3G personal mobile video case studies


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Test Drive Mobile Video - Light Reading webinar July 24, 2007

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3G personal mobile video case studies

  1. 1. Test drive mobile video services with HP OpenCall solutions Claude Florin Marketing Manager July 24 2007 © 2006 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice
  2. 2. 3G personal video Market trends for personal • 3G video Case studies of 3G video • applications Technology enablers • Benefits of partnering • with HP 2 24 July 2007
  3. 3. Benefits Market Portfolio Case studies 3G video market opportunity 800 3G subs. ~80 personal video users in 2010 Central+Eastern Europe USA / Canada 2007 70+ 3G licenses 3 3G WCDMA licenses 57 >40M 3G subscribers 48 18 12 Japan 46 3 3G licenses >40M 3G 42 subscribers South E. Asia 3G personal video 37 20 3G licenses users (millions)3 151 Middle-East 30+ 3G licenses 76 76 Brazil 34 6 3G licenses 3G video content 35 13 21 3G video telephony 7 20 07 20 08 20 09 21 00 Sources : Alcatel; OVUM, 3Wainhouse Research, 2005 : adoption of 3G video 1 2 3 24 July 2007
  4. 4. Market Applications Enablers Benefits Personal video is shifting into high gear Evolution of services Early adopters Critical mass Mass market e m n es o o l ai gt de rin IM Vi 2011 MMS SMS IM 2005 SMS l S ai es o M em de on M gt Vi rin 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 2 B$ 5 B$ 15 B$ Sources: Jupiter, Europe (EMEA) service migration, 2006 4 24 July 2007
  5. 5. Market Applications Enablers Benefits Personal video is shifting into high gear Video exchanges between phones 30 % 25 20 2G Total 15 3G Monthly (1-3x) 10 3G Weekly (>1x) 5 3G Daily (<1x) 0 ce UK A n y ly an ai US Ita an Sp m Fr er G Source: m:metrics, Oct. 2006 benchmark survey % of all mobile users likely to use service, N=12438 (France 4800) 5 24 July 2007
  6. 6. Market Applications Enablers Benefits Personal video is shifting into high gear Growing 3G video user generated content 70% of revenue 20% of revenue 10% of revenue • Voice, SMS, MMS • Portal content • Group-user- bundle (films, sport, soap, music) generated content • Personal and group calls (blogs, messages) • Hosted-user-generated content • Friends and family (clubs, enterprises) content (photos, videos) • Advertising 70% Revenues 20% 10% 1-10 11-100 101-1000 Services 6 24 July 2007
  7. 7. Market Applications Enablers Benefits Who will be tomorrow’s users? Where 3G early adopters will come from Exploration Young Ambitious Techies Adults Socials M1 S1 P2 P1 Sociables Pioneers Materialists Status M2 seekers Instant gratification Lasting benefits A1 Traditionalists Achievers Status Seekers 11% 28% 31% 19% 47% 20% 22% 22% Stability Source : C. Andersson et al., Ericsson consumer and enterprise Lab, Take Five segmentation 7 24 July 2007
  8. 8. Market Applications Enablers Benefits Make sure the Sociable stays connected Using video blogging Register: www.3Gvidcast.com Simple video call Record blog Verify and post to blog 8 24 July 2007 OpenCall Video Days - Claude Florin
  9. 9. Market Applications Enablers Benefits Make sure the Pioneer can discover Mark can view his web cams or browse public cameras 9 24 July 2007
  10. 10. Market Applications Enablers Benefits Help Achievers be productive With Video conferencing and monitoring, Isabelle, an Achiever, can check multiple places. • She shares information with colleagues •She checks children in the school •She can improve home security 10 24 July 2007
  11. 11. Market Applications Enablers Benefits Innovation case study Trip 1: Capitalize on a passion for sports Sports fans use 3G to watch and share sports interests with others Innovation Opportunity Initial Impact Extend BBC’s Football Focus “Your Shout” Audience used short code to access video • • video messaging interactivity content and sent in video messages to be played on TV Initially received few calls per show. • Ramped to 350 calls per show, with 15M viewers BBC now has a range of different • programs with blog content 11 24 July 2007
