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Why WooCommerce


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My talk in Portland this weekend covers why you should consider using WooCommerce for your next eCommerce project.

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Why WooCommerce

  1. 1. Why woocommerce Should be the basis for your next eCommerce Project CHRIS LEMA, LIQUID WEB
  2. 2. You always Have options
  3. 3. Big Cartel Craftcommerce Squarespace Volusion Shopify BigCommerce WooCommerce
  4. 4. Big CartelWhen you’re selling A few items, don’t have A budget, Still want some Control, and want your Own url, instead of using Etsy. This is a hosted solution.
  5. 5. Craft CommerceIf you have a developer friend who wants to Code your new ecommerce site in PHP but you don’t Want to hear about WordPress stuff, This may be for you. The front end uses Twig. You’ll need your own hosting.
  6. 6. squarespaceWhen you’re selling more than A few items, Have a small budget, but like visual Control, and don’t need extensions/custom features. This is another hosted solution.
  7. 7. VolusionThey’ve been around forever, come with a Mobile app, come packed with features like Newsletters, Rewards Program, and support For purchase orders. Tons of payment Gateways too! This is a hosted solution.
  8. 8. ShopifyThis is the hosted solution you’ve heard of The most. It’s synonymous with eCommerce. You don’t need web development skills at all. But it comes at a price (transaction fees) and No one ever pays $29. Ever.
  9. 9. BigCommerceGood solid SEO and great inventory on this Hosted platform. If you’re looking for a Great eCommerce API, they’re in the short List. Hard to know who they’re pricing for.
  10. 10. What about Ecwid & 3dcart?The truth is that there are more options Out there – ecwid has a free plan but comes With no support. Try BigCartel instead. 3dcart starts at $19 but Has product limits and you’d likely try Shopify instead.
  11. 11. Acting like there are No alternatives to Woocommerce will make you look Silly.
  12. 12. But let’s be clear, There are some really Great reasons to Choose WooCommerce For your next project.
  13. 13. PriceNot only is the software free, but Themes and even payment gateways Are available for free as well. Plus other extensions are free too.
  14. 14. CommunityBecause WooCommerce is open source, there is a vibrant community that has Been built around it. You can easily Find a developer or a tutorial.
  15. 15. modularityThere are hundreds of extensions that Can Change the way your ecommerce Store works. From digital signatures To quote systems. From forms to ads.
  16. 16. IntegrationThere are hundreds of extensions that Connect your WooCommerce store to Other third party systems.
  17. 17. Get PaidThere are more than 100 different Payment Gateways that you can use on your Woocommerce store.
  18. 18. discoverabilityWooCommerce is WordPress. And that means That your content, all of it, is easily found Online by Google. The same can’t be said for All the other platforms online.
  19. 19. PerformanceTrust me when I tell you that with the Right configuration and servers, I’ve seen Woocommerce stores earn hundreds of Thousands of dollars in hours. I’ve seen Stores do 2,000 add-to-cart events per Minute.
  20. 20. E-VarietyIt doesn’t matter if you’re building a Regular online store, or a multi-vendor Marketplace, whether your building A membership site or an online course.
  21. 21. Physical Shippable Products Digital Virtual Products
  22. 22. The reality is that if you know ecommerce you can do most things with Woocommerce.
  23. 23. CHRIS LEMA LIQUID WEB @chrislema