM i. x Blades x86 4s and 2s Power Express (4s and 2s) provides highly customizable systems Storage for traditional UNIX, Linux and IBM i applications in Midmarket or eX5 High distributed enterprise clients. End Networking Power Blades will transition to PureFlex System Power Compute Nodes. x Volume Rack System x Blades should be prioritized if the customer focuses on existing investment protection. x Volume eX5 High End should be prioritized for scale-up and maximum x86 Tower memory requirements. 33 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  17. 17. Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012Accelerate Cloud: Enable a secure, integrated cloud enablingprovision of resources in minutes versus days When clients are looking to leverage integration across compute, storage and networking with integrated platform, virtualization and cloud management to most PureFlex rapidly deploy cloud environments vs. having to assemble all the elements of the System cloud from components. Lead with PureFlex System when the competition is threatening to take out an existing IBM system or when we have the opportunity to set the converged infrastructure agenda where IBM does not have hardware incumbency. When clients are looking for an integrated hardware solution that forms a BladeCenter strong virtualization system or foundation for cloud, with lower level System x High management requirements. Volume Rack When clients are looking for flexible and entry price point for cloud deployment to drive lowest total cost of acquisition. When the client desires to extend their current enterprise infrastructure to Enterprise deploy a resilient, scalable and secure private cloud for UNIX, IBM i and Linux Power Systems applications. When the client desires a private enterprise cloud to achieve the highest levels zEnterprise of utilization, multi-tenancy, fine-grained usage and accounting, workload automation and security. For clients building highly automated, elastic clouds with all required cloud PureApplication management for transactional web and other application types delivered via System application or system patterns for platform as a service. 34 © 2012 IBM Corporation Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012 IBM PureSystems extensible with “patterns of expertise” Including built-in cloud capabilities IBM PureFlex IBM PureApplication System System Application 100+ ISV business applications Available Patterns and Images Business intelligence through Images available for Business process management PureSystems Available patterns client tuning Web experience Centre images from IBM More to come in 2012… and Partners Platform Patterns Images Web application deployment Expertise across available for Database deployment the middleware client tuning and infrastructure Cloud platform management Built-in with Infrastructure Provisioning flexibility Patterns Storage optimization Expertise across Scalability the compute Upgradability resources 35 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  18. 18. Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012 SmartCloud Entry adds a cloud management stack to FSM, including self service and limited chargeback and monitoring. • Simplified cloud administration with intuitive interface lowers administrative overhead • Improved operations productivity with easy self-service user Accelerate Time to interface Market: Time to market • Open and extensible for easy customization to improvement for new applications help tailor to unique business environments Integrated Management Approvals, metering, billing, • Standardization of virtual machines and images reduces users and projects through management costs and a single ‘pane of glass’ accelerates responsiveness to changing Flexible, modular design: Small business needs Footprint -- simple, quick install on systems with VMControl, • Improved utilization of infrastructure by Extensible via REST API allowing highly optimized IBM systems, simpler partners to easily customize the UI consolidation and management Included in PureFlex Standard and Enterprise configurations. 36 © 2012 IBM Corporation Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012SmartCloud Entry Features 37 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  19. 19. Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012 IBM SmartCloud Provisioning combines infrastructure and platform capabilities to deliver automated workload deployment and high-scale application provisioning Reduce costs with robust, automated, high-scale provisioning Prevent image sprawl with in-built advanced image lifecycle management Accelerate time to market with standardized pattern-based deployment for optimized workloads Flexibility and cost savings from choice of Hypervisor and Hardware 38 © 2012 IBM Corporation Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012SmartCloud Provisioning 2.1 Features Simple, easy to use, deploy’s in few hours Reliable, non-stop cloud – fault tolerant management servers Rapid scalable deployment – 100 VMs in 60 seconds Virtual image library control image sprawl, rich analytics, image versioning Simple GUI based Image construction & composition Supports multiple hypervisors (ESXi, KVM, Xen, PowerVM and z/VM) on hetrogeneous platforms Low touch automation and self service UI reduces operations cost Simple drag and drop user interface for designing and deploying patterns Faster and easier deployment of middleware topologies using virtual system patterns Elastic scaling of applications based on business demand 39 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  20. 20. Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012 IBM Tivoli Service Automation Manager provides an advanced cloud solution including multi-tenancy, process automation and multi-hypervisor support. Simplifies user interaction with IT • User friendly self-service interface accelerates time to value • Service catalog enables standards to drive consistent service delivery • Provision software applications as part of server provisioning Delivers provisioning to enable automation to lower cost • Automated provisioning and de-provisioning speeds service delivery • Provisioning policies allow release and reuse of assets Multi-tenant security Supports multiple hypervisors from single self-service portal • VMware, KVM, XEN, IBM PowerVM*, IBM z/VM TivSAM Integrates with key offerings to deliver advanced capabilities • Included with ISDM Service Delivery Manager • Integrated with IBM Workload Deployer, Tivoli Usage and Accounting Mgr, IBM Tivoli Monitoring and IBM Hybrid Cloud Integrator * TiVSAM 7.2.2 does not support IBM Power Servers in a PureFlex systems. IBM’s statement of direction to add this support40 © 2012 IBM Corporation Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012 IBM Service Delivery Manager adds integrated monitoring and chargeback to TSAM in an easy to deploy package. Automates resource deployment in response to user-driven service requests IBM Tivoli Service IBM Service Delivery Manager Automation Solution to support user-driven Pre-configured service management service requests and automated solution optimized for managing virtual resource deployment environments and cloud deployments Self-service user interface for service requests for improved responsiveness and efficiency Automated IT resource deployment for efficient operations and to address fluctuating business requirements Interoperable with existing hardware to leverage available resources and previous investment Pre-integrated solution, delivered as virtual images for faster installation and time to value Performance monitoring for ongoing managing of the service Usage and accounting tracking for chargeback capabilities Management server ready for high availability Energy Management for tracking and optimizing operational costs41 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  21. 21. Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012 What are the System x Cloud Offerings? (3 of 3) Orchestrate Automate Advanced Cloud •SmartCloudDeliver IT without Boundaries Provisioning Entry Cloud Integrate Manager IBM SmartCloud •Tivoli Service Entry Automation Manager Virtualization for System x * •IBM Service Delivery Manager - Integrated with IBM PureFlex PureFlex System - Integrated with IBM * Smart Cloud Entry BladeCenter Foundation for System x is the for Cloud same offering as IBM BladeCenter - Installed on System x Starter Kit for Cloud Foundation for Cloud 3650M3 Servers x86 Edition. Formal name change will happen in 2Q12. Cloud Capabilities © 2012 IBM Corporation Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012 System x Integrated Platforms for SmartCloud Entry Integrated platforms provide: SmartCloud Entry provides: Server, storage, network + Cloud Administration Self-service Interface Infrastructure provisioning Usage Monitoring/Metering IBM SmartCloud Entry on BladeCenter Foundation for Cloud IBM SmartCloud Entry on Reference Config for IBM PureFlex System SmartCloud Entry on System x Basic Cloud Basic Cloud Basic Cloud Software Software Software Virt Layer Virt Layer Virt Layer Management Management Management Storage Storage Storage Networking Networking Networking Servers Servers Servers © 2012 IBM Corporation
  22. 22. Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012Differentiation by Characteristic Ref Config for VMware IBM BladeCenter IBM PureFlex System Foundation for CloudPrice •IBM factory integrated servers, •IBM factory or BP integrated network, storage and •Reference config assembled servers, network, storage,Integration management by BP or Lab Services using management •Deeper, broader management predefined and tested recipe •Limited factory configurability integration with FSM of piece parts •Virtualized storage integrated •Intelligent image deployment •Entry supports ~44 VMs •Small supports ~128 VMs •Starts at ~270 VMs with 6Scalability •Large supports ~132 VMs •Medium supports ~448 VMs compute ITEs •Can add more rack servers •Large supports ~896 VMs and more iSCSI Storage •Can support ~1800s VMs •Limited by 1Gb networking with 40 compute ITEs •GMB customers •GB LE and Sector customers •GB LE and Sector customersTarget Client •Very price sensitive •Somewhat price sensitive •Looking for high degree of •Strong rack server affinity •Strong BladeCenter affinity integration and scale (hardware, skills, •Mix of Power and x86 in data management) center •Greenfield data centers © 2012 IBM Corporation Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012Platform feature/function differentiation: BCFC vs. PureFlex Shared Integrated servers and networking Integrated storage and management Factory integrated Time to value Differentiators Differentiators Intelligent image deployment Affinity to BladeCenter (HW, skills, mgmt) Flexible automated management Lower cost blade offering Integrated virtualized storage BladeCenter Complete VMware integration IBM PureFlex Foundation Higher memory capacity Density at the rack level for Cloud Scalable IO/higher bandwidth More configurability via BP integration Supports Power and x86 nodes Supports converged networks* Supports energy management* High performance workload virtualization * Will be supported on PureFlex later in 2012 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  23. 23. Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012Agenda Evolution du marché Cloud Evolution de l’offre Cloud IBM De l’impact du Cloud modèle Du Cloud à la Plateforme De la Concurrence Comment engager (méthode, supports) ? Conclusion46 © 2012 IBM Corporation Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012The battle for cloud is real! We are here 20 20 20 20 202007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 16 17 18 19 20 Hype cycle has transitioned to buying! IBM has gained footprints and established good references Now is time to step up our game and win the majority for IBM….before our competitors do!47 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  24. 24. Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012IBM and Competition General Purpose Integrated Systems Appliances Systems (by brand) BladeCenter (x86, POWER7®) PureFlex System Power Systems (POWER7) (Express, Standard, Enterprise) IBM System x & iDataPlex (x86) PureApplication System IBM Netezza® System z (zArch,) IBM Smart Analytics System UCS B-Series Blade (x86) Unified Computing System (UCS) ====== Cisco UCS C-Series Rack (x86) VCE Vblock (VMware, Cisco, EMC) NetApp FlexPod (NetApp, Cisco) ====== BladeSystem (x86, Itanium) Converged Systems Portfolio HP Integrity Systems (Itanium) VirtualSystem AppSystems Portfolio Proliant Systems (x86) CloudSystem Integrity NonStop (Itanium) (Matrix / Enterprise / Service Provider) Sun Blade (x86, SPARC) Database Appliance SPARC (M, T, SuperCluster) Exadata Database Machine Big Data Appliance Oracle Sun Fire Servers (x86) Exalogic Elastic Cloud Exalytics In-Memory ====== Machine What customers are beginning to want – “Single purpose” “Traditional” system – configure the flexibility and choice of traditional system – optimized to any way you want, run whatever system, but the simplified use and one task or function, you want deployment of an appliance drop it in and go 48 © 2012 IBM Corporation Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012Agenda Evolution du marché Cloud Evolution de l’offre Cloud IBM De l’impact du Cloud modèle Du Cloud à la Plateforme De la Concurrence Comment engager (méthode, supports) ? Conclusion 49 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  25. 25. Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012 Identifying cloud opportunities •Platform selection is important, but secondary; •focus first on client’s business requirements and cloud functionality. •Assess the client situation: – Business needs – Workloads/applications that deliver their •Propose the right level of computing real business value environment that highlights the value – Current costs of providing and and impact it can have on the client’s maintaining their infrastructure and identified workloads/applications. workloads – Existing infrastructure (systems, storage, network, software, and IT staff) •Use the Journey to Cloud Selling Scenarios to understand client profiles, ask the right questions, and present the correct benefits. •Identify an STG platform (Pure Systems, System x, Power Systems, System z) based on client’s IT requirements (RAS, IT architecture strategy, IT cost, etc.) 1. Lead from the client’s business challenge, not the platform. 2. IBM’s differentiator is “fit-for- Purpose 50 © 2012 IBM Corporation Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012Identifying an Opportunity – What you need to know Has the customer already virtualized at least some of their workloads? if they haven’t virtualized, they need to start with the virtualization step in their journey to cloud Do they have Cisco networking? If so, you KNOW Cisco has been talking to them about Cisco Cloud offerings – be proactive and talk about IBM Cloud value Do they have a test and development environment? Implementing a private test/dev cloud is a great way to get started with quick payback Are POWER systems or mainframes a key part of the customer strategy and environment? If so, IBM Cloud strategy for cross platform support may greatly benefit the customer and be a strong competitive advantage Is IBM Software such as WebSphere, Rational development tools, and/or Tivoli management deployed? These can be helpful drivers for effective cloud deployments 51 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  26. 26. Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012Identifying an Opportunity –Questions Your Customer is Asking How can I move from basic virtualization to a cloud business model? How can I manage services deployed across heterogeneous cloud environments? Are we managing resources including server, network and storage across my data center? How can I do this more effectively? Does my strategy and architecture allow me to start build on existing capabilities as I transform my infrastructure? How do I identify the ROI and get buy-in from my management to do this? What vendor(s) provide the right cloud solutions to make me successful? 52 © 2012 IBM Corporation Symposium Technique Serveurs et Stockage IBM 2012Guiding the cloud discussion with your clients Does customer YES Deliver IBM’s No Engage with IBM for have basic strategy Public Cloud cloud awareness? for private cloud IBM BladeCenter No Yes Foundation for Cloud and Compute cloud software Cloud overview Does customer cloud or have Yes “I want Customized Private cloud IT Optimization / to see cloud Compute Cloud Cloud Strategy? products” with IBM systems whiteboard No IBM Storage Storwise V7000 cloud Customized Consolidation Automation / Need help Storage Cloud and Optimization with Virtualization Overview or strategy? Overview, Whiteboard, Run a IBM SONAS whiteboard ROI analysis workshop 53 © 2012 IBM Corporation