  12. 12. Market Applications Enablers Benefits BBC Sport’s Football Focus encourages audience participation Nick uses short code to easily send live video messages to be broadcast on TV BBC initiated this in 2005 with World Cup Focus, Match of the Day, attracting millions of viewers. Similar TV formats are available in several countries. •The response to good questions is immediate •People like to be on TV •Some quality and technical limitations exist Source, : Chris Yanda, chris.yanda@bbc.co.uk 12 24 July 2007
  13. 13. Market Applications Enablers Benefits Innovation case study Trip 2: Tune into audience’s musical passion Music fans make video calls to receive exclusive interaction with artists Innovation Opportunity Initial Impact UK band, Sugababes launches single Fans preview music video, interviews with • • “Push the Button” using 3G video the band and concert information Download wallpapers and ringtones • Increased viewing time from 2 minutes to • over 7 minutes 13 24 July 2007
  14. 14. Market Applications Enablers Benefits Make sure the Materialist is entertained Alice, a materialist, watches the latest music videos from Sugababes, buys tickets to upcoming concerts. 14 24 July 2007
  15. 15. Market Applications Enablers Benefits Island Records establishes connections with fans 15 24 July 2007
  16. 16. Market Applications Enablers Benefits Innovation case study Trip 3: Boost social communications Pole position combining social networks and content sharing Innovation Opportunity Initial Impact Start sharing content from your handset Push to video client trialed in 2005 with • • address book Orange UK / O2 Beta 2.0 for instant communication on • Sybian S60 in 2008 Infrastructure IMS for evolution on IMS • 16 24 July 2007
  17. 17. Market Applications Enablers Benefits Boost social communications : A day of the life of friends Nick: Nick: “I’m telling you, it’s perfect. Let me show you around.” 17 24 July 2007
  18. 18. Market Applications Enablers Benefits Boost social communications : A day of the life of friends Back at her desk, she catches up on her PC to see what she missed : Nick’s photo, Mark’s IM, their call and the video 18 24 July 2007
  19. 19. Market Applications Enablers Benefits Build a portfolio that satisfies users and maximizes revenue Content discovery User content Music video Blogging & Sport Call completion Karaoke messaging On-line access Marketing Conference Monitoring Contact Center Advertising 19 24 July 2007
  20. 20. Market Applications Enablers Benefits 3G video service portfolio Technology requirements Network delivery Video processing Technologies Convergence IMS Adaptation Content 2.5 - 3.5G Control Session Interaction Processing Services Multimedia call completion Personalized content search Music, sport promotion Blogging, communities Advertising and marketing Video messaging Video contact center Video conferencing 20 24 July 2007
  21. 21. Market Applications Enablers Benefits HP OpenCall Video Service Creation WEB design tools OCMP service management Video call flow editor 21 24 July 2007
  22. 22. Market Applications Enablers Benefits Deliver end-to-end 3G video services Access Network Service platform Video services J2EE application server SIP client Notification server Gateways Voice XML/ccXML browsers SIP MSC SIP Media processing ISUP/ISDN 3G GW Node B/RNC DS0 Lu-cs RTP/RTCP RTP/RTCP Call signaling 3G -324m ISUP/ISDN Handset DSO Radio Access Mobile Circuit Switched IP Core Network Network Core Network 22 24 July 2007
  23. 23. Market Applications Enablers Benefits Offer videos in any format with transcoding 288x352 pixels (CIF) 800 kb/s 30 frames/sec 800 kb/s 802.11 Handoff! Enable handoffs between 400 kb/s 288x352 pixels (CIF) different networks 15 frames/sec 3.5G 400 kb/s Real-Time Dynamic Video Transcoder 128 kb/s 144x176 pixels (QCIF) 3G 15 frames/sec Original video 128 kb/s 288x352 pixels 30 frames/sec 800kb/s 96x128 pixels (SQCIF) 48 kb/s 2.5G 5 frames/sec 48 kb/s 23 24 July 2007