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What have Business Angels and mentors learned from entrepreneurs at EPFL ?


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This was a presentation to celebrate 5 years of a Business Angel Club on EPFL Campus. We gathered 25 entrepreneurs and 250 participants on May 22nd in the Rolex Forum building. My theme was “What have we learned from innovators ? “
At EPFL, 2013 was marked by Henry Marckram’s idea of the Human Brain Project HBP, that became a Flagship European project. So the question became : "what goes in the brain of entrepreneurs ?" Are they Could it be that is "left-brained" logical, analytical and objective, or "rightbrained" - intuitive, thoughtful and subjective ?
60 mentors and investors at A3 Angels has been involved since 5 years with 30 entrepreneurs. We looked into their eyes and found 3 core values to inspires ourselves :
1. Trust (left)
2. Seriousness (left)
3. Fun (right)
- AND surprising characters !

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What have Business Angels and mentors learned from entrepreneurs at EPFL ?

  1. 1. 5yearsThe brains of>>innovators >>
  2. 2. 5yearsWhathave welearnedfromthem?30Entrepreneurs5Years
  3. 3. 5yearsThe real face ofentrepreneurs
  4. 4. 5yearsThe real face ofentrepreneurs
  5. 5. 5years1. BuildingTrust
  6. 6. 5yearsMentoring programGuiding people in challenging situations29mentors• 50% with an EPFLbackground• 25% with startupexperience• Broad range ofbackgrounds,expertise, motivations16 startups• 14 active, variousfinancing stages• Every field imaginable
  7. 7. 5yearsSamuel Sonderegger Nicolas DurandMentoring casesLes mentors mont aidé à prendre durecul lors de décisions critiques
  8. 8. 5years2. Seriousnessand commitment5years
  9. 9. 5yearsSeed funding ideas= Guiding through deserts and climbing mountainsGrantsFFFAngelsBAnetworks Banks,CustomersRevenue/EBITDA> CHF 50M15 investors, 1MCHF seedVentureCapitalPublic-Private
  10. 10. 5yearsLead investors20 lecturers, 8 BA clubsBusiness AngelsSharing experience in SwitzerlandInvestor education program launched at Seed Night 2012200 participants
  11. 11. 5yearsInvestments casesWe liked : team, market, products to transform the world!Startup: Sophia Genetics Startup: Lemoptix
  12. 12. 5years3. Having Funtogether5years
  13. 13. 5yearsEvents you should not missNetworking for entrepreneurs and friends65events• Pitching sessions• Mentoring sessions• Conferences• Trainings• Start-up corners700 participants• Business Angels• Entrepreneurs• Industry and economy• Alumni EPFL andbusiness schools• Scientists andacademics
  14. 14. 5yearsTo the audience :Join and Enjoy !5years
  15. 15. 5yearsStart-ups :have a good flight !