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Here are 13 tips to price better for software developers.

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Pricing Tweets

  1. 1. 13 Tweets About Pricing WordCamp Miami 2014 Chris Lema
  2. 2. Want to earn the most per hour? ! Specialize. 
 @chrislema #wcmia TWEET79 PRICINGTWEETS
  3. 3. You’ll profit best when people know how & when to hire you. ! @chrislema #wcmia TWEET61 PRICINGTWEETS
  4. 4. Setting your rate? ! Assume 50-75% utilization. 
 @chrislema #wcmia TWEET77 PRICINGTWEETS
  5. 5. Don’t know what you can charge? Ask them their budget! 
 @chrislema #wcmia TWEET60 PRICINGTWEETS
  6. 6. Your client wants you to ballpark cost? Never estimate the unknown. 
 @chrislema #wcmia TWEET54 PRICINGTWEETS
  7. 7. Consistently setting & hitting goals helps you charge more. 
 @chrislema #wcmia TWEET62 PRICINGTWEETS
  8. 8. People like options. Give them 2 or 3, instead of 1.! @chrislema #wcmia TWEET70 PRICINGTWEETS
  9. 9. Your client wants to pay less? ! Trade-off scope. 
 @chrislema #wcmia TWEET74 PRICINGTWEETS
  10. 10. Your client can’t make scope trade-offs? ! Get creative! @chrislema #wcmia TWEET67 PRICINGTWEETS
  11. 11. When you discount, you train customers to expect discounts. Don’t do it. @chrislema #wcmia TWEET49 PRICINGTWEETS
  12. 12. There’s a trick for raising rates w/old customers. Talk to:! @chrislema #wcmia TWEET63 PRICINGTWEETS
  13. 13. Don’t answer non- questions. ! You’ll get rich.! @chrislema #wcmia TWEET78 PRICINGTWEETS
  14. 14. Too nervous to price yourself higher? Network like crazy. ! @chrislema #wcmia TWEET65 PRICINGTWEETS
  15. 15. Hi, I’m Chris Lema You can find/follow me on twitter here: @chrislema and I blog at