Intersection of Human Trafficking and HIV/AIDS


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How HIV/AIDS and human trafficking intersect, the push factors, and what can be done.

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Intersection of Human Trafficking and HIV/AIDS

  1. 1. INTERSECTION OF HUMANTRAFFICKING AND HIV/AIDSDomestic and International By Carol Fenton
  2. 2. Human Trafficking“Therecruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons, by means of thethreat or use of force or other forms ofcoercion, of abduction, of fraud, ofdeception, of the abuse of power or of aposition of vulnerability or of the giving orreceiving of payments or benefits to achievethe consent of a person having control overanother person, for the purpose ofexploitation". United Nations definition
  3. 3. Who is most at risk? HIV/AIDS TRAFFICKING• Persons who move • Members ofand work in high risk communities ofand/or exploitive families affected byconditions are at HIV/AIDS arerisk of HIV/AIDS. under increased pressure to earn a living.
  4. 4. Domestic Push Factors Homelessness Sexism Racism AbleismClassism Homophobia Transphobia Labor rightsImmigration policy Adultism Reproductive rights
  5. 5. Global Push Factors HIV/AIDS Limited Access to Untreated STI’s Social Services Poor Work Inadequate Limited Work Conditions Information Trafficking Labor Migration Economic Crisis Breakdown of Social Social Inequities Poverty Structure
  6. 6. Key Strategies• A comprehensive rights-based approach that addresses the often overlapping push factors associated with forced labor, migration, sex work, HIV/AIDS and trafficking. Examples:• Comprehensive sexual health education• Employment and vocational training• Gender equity• Migration management• Strengthen policies and regulations for protecting the rights of workers
  7. 7. Key Focus Areas• Community• Equity• Inclusion
  8. 8. Carol Fenton••• Twitter: @cfpdxReferences:• The ILO Code of Practice on HIV/AIDS and the world of work (• Intersecting Risks: Child Labour and HIV/AIDS ( isks_7.pdf)• HIV, Gender, Race, Sexual Orientation, and Sex Work: A Qualitative Study of Intersect ( 1001124)