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Buzztime trivia


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Sports
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Buzztime trivia

  1. 1. Buzztime TriviaPlay trivia, cards, and sports trivia games! By: Clifford Francis II
  2. 2. What is Buzztime?• Buzztime is an interactive entertainment game in bars & restaurants across U.S. & Canada.• Buzztime is offered in over 3500 locations in the U.S. & Canada!• Buzztime is general trivia, poker-black jack & Texas hold’em. & sports trivia.
  3. 3. Buzztime’s premium games• Mondays you can play Sports IQ• Tuesdays have Glory Daze, Showdown, & BrainBuster.• Wednesdays offer SciFiles, Six, Pastimes, & Lexitopia.• Thursdays have Ask It Already, Immortal Words, Six, Topix.• Fridays present Topix, Spotlight, Trendalicious Trivia.• Saturdays involves Playback, Tuned In, & Speed Freaks.
  4. 4. What are premium games?• Premium games are specialty games that are only played in the evenings and once a week.• The exceptions being Six & Topix.• Examples: 1. SciFiles-Science fiction from, Literature, film and television 2. Lexitopia-Find the correct definition 3. Playback-Hour-long game on music trivia 4. Six-Trivia on six different categories: The Sciences, The World, The Shows, The Past, The Games and The Arts 5. Topix-15 question game that has a different theme each time.
  5. 5. When to play• Everyday of the week starting at 11 am you can begin the day by playing Lunchtime Trivia.• At 2pm you can play a general knowledge game called Countdown Trivia.• Premium games during the week begin at 7:30pm & Saturday at 8pm.
  6. 6. Glory Daze• Tuesdays at 7:30 pm• This is a game about the recent past of the 50s, 60s & 70s.• The questions can be about entertainment, politics, music, historical events & pop culture.
  7. 7. Showdown• It is an hour long game starting at 8pm Tuesday evenings.• It involves six rounds in an academically challenging test of the humanities, sciences, geography, history and more.
  8. 8. How to sign up?1. Visit a restaurant or bar that has Buzztime.2. Ask a server for a Playmaker. Turn it on.3. On the menu look for create new user.4. An email, a unique username, and password are required. Also, your handle, which can be different from your username.5. Instead you can visit and create your profile online before you leave the house.
  9. 9. How to sign in• Ask a server for a Playmaker & push the green START button.• On the menu look for Play (game name).
  10. 10. How to sign in continued• Next step is press enter when Member Log In is highlighted.• Input your Username: & Password: then press enter.
  11. 11. How to play• You’re ready to play! Look at a television and read the question. Once the answers are displayed press the number you think is correct.• Pressing an answer more quickly will net you more points, but WATCH THE CLUES!• If you are wrong you can CHANGE YOUR ANSWER!
  12. 12. Buzztime access• You can play at a location with a Smartphone device or tablet device.• Both Apple and Android devices are compatible.
  13. 13. Where to play• Buffalo Wild Wings in Ironton• RJ Kahuna’s in Canonsburg• Trivia can be played at some Hooters, Old Chicago, Beef O’ Brady’s & Black Angus Steakhouse.
  14. 14. Bonuses of playing• PlayersPlus points-PlayersPlus points hold no monetary value and are for bragging rights only.• Badges-Badges are achievements that you earn for being a trivia expert. They are content specific.• Prizes-Random Acts of Buzztime is a random weekly drawling based on how many badges you earn. Each badge earned is an entry in the weekly drawling.• Competitions-Are held and sometimes it’s a trophy, sometimes it’s a prize pack.
  15. 15. Final thoughts• Buzztime can be a fun activity for a night out.• It can be played once or on a weekly basis.• Solo or with friends